First Impression: Akuma no Riddle

akuma no riddle
Luckily, even though Sakura Trick has come to an end, there’s even more yuri for us to enjoy this season. Well, that’s at least what I’m hoping for.

I think we can’t really compare Akuma no Riddle to a show like Sakura Trick, because the only thing they have in common is the fact that they are both yuri anime. And even when it comes to this, it’s quite unclear whether Akuma no Riddle will actually show enough of that to be called a yuri show.

Anyway, the first episode started out strong in my opinion. Admittedly, it felt a little slow, since we mostly only get to know the characters a little. Still, it luckily never felt boring and stayed interesting, yet a little obscure until the end.

I already read the manga, or more precisely, the 19 chapters that have already been translated, and I noticed that unlike Sakura Trick, the anime comes very close to the manga, but it doesn’t completely copy its content and instead adds some additional scenes.

I haven’t often witnessed a manga I read getting an anime adaptation, so I have no idea how that usually works, but I already prefer the way things are handled in Akuma no Riddle. Well, I can’t really say that I found the manga all that great. In fact, I feel like the manga is missing something that I can’t even pinpoint, which just makes me not like it that much (yet). But then again, I usually prefer anime over manga, so I hope the anime will do a better job at presenting the characters and the story.

The first episode already showed me that we might be lucky. Well, I think it was mostly thanks to the great background music, as well as the lighting that the atmosphere of this episode felt so dark and mischievous. In short, I loved it because it felt great and 100% fitting for a show like this.

akuma no riddle banba
Gotta love these faces

Finally, let’s also talk about the yuri content of this show. Judging by the manga, I don’t think that we can actually expect that much, but then again, the story hasn’t advanced that far yet, and the subtext is at least there already. Also, the author of Akuma no Riddle, Yun Kouga, is mostly known for her yaoi and yuri works, so I have high hopes that there will actually be more than just a little subtext. Also, the first episode alone already had some yuri-ish moments. Especially since the opening makes it seem as if we could expect much, but let’s just see.

By the way, why is it that in many yuri shows, the opening shows the characters hugging while being naked or at least partly naked? Not that I mind, I just happened to notice that this happens a lot.

tokaku haru akuma no riddle


62 thoughts on “First Impression: Akuma no Riddle

  1. I always love when characters have badass expressions like they do in this anime I don't know just a small thing I like. Cool to see you pointed that out. I'm hoping for some good yuri content and not just some implied crap when your like, “when's something going to happen” then episode 12 they only stare into each others eyes *cough* (saki). So I have high hopes for this. P.S where's citrus 9 I'm dying here.


  2. Oh yes, I know what you mean, waiting for something yuri to happen can be a pain, but I'm having high hopes for this one.
    Please let there be more than a hug and some staring, we need kisses and love confessions!

    Oh and Citrus should be done soon, at least it seems like it.


  3. Saki is probably the first anime where I've read the manga (or I read as soon as I begin to watch the anime and “finish” the manga while the anime still air) and it has been my example of how one should adapt manga: closely follow the source material but improve the rough edge bits…

    I've yet to read the manga (I heard the translation is not well done) so I only judge from your comment that perhaps Akuma No Riddle is the kind of adaptation I like and I would say that it is a good sign…
    Though, as the manga isn't finished (what I heard at least), the anime could potentially goes original from middle point onward…

    This episode really, really pique my interest…
    There are so many subtle thing and non-subtle thing that may lead to something or simply read herring, thus a great take of how one do mystery…
    Alongside with animation, I hope this anime turn in to real AOTY (not simply Yuri AOTY)…


  4. Well I think two different scanlation groups have started working on this manga and one of them is seemingly not that good when it comes to English grammar.
    I don't really mind much though, but it can be pretty irritating, so if you can wait, wait for the other group to catch up.

    I also think, that this anime won't cover all the manga volumes, so you might be right and the anime will end somewhere in the middle.
    I don't think that's really a good decision, but if it doesn't work another way, then we should just take what we can get.


