Original Doujin by Hiiragi Yutaka – Soiree [R-18]

Just as promised, here you have the continuation of our previous release Hiyori Geta.

Well, I’m not 100% sure if this really is a continuation or just another story, but since it’s about the same characters, they are at least connected.

Just like last time, this is a joint release between Mai88 and I. Also, special thanks to Tess and Chimeko for helping out~

Download or Read Online.

As a side note: Mai and I are planning to release some more doujinshi. We are currently working on 2 really promising looking adult Touhou doujinshi. Please look forward to those as well~

18 thoughts on “Original Doujin by Hiiragi Yutaka – Soiree [R-18]

  1. thanks for the translation, i see that you have a top 10 yuri manga and i was wondering if it's possible for you to make a worst top 10 yuri manga. I think'll be really interesting.


  2. I think some people might start to hate me after they find their favorite manga on this list 😛
    On the other hand, I already started thinking about what to put in this list, so I think this might actually happen.
    Thanks for the suggestion~


  3. So it's Sato's place, right? (i'm bad at remembering names sry). If it's then why Hina is thinking: “Sato has come to visit me”?
    But if i'm wrong then sry for bothering you, silly me :”)


  4. I just said it's Hiyoko's place 😛
    And it's exactly this panel “Sato has come to visit me” that I think it must be Hiyoko's place and not Satos.

    But then again, Hiyoko talks to Eric, which is Sato's stuffed animal. And I doubt Sato brought her plushie with her 😛


  5. My bad, but why does Hiyoko has a bag with her? If it's her place?
    Well, this is rather confusing… I still think it's Sato's though…


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