Visual Novel Announcement: Sono Hanabira Anata ni Chikau Ai

What perfect timing. Just when I finished playing Lily Platinum, a new SonoHana game is announced~

And as if this wouldn’t be great enough already, it will yet again feature my favorite couple, Eris and Shizuku! This came as a big surprise, since this is the first time a SonoHana couple gets a third installment. And to be honest, if something like that ever happened, I was sure it would rather be about Mai and Reo instead, so this really came as a big surprise.

If I got that correctly, this game will show Eris and Shizuku’s vacation on an island together. Now, doesn’t this already sound like it’s going to be the best game ever?!

Here are the release dates:

  • Download version will be available May 23rd
  • Hard copies will be released May 31st

For more information, check the Official Website.

And finally, here are some promo pics. Doesn’t this look super promising?


53 thoughts on “Visual Novel Announcement: Sono Hanabira Anata ni Chikau Ai

  1. The second game “Lily Platinum” is fully translated already, only the patch is not done yet.
    So I guess, it won't take that long until you can play it.
    Basically, you can already play the translated game, and that's also what I did, but I'd recommend you to wait until the final version of the patch it out.

    Still you're right, many of the SonoHana games are still not translated and that's no surprise considering the fact that new games are released every few months.
    Still I think that at some point, each and every one of them will have a translation.


  2. The best of the best are back and ready to bless our monitors once more. Happy days ahead.

    This means (Grrr) that Runa and Takako will also be returning later on. Oh well, big girl dominating little one scenes should be splendid.


  3. While I would like to hug you for understanding my disdain for the inevitable, it's just that, inevitable. The fans have spoken…

    Perhaps in the next all-star game after Rikka and Sayuki's contractual sequel.


  4. i was wondering why they didn't have a route in Snow White's Knight, but here they are :D. Nonetheless i'm one of those who want more Reo x Mai<3

    Anyway, i like this couple and now i'm waiting for the lily platinum's patch D:. and obviously expecting for Maidens of Michael to get translated, i “read” some of it and… ok no i just watch it but looks like i'll die by so much hnnngs~


  5. Maidens of St Michaels is probably the one game that I want to be translated the most.
    I can wait for Flowers, I can wait for this game, but damn, Risa and Miya look great!
    And we even get short routs for all the other couples… I really really want to play it…


  6. You sound incredibly excited! 🙂 you know I have A LOT of blond and brunette ships and erizuku is one of the most beautiful couples ever. Excellent chemistry!


  7. I never play VN before, and i think i wt to give it a shot.
    I want to play Sono hanabira 3, the one which has Reo and Mai in it but i can't find the english patch. They don't have it in vndb anymore. Can you help me, give me the link of it?
    And tell me about this patch, i don't know what to do with it, the link that has step by step how-to-install can do ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


  8. Yep, thanks. I've already downloaded it and played it, in fact i've already finish it.
    This is the first VN for me. It is interesting… no, it is ADDICTING!! I'm really addict of it. I want to start the other hanabira VN, but i have finals next week (┯_┯)

    Eh, i'm 15 by the way, is it okay for me to play :p


  9. Definitely this one.
    Shizuku and Eris are perfect and no other pairing can reach their level of cuteness.
    But I think my second favorite should be Sara x Kaede or whenever the translation is done, I think I will really like Miya x Risa~


  10. Yuri works are getting released like iPhone updates now; with an amazing lineup combo of Yuri anime and Yuri games increasingly becoming more and more prevalent. On a related note, my fav. pairing for the Sono Hanabira series are Reo x Mai and Ringo x Chiaki of the SH-Tenshi releases; heck, I once even made an email account with Reo and Mai's names in it.


  11. I think Mai x Reo is like the most popular pairing out there, and it's probably not only thanks to their OVA.
    But Ringo x Chiaki… Well, not many people know about them, since the game is not translated yet, but that's definitely the first time I hear that.


