Visual Novel Review: Sono Hanabira: Lily Platinum

Do not read this if you’re under 18.

Story: 7/10 & Characters: 10/10
The 10th installment in the Sono Hanabira series yet again features my two favorite characters, Shizuku and Eris. This time, since they are already in a relationship, this game focuses on their everyday life as well as some special occurrences, such as their first date, their club activities, and also some situations in which Shizuku shows her jealous side.

Since this is an eroge, you can yet again expect a lot of sex scenes. In fact, expect a sex scene every 10 or 15 minutes, because that’s basically what will happen, but more about that later.

First things first. Since this couple is my absolute favorite SonoHana couple and also one of my Top 10 favorite yuri couples in general, I was expecting a lot from this game. Luckily, it didn’t disappoint. It’s actually quite the opposite.

While the first game, Tenshi no Hanabira Zome, showed how their relationship was established, there was something missing for me. They got together without having interacted much with each other. And while this is, of course, “only” a short eroge game, it still felt as if they got into the relationship without really knowing each other at all.

Lily Platinum, however, shows just how perfectly these two match each other, and I was missing exactly that in their first game. For Shizuku, who is both a perfectionist, as well as a real bad case of a tsundere, being in a relationship can be really hard sometimes. But since she’s with Eris, who is so open with her feelings and even forceful, in a very weird way, this just works.

Also, in this game, we see some nice relationship development. While Shizuku was scolding Eris almost nonstop when they first met, even when they got together, she still couldn’t really show her feelings and kept them inside rather than revealing them in any way. This time however, Shizuku is far more open with her feelings, and even though she is still a tsundere, she doesn’t lose her cool that easily anymore. It’s kind of like she learned how to handle Eris, who on the other hand, handles her own feelings in an even more open way than before.

It also seems as if she mastered the art of getting Shizuku out of bad moods, and she even learned how to fake some tears to get her girlfriend to forgive her even faster for acting inappropriately. But even so, she’s still an airhead most of the time. However, she now not only revealed her manipulative side, but she sometimes also goes a little too far with the way she even plays around with poor Shizuku. But then again, this is also part of the reason why this pairing is just so awesome.

sonohana sono hanabira eris shizuku
So beautiful….

On the internet, I already read that this game is supposedly not as good as the first one, but I object. It’s probably because I already love this pairing so much that this game feels so great, so for me, this one is just as great as the first one~

During the first 10 minutes alone, I already had the biggest grin on my face, simply because of the cute and hilarious way these two interact with each other. God, I love this pairing so much that it’s starting to become unhealthy….

Music: 7/10 & Voices: 10/10
The music is just the same as in all the other SonoHana games. Since the first few installments, the only thing that really changed is the fact that they added in a few more tracks.

As I said in my review about Tenshi no Hanabira Zome, Eris and Shizuku’s voices are 100% perfect for these characters, and I simply love them~

But in this game, I have a feeling as if the voice acting got even better, especially in Shizuku’s case. Really, it’s just so nice listening to them, and I’m not even talking about the sex scenes. Also, remember the side characters in the first game that were voiced so painfully slow that you just skipped over whatever they had to say? This time, they completely changed that, and I’m so happy about it.

Art: 10/10
Yet again, I think I don’t have to justify why I gave such a high rating. But as always, look for yourself:

sonohana sono hanabira eris shizuku
click to enlarge

H-Scenes: 7/10
Maybe it’s just me, but did the H-scenes in this game get shorter? Maybe they added in more than they did in other games and thus had to make them shorter, or maybe I’m just imagining things. Other than that, nothing much changed. This whole game feels like Tenshi no Hanabira Zome, after the two got together. It’s an endless stringing together of sex scenes. Don’t get me wrong, in most cases I enjoyed them, because these two characters are simply way too cute to resist, but then again, it feels like sex happens every few minutes, and that’s just too much.