  5. When I watched the first episode, I didn't expect it to be this great. Well, I didn't expect anything at all because I didn't care about the story or anything else (yep, lazyness…), but everything I've learned from the first episode is that it's going to be really awesome and really worth watching. In my opinion, this series tends to have a huge action part, firstly reminded me of the girls-with-guns genre but the “guns” don't fit, so let's say girls-with-weapons 😛
    Unlike you, I haven't read the manga, so I want(ed) to be surprised. And even if I don't expect so much Yuri, I fell in love with (all) the characters instantly, you know, different personality, war between them and such.
    To conclude, I'm eagerly looking forward to the next episodes and this series has a high potential to become one of my favorite series, and sorry to say it, if I have to choose between Sakura Trick or Akuma no Riddle, I'd choose AnR 🙂
    And oh, it's surprising, I knew what Akuma meant, but not riddle… and now everything makes sense! ~ your Akuma-chan 😀 no, sorry, just kidding, I think you already know me very well 😛


  6. i like it and i hope it does show more yuri related things even though the manga isnt going anywhere with it. also im still waiting on new chapters for the manga as well.


  7. Oho, Akuma-chan, nice to see you here 🙂
    I had a feeling you would like this one, but I didn't know that you actually like it more than Sakura Trick

    But I agree with you, the characters look pretty interesting and you gotta love their crazy evil faces.
    I think we're both expecting very much from this, so it will hopefully come very close to our expectations or maybe even exceed them~


  8. It's trying. It really is. And AnR is really something that we want to see work and work well.

    An action-yuri following the edgy trend of the times which invokes so many motifs within it…I haven't seen an anime invoke so many things since they tried to mesh Evangelion, Gundam and Yamibou together…

    -Naked space yuri hugs: Madoka/Homura right there. And it is epic.
    -OP is OP. Forget the naked space hug. Same theme, NAKED MIKO EMBRACE. Devil=Godless right? 12 assassins times 48 hours plus change=month? Riddle of the Godless Month is real.
    -Tokaku: Colder Subaru (Nanoha) clone, almost looks like manga Chikane/Himeko did it in the shrine of her memories, granting Chikane's badassness and Himeko's mortal gentleness…
    -Haru: Warm descendant of anime Himeko and ancestor of Madoka and Nagisa complete with 3rd person verbal tics.
    -Calling it now: Haru and Teddy girl seem likely to both pull “Kirika” moments on their girlfriends…
    -A richer Kyouko able to waste Rockies (even same name substitution??) complete with same “Want some?” catchphrase.
    -Ominous overlapping quotes from different characters in the previews, reminiscent of the Fate Zero battle royale preview
    -Funny that my favourite girl has to be one of the few unique ones, that of beloved psycho yandere Mahiru/Shinya. Pure win.

    I'm missing a bunch, but with how many stuff they import which they know we love, it establishes a connection, and thus everyone wants it to succeed, even if endgame it doesn't really look to be a ground-breaking anime.


  9. That scene with Isuke was awesome! They really pumped it up compared to the manga. I'm sure we will see far more yuri in the anime then the manga, I can feel it's vibe is far stronger then the manga. I'm gonna love this show.


  10. Oh nice,
    I think I can agree to most of what you just wrote. But Tokaku as a cold Subaru clone? Well, they do look alike, at least thanks to their hair, but they are so different in any other aspect that I can't really compare them to one another.

    From all the girls that were introduced so far, I also think that Shinya looks freaking interesting. I guess I have a thing for these really messed up insane characters, and her split personality (?) makes it even better.


  11. I'm so glad that the anime does some things differently than the manga, and I seriously didn't expect the yuri undertones to be so thick, and that just in the second episode. How great is that?!
    I already love episode 2, even though I haven't see the translated version yet.


  12. A show starring cute, sexy and intriguing killing machines. More cannot be asked. I wonder who will be the first to accept Tokaku's challenge? I chose to enter this show blind to be more surprised by what happens.


  13. That's because… (it never happened xD) getting kinda kinky in a creepy yandere way I see i hope. If this episode turns out as good as the last I'm done with the manga till the show ends.


  14. I don't know why, but I love this kind of characters.
    It's so creepy and fucked up, yet so good.
    And I thought Isuke had some weird fetishes, but this girl… even better 😛


  15. Yeah it was…attractive in a way I suppose. Dont remember the manga being so…explicit in the Yuri department. We got a creepy ass Yuri rapist who gets her orgasm's from cutting girls up. Interesting.