  12. Would someone plz give a link to play the novels! Im really want to start lily platinum. i want it translated but Japanese will do. preferably free downloads and not some shady website that will infect and kill my computer (my protection software is down right now)


  13. Just click on the Listlessink link over on the sidebar to the right. From there, go to the Sono Hanabira section and there you'll find the links to download the VN's.

    All the links to the translations from that page seem broken, but if you google “petalsgarden”, you can find the translations on the site with the first search result. (The translator(s) ask that people don't link directly to the files.)

    I just downloaded and installed 'My Dear Prince' and the English patch as well, and it worked for me. I haven't tried with the other games, however. And I downloaded 'Lily Platinum', but it's not in English or Japanese and I haven't found a way to understand a single thing they're saying. If you understand spoken Japanese, or are only interested in getting to the CGs, I suppose that could be sufficient for you.

    I don't really play these much at all, so sorry I can't be more helpful. 😀


  14. Yeah. It wasn't ad for me to see the curtain close on nanami and yuuna, sara and kaede, and reo and Mai. I'm really looking forward to seeing them again. Though it probably won't be translated for 2 or 3 years… 😭😫


  15. I dont see Lily Platinum on the Petals Garden site, much less for download. Also, does anyone know where i can get the “My Sworn Love for You” (Shizuku/Eris). doesnt have to be translated and it can just be a video to watch. I dont have to have it on my computer. I just wanna watch em!


  16. Yay! At fuwanovel it says 94% of lily [platinum is translated. i dont how much longer it'll take for it to be downloadable cuz there are some other novel listed that say 100% and theyre not for download. but 94% sounds good!


  17. Lily Platinum is over on the SonoHana section of listlessink in between Melting Hot Adult Kiss and Maidens of Michael. Not sure if Lena wants the link posted, but she posted it herself in a comment below, so I don't think she'll get me in trouble. 😀

    As for “My Sworn Love for You”, I found a link to the CGs, but it's pictures, not video. I'm not sure if she wants me posting a link to that, so if you'd like, you could fill out the Contact Me form over on the sidebar. I'll email you back with it. Also, I found a link to download the VN, but I haven't actually installed it yet (I'm downloading it rn.). It's in 2 parts, and you have to wait 20 minutes between downloads. If you want, I'll give you that too, but I doubt it's translated.


  18. Aww!! Don't tell me the rest of sono hanas are going to use the this new art!? I've noticed that the've started to draw the girls different. Their faces look younger and more child-like and I don't like it. I liked the way they looked with the original art. Ugh! Now everything just looks weird.


  19. Doesn't it look kind of weird when you see girls that look like their 10, having sex…? That's too bad I loved the old animation, though the Miya and Risa animation looks good. Speaking of that, I downloaded the Risa x Miya iTunes app (it was $5) but it was in Japanese and the description said English so hmmm…. Has anyone else tried the app. It's called “For Old Times Sake”


  20. You should try it (if you understand Japanese). I actually tried using the Google translator app and took pictures of the Japanese and translated it. But the translations weren't very good and it took me a million years just to get through one scene. So I gave up. Maybe someone on you tube will be kind and post a video of it with subs.


  21. Does anyone know what the difference is between the sono Hana 1(yuuna and nanami) and the sono Hana 1 remake? Is the art different? Are there more scenes? Is it better? Someone plz tell me. I'm thinking of downloading it but I don't want to replace the version I already have


  22. I dont know if anyone else has this problem, but my visual novel reader suddenly stopped working on for my Sono Hana Maidens of Michael. If i try to open the game with the reader a message saying “Hanamika Exe has stopped working. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is found,” The novel works, just not with my translator. I thought about redownloading the game but then i would lose my saved files and im not even sure if it will work. The VN reader works on my Lovers of the Atelier and Shirayuki no Kishi, but not for Maidens of Michael. Does anyone know how to fix it? The name of my Visual novel reader is: Visual Novel Reader.


  23. ugh. and i just found out my vn reader doesnt work anymore on my lily platinum. whats the deal? i guess it could be my translator and not my novels. but it used to work…


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