Manga Review: Kimi Koi Limit by Momono Moto

kimi koi limit yuri manga
(from left to right) Sono, Hiroko, Sato

Spoiler Warning

Author: Moto Momono
Year: 2010
Length: 9 Chapters
Genre: Drama, Love Triangle, Romance, Adult

Story: 8/10 & Characters: 6/10
After being turned down by her high school friend and crush Sato, Sono finds herself freeloading at her new girlfriend’s apartment, far away from home, in Tokyo. Even though she’s now living with someone else, she can’t forget about Sato, and thus ends up causing a lot of trouble for her new girlfriend, Hiroko.

However, even though Hiroko knows of Sono’s feelings, she refuses to give up on her, and that’s where the great love triangle starts. I’ve already read Kimi Koi Limit twice. The first time I read it, some years ago, I didn’t much like it. I found it depressing, and I absolutely hated the characters. Now, years later, I read it again, and surprisingly, I really enjoyed it this time.

Well, the characters are still not much to my liking. In fact, I didn’t like any of the three. Sono, who I disliked the most, was a real pain in the beginning. Some people in the manga called her honest, but I just see her as a very straightforward person, and that’s pretty much the only positive thing I can name. She was annoying the whole time, changing between being totally excited to being the most depressing person ever, within seconds. And even though her overly excited personality sometimes caused some funny moments, she was still annoying most of the time.

Next, we have Hiroko, who seemed to have really noble intentions at first, but in the end, she used some dirty tricks to have Sono all to herself. Still, despite the fact that she really acted like a bitch, I have to give her credit for going through all that for the sake of her loved one.

Finally, we have Sato. She’s probably the one who annoyed me the least, but that’s no surprise, since she tried to stay out of this love triangle, for the most part. However, there’s something about her that still makes me dislike her, maybe it’s her somewhat aloof and cold appearance, but I didn’t much mind this in Mei Aihara’s case (Citrus), so I’m not completely sure about that myself.

kimi koi limit sato
Still, she’s gorgeous, I just think this needs to be said….

I can seriously say that out of all the people that appeared in this short manga, I liked that homeless guy the most. He was the most pleasant character, and that is not even a joke. But enough about the characters, I have far better things to say about the plot.

It’s not like yuri love triangles haven’t been done before, but it’s also not like this is a frequent thing that you’ll read about all the time. Also, Moto Momono is a really great yuri artist, so I was expecting a good plot at least. So as I said, the characters are not that likeable, but the combination of this weird love triangle and exactly these kinds of characters, make this manga pretty enjoyable. I mean, I was ranting about the fact that Sono just can’t decide how to feel about pretty much anything, but it’s exactly this indecisiveness that makes this love triangle possible in the first place. And I gotta tell you, this love triangle is really well done~

In fact, it’s one of the few manga that really affected me so much that despite the fact that I didn’t much like the characters, I really felt for them. I remember this one scene in which Hiroko takes Sono home with her after Sono was, yet again, rejected by the person she really loves. Hiroko tries to make her smile again and thus ends up renting a comedy movie for the two. And while they both really end up laughing about the movie, Hiroko finds Sono crying beside her at the same time.

2016 winter anime

This was so well done. I can’t even describe how intense this one short scene felt to me. I rarely feel like this while reading manga, and I usually prefer if they make me squeal or feel happy instead, but this is exactly what all dramas should be able to do to you, and it’s great in its own way.

Finally, even though I was prepared to find myself feeling for whoever ended up alone, I still felt really sorry for Hiroko. But that’s a good thing. Stories that end like that leave a far greater impression on me than anything with a happy ending.

Yuri: 9/10
I was actually surprised by the fact that this is a NSFW manga, because in the end, I was totally oblivious to the fact that this manga indeed has quite a few sex scenes to offer. However, those are usually quite short and not very explicit, but I’m not sure whether I should see this as a good or a bad thing.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind if the sex wasn’t there at all, but since I know that Moto Momono can draw sex scenes quite well, I also wouldn’t mind some more explicit ones.

Art: 7.5/10
It’s a fact that this artist can draw characters in the most sexy way possible, and the best proof of that is obviously Sato. Maybe it’s exactly this kind of cold and aloof facial expression that I even claimed to dislike a few lines ago that makes her look so sexy. I seriously don’t know….

Total Enjoyment: 7.5/10
I’m a big fan of Moto Momono, and while I think this is definitely not the best work by this artist, I still can’t help but really like it. Also, since I don’t read about yuri love triangles often, I do highly recommend this to anyone that wants to read something a little different~


14 thoughts on “Manga Review: Kimi Koi Limit by Momono Moto

  1. Better late than never that you picked this one up and of course…say it with me everyone, “This manga is also better than Citrus.” This crusade of mine will be an endless one.
    Sato is leagues better than Mei.
    I will agree that Sono and Hiroko aren't saints at least.

    In case you were wondering, Volume 2 made me even angrier than Volume 1 did.


  2. You can try as many times as you want, but I still won't agree with you 😛

    I wonder whether you'll review Volume 2 as well? I already know that you didn't like it, but I'd still like to read a little more on why exactly it's even worse than volume 1.


  3. Spending so much time focusing on the things in life you didn't enjoy will turn you into a miserable person. Seeing someone harping on something isn't funny for others, either.


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