  16. Watched three episodes of this (have not found 4, is episode 4 out?….please say yes) So far, I thought it was excellent. I've read the so-far-existing manga (which I believe has like 20 chapters out) and like Mondlicht, I pray to goddess that this manga is not dropped, I would be totally devastated! I LOVE a good action yuri. (SO much better than chocolate) There's only a few action-packed yuris I've read/seen that I've actually wholeheartedly enjoyed this is by far one of my new top 5s. As for the yuri-grading goes, I think you'll have to change your numbers cause my yuri goggles are dialed all the way up and I'm telling you guys this is going to be one hell of a show! (I already bet money on this, LITERALLY) Yuri highlight of the show thus far: That ADORABLE HitsugixChitaru! *eeeep!* I can totally feel that there will be some SERIOUS irony between those two. *spoiler* Because in the manga Chitaru's looking for this Angel Trumpet, and Hitsugi was totally making some strange angel reference shortly after Chitaru's motives were revealed…(What do you think?) Takechi with the whole scar/sadistic girl-cutting fetish CANNOT get over her! I sorta wish they didnt boot her out….:/ She was starting to make ME wet! lol. To sum it up, I think this is a really good start to a really (most likely) fucking good anime.


  17. Wasn't it?!
    I was just sitting there thinking 'OMG what is happening, don't do it!'
    And then they still did it and now two great characters are dead…
    I kind of expected it, but now that it happened… damn it!


  18. Ah no! I'm so sorry, blogspot doesn't always send out notification mails when I get new comments, so I'm really sorry for the late reply.

    I started Mondlicht years ago and I remember it being really great, but not yuri at all.
    Maybe that changed though. I haven't read any more of it for years now, maybe I should pick it up again?

    After reading the rest of your message, I'm actually happy I didn't see this up until now, because this contains some serious spoilers 😛


  19. That's a good question.
    The whole Romeo and Julia play, the way the two of them interacted with each other and the way the two of them basically killed themselves for the other one, makes me think that it must have been love.
    But then again it might have been just a very deep friendship.


  20. Episode 8 without yuri.. 😦 but with a very meaaaaaaaaaaan cliffhanger at the end. Damn! Gimme the next one ASAP! 😀
    – Anjelaoni


  21. What a cliffhanger indeed.
    But now I'm wondering, after the next episode, Hanabusa will probably be the only one left, but there are 4 more episodes.
    Now I wonder if Nio will try her luck as well, but I doubt it…


  22. Dude, don't EVEN go there! That was so f*cking sad I almost started crying in front of my friends. Twas yuri love that binded their fates…So tragic. The episode itself (horrible tragedy excluded) was SO cute! At that subway station, it was literally love at first sight…Why'd they have to die like that all ironic and painful-like? 😦


  23. That cliffhanger pushed me towards the edge of my seat, and now I just want to stand up and go outside. I just can't though! I can't wait till tomorrow to find out what the f*ck happens! I bet Haru will shock us and kick the shit out of Banba…I hope Tokaku either kills Isuke or at least brings her down like the others before her. *sigh* That damned “Tomorrow” song from that movie “Annie” plays in my head when I think about this…


  24. Just a slight trace of yuri at the end of episode 9. Well, at least we passed the cliffhanger. It is time for the grande finale! 😀
    – Anjelaoni


  25. Also, them finally being on a first name basis might suggest that we might soon see a little more yuri~
    Well, this is just my wishful thinking 😛


  26. hmmm, I hope you're right, but I think there will be not much yuri after all. Just two scenes in 9 episodes isn't much. 😦 It should be something like this:

    Haru: Tokaku, you saved me, we are the last of the black class. I can finally graduate!
    Tokaku: Well then, congratulations Haru, you truly deserved it.
    Haru: *blush* Thank you…
    Tokaku: Good, lets go to the graduation ceremony. *turns to leave*
    Haru: Tokaku, wait! *grabs her arm*
    Tokaku: Hm? What is it? *looks slightly irritated*
    Haru: I… uhm… I… *moves toward Tokaku*
    Tokaku: ….
    Haru: *leans forward and lift her head to kiss tokaku*
    Tokaku: *eyes wide open in surprise*
    Haru: *eyes closed for the long kiss*
    Tokaku: *eyes finally closed too*

    End. 😀

    – Anjelaoni


  27. Haha, what a great scene! 😀
    You know, even though this is just made up, this actually doesn't sound like it's that unlikely to happen.
    I know there are only 4 episodes left, but this was meant to be a yuri show, so I really do believe that there will be more than just that underwater “kiss”.


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