Ah, well. I guess I just want to say that I don’t think it would be bad to actually wait for new sex scenes a bit longer, because in this game, the feeling of anticipation is completely missing. Still, the H-scenes are, as expected, just as great as they were in the first game, but feel just a little shorter, in my opinion.

sonohana sono hanabira eris shizuku
sonohana sono hanabira eris shizuku

Total Enjoyment: 9.5/10
Lily Platinum makes a perfect sequel to the already great game that is Tenshi no Hanabira Zome. The only few things that irritated me a little is the fact that the sex scenes really happen too frequently, and also, the fact that this game doesn’t have a real climax or even a real problem that needs to be solved. And while this didn’t bother me much, I’m sure there are others who see this differently.

All in all, I can only say that this game just confirms my already endless love for Shizuku and Eris. Also, don’t forget about the new game, Anata ni Chikaku Ai, that was released today!


22 thoughts on “Visual Novel Review: Sono Hanabira: Lily Platinum

  1. i wonder the chances of them getting their own ova like Reo and Mai. So much disgusting and crappy hentai gets made but no Sono Hanabira ova 2; damn the hentai businesses.


  2. I would loooove to see this happen~
    And you're so right. Sono Hanabira is the best hentai I've ever watched.
    And to be honest, all the other Hentai suck, it's not even funny how bad most of them are…


  3. You try the Shoujo Sect OVA's? Realy great for a hentai (and purely Yuri). The only other one I watched was G taste, which wasn't actually that bad (as well as almost purely yuri)


  4. Watched Shoujo Sect and didn't much like it.
    If it was purely for the sex it's not that bad, but the story…. urgh.
    Sono Hanabira keeps it simple and that's probably better for pure hentai.


  5. I would like to play Tenshi no hanabira z, but I couldn't find links 😦

    And I agree with you, they're so cute! Idk why but long dark haired girls are hot and sooo cute! that description probably fits you too senpai?


  6. hey lena did you ever play demon master chris? i just downloaded the game and it's yuri 18+. I find the game to be really fun because it's not a visual novel but a real game, where you level up, create a party/haram, earn money to buy new outfits or gear and more.


  7. They need to make at least a 4 part OVA show people how it's done, I really liked the ReoXMai OVA (even though it was really short) plus I can't stress this enough that they are my favorite paring.


  8. I remember that name, but I don't think this was a really good VN.
    I think a friend of mine played it and told me that it's quite hardcore, and if that is true, I don't want to play it.
    But if you think it's different, feel free to tell me.


  9. I think there will be another OVA at some point.
    This game series is so popular nowadays that I'm almost sure that there will be another one, or even more~


    I hope you will be able to compile these for the Yuri visual novels news later~
    Here are some recent Yuri visual novels that are not as well known as others~!
    (If only they were!)
    from- the Yuri Miko.

    First,サクラメントの十二宮 乱れる仔ひつじと手懐く狼./Sacrament no Juunikyuu Midareru Kohitsuji to Tenazuku Ookami. Released August 2014. Seems to be a cafe colleague relation at first!

    Second, 「アルプトラウムの黒蝶」/Alptraum no Kurochou (subtitled Schwarzer Schmetterling Alptraum) [By Black Lily,in development as of 2014].Story yet unclear;but one of the more”innocent” artworks of Yurige that I have seen this year~

    Third, already released & I am playing still & highly recommend, LILIUM x Triangle (Lilium Triangle) by PuchiPajamas.

    Fourth, already released sometime in 2013, 愛しの☆マイマスター/Itoshi My Master, a story of a maid and her young lady ojo living in a village.

    Fifth, most of us already know this, Gungnir's FLOWERS yurige released this year and the summer and other seasonal patches will be coming soon too!

    Half this info mostly comes from one of my sources

    Btw, just clarifying but Yurige can stand for yuri+galge=yurige
    yuri+eroge= yurige!
    How do people get this sort of lesser known information out to fellow fans, I wondered?


  11. I'm totally behind on yuri Visual Novels, so thanks for the news flash, it's highly appreciated 🙂

    I'll add the titles to my “List of yuri Visual Novels” post later.

    By the way, that trailer looks so damn good!
    I want that game so badly, I can't even tell! Thanks a lot for showing me~


  12. Oh, here's another one I remembered just now, it was a

    Here's the trailer, with your preferences, I doubt it might be as amazing as the prievious trailer but
    彼女と彼女と私の七日 /Kanojo to Kanojo to Watashi no Nanoka

    released 2011.No wonder people hardly remember it.
    I can't believe I forgot about this one.

    Yeah, “sacrament” yurige looks promising doesn't it! the trailer especially got me wanting it as well~


  13. Whoops, you've already mentioned Nanoka yurige~
    Oh, and I stumbled upon a rather peculiar game link below

    It seemed to be an old fashioned small chibi chara game (like in pokemon and older games) and the title of the game is 雨鈴鈴曲

    I need to investigate this one abit more…

    btw, What yurige did you recently play?
    I am playing/recently stalled
    -Class maji de zennin yuri (or whatever the title was)
    -Lonely Yuri (Kodoku ni Kiku Yuri)
    – FLOWERS (Spring season)
    -LILIUM x TRIANGLE (I still recommend this to any yurige fan as it has great music, story, characters, and its cover illust is deceivinly erotic but in truth its more of an innocent story -MC, Haruka is a succubus but she's miraculously free of the erotic stuff that succubuses are usually acquainted with~

    – Hakuisei Renai Shoukougun Re;Therapy (PC ver is more flexible than squinting your eyes at psp ver.)

    -Limit Panic! (I totally seem to be stalling this one for more than a year now…
    – Sengoku no Kuroyuri series (1&2 I have completed and keep replaying when I feel in the mood, the music is particularly nice: Ibara's theme in the second game)
    – Okujou no Yurirei-san currently I stalled this one, but I plan to continue soon once workload lightens up for weekend~
    – SugarsDelight playing thru still

    Coincidentally, the games I just listed are attached to my taskbar icons~
    Games I plan to play:
    -彼女と彼女と私の七日 /Kanojo to Kanojo to Watashi no Nanoka (still looks good to me)
    -愛しの☆マイマスター/Itoshi My Master,
    -アルプトラウムの黒蝶」/Alptraum no Kurochou (Schwarzer Schmetterling Alptraum,
    -サクラメントの十二宮 乱れる仔ひつじと手懐く狼./Sacrament no Juunikyuu Midareru Kohitsuji to Tenazuku Ookami.

    Once I free up some space on the PC (only 8gbs left), I'll get around to playing those “plan to play games”~ XD


  14. I assume you can understand Japanese, right?
    For me, since I can't understand much, I'm not playing anything right now.

    What I really really really want to play is FLOWERS…. It's so frustrating to know that there probably won't be a translation any time soon…

    Also, thanks to your help, I'm also interested in Sacrament no Juunikyuu Midareru Kohitsuji to Tenazuku Ookami.
    I've taken a look at the CGs, it's unfortunately not much, but the art is so gorgeous and the characters look so nice too.
    I just really want to play it 😛


  15. Totally get how you feel there~ I can understand Japanese to a basic-intermediate level (including kanji) but really, the translation lets us enjoy the game completely–zzz

    homework just keeps taking away my time to play the Yuriges TT~TT

    You spoiled yourself on the cgs already? I have a habit of doing that sometimes tho

    Maybe when winter holidays come up, I'll get the chance to play; (though when it snows, I just feel like lazing about and looking out the window.)


  16. Exactly, we could easily play some games with some translation tools, but it's only enjoyable if the translation actually makes sense, so waiting for an official or unofficial translation is the only thing we can do…

    I always take a look at the CGs before playing a visual novel. In case of SonoHana, this doesn't really spoil me, since they don't really have a story, but I should probably stop myself from doing the same for other games 😛


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