What Yuri Manga Would Make Great Anime Adaptations?

Over a year ago, I already made a similar post to this, talking about what kind of yuri anime I’d like to see in the future. If you’re interested in reading this post, click here.

Now, let’s also talk about the yuri manga that I think have the highest potential of becoming great shows.

First of all, as many of you know, I was really skeptical when I heard about Sakura Trick getting an anime adaptation. I was never really fond of 4-koma manga, and I also think that we already have enough lighthearted yuri comedy anime as it is. I imagined it to be similar to Yuru Yuri, and even though the yuri is quite strong in this show, it’s just there for comedic reasons, and there is no “real” romance.

What I wish to see the most is a romantic drama, not a comedy anime about young girls messing around with each other. And even though I just said that, I’m really looking forward to the next season of Yuru Yuri as well. So even though Sakura Trick is mostly a comedy show, the displayed romance is just as important, and this combination of comedy and romance is exactly what made me love this anime so much in the end.

sakura trick kisses
All of these lovely kisses made this show at least 100% better than is already was.

After Sakura Trick, we now have Akuma no Riddle, a show that is like the complete opposite of a cute yuri romance. But even so, it’s great in its own way, and I think many people will agree with me on that. Also, we have Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san, another 4-koma manga that’s, unfortunately, not made into a full anime, but at least was made into a short series with a yuri level so high that’s it’s sometimes too much to take in everything at once. Still, even though this year has already been full of yuri and will probably have even more yuri shows in store for us, what I’m really looking for has not showed up yet.

Just like mentioned above, I’m talking about a pure romance or a romantic drama. Well, am I talking about shows like Aoi Hana or Sasameki Koto? Yes, but not really. Both shows have their strong points, but in the end, their incomplete stories kind of ruin the whole thing for me. Of course, a second season might be the perfect solution for that, but after having read the manga, I don’t think I want to see another season of Aoi Hana, at least. Sasameki Koto is another story though. In this case, I’d love to see another season, but this is unfortunately highly unlikely to happen. So, to be even more precise, I want a romantic drama with enough episodes or seasons to conclude the whole story. Let’s see what manga would be most fitting in my eyes.

While there are quite a lot of great yuri manga right now, we should also not forget about the older ones. Many of you will probably agree with me that one of the greatest picks for a new yuri anime still is Girl Friends. It has so much drama, such a great romance, and such lovable characters that I’m almost sure that this would be a big success. Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry-Blossom Pink as well, would make a great anime, and I’m pretty sure that compared to Girl Friends, this story would definitely fit into a 12 episode anime. Also, how about Morning Glory and Kase-san? It’s such a sweet, funny, and romantic story, and this manga as well would definitely fit into a 12 episode anime.

Prism is also a great pick, but thanks to the incomplete manga, there’s probably no point in even talking about it…. So let’s come to the next one, Citrus.

I think I’ve already read numerous posts of people demanding an anime adaptation of this, and personally, I couldn’t agree more. If the art style in the anime could at least come near the original art style, then I’m sure that Mei and Yuzu’s sexiness alone will attract quite a lot of viewers already.

Well, I’m still not sure how they pick the manga that will be made into anime, but if it’s simply about their popularity, then Citrus should probably be the number one contestant when it comes to this genre. But since they decided for Sakura Trick and Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san, I’m pretty sure it’s not just about the popularity. Ah, well. maybe I should just google this question and hope for some good answers.

Despite everything I’ve said about pure romances, I’d really like to see something like a short anime about The Real Her as well. This would probably turn out somewhat similar to Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san, and since I really find this manga both hilarious and cute, I think it might turn out really well.

Last but not least, just like I said in my post a year ago, I’d just love to see a Sono Hanabira anime. It doesn’t need to be a hentai. In fact, I’d like it to be a SFW anime. Ecchi or not, I wouldn’t mind either way. I just want to see the cute love stories of all the different pairings, but one selected couple would be fine as well. *cough*Shizuku x Eris….*cough*

Seriously, how great would it be to have an anime that shows how each and every one of the girls found their partner? Haaaa~ Just imagine that. That would be absolutely fantastic, but at least I think that this is so highly unlikely to happen that I probably shouldn’t even think about it….

Ah, well. Each and every anime season, there are plenty of romance shows, but pretty much all of them focus on hetero couples. Yaoi romances as well, seem to be far more likely to happen than the yuri counterpart. But this year, it seems as if there’s finally hope again, and I really hope that the few yuri shows that have already aired, and the ones that are airing right now, will be big hits, so that we can hope for more in the future.


29 thoughts on “What Yuri Manga Would Make Great Anime Adaptations?

  1. It's not exactly what you said, but Mononoke Girls' Academy I think could probably do well if it were animated.I agree on “The Real Her”, that could be a great short 🙂
    Flag Time girls could work out really well, but I think it'd need to be complete, or at least to a good stopping point first.
    And some personal ones I'd love to see animated (that don't really fall under that criteria):
    Majyo to Megane
    Iinari Kyuuketsuki
    Shitsuji Shoujo
    It might interesting for Shinigami Alice to be animated too

    Oh, and Date A Strike, though that's not exactly of the “yuri” genre. But I think it'd be a good way to get people more used to it, plus it's a spinoff of an already really popular franchise. And the story is really great! I just can't resist plugging that manga everywhere I go xD


  2. I think “Gakkou no Sensei” would be a good pic, its a story that doesn't involve school girls which most good yuri mangas are although there arnt much chapters it could be something small as it is quite funny and good yuri moments.


  3. Oh, Flag Time, that's right!
    Totally forgot about that one.
    I think with a story like that, it could really be a great pick.
    Unfortunately it's been a while since it was last updated…

    Also, Shinigami Alice would make a nice dark dark yuri show. That would definitely be something new.
    Still, I can't really say that I liked the manga that much 😛


  4. There are already some announced.
    Well, in some cases we don't know whether there will be any yuri, like in Kantai Collection.
    But I'm sure 2014 will have more yuri(ish) shows for us~


  5. That's right! Gakkou no Sensei is hilarious, but unfortunately not that yuriish.
    Still, I would definitely like to see that one getting an anime adaptation.


  6. What about the adult ones, like Octave and Collectors?
    Maybe something more “light” but simply awesome, like Honey Crush and Kimochi no Katachi?
    Let's not forget about Flower Flower, it was delightful while it lasted
    Or the shorter ones, such as Aqua Blue Cinema and Pure Water Adolescence
    The ongoing ones, like Himawari-san (that one would make a long running one with no problem) and Shinozaki-san (hilarious much)?
    Ah, personally i'd love to see Hanjuku Joshi, Shitsurakuen and Strawberry Shake Sweet in their anime form ~


  7. I have a feeling as if adult manga like Octave or Collectors could come out really really badly.
    Since they are adult works, I think they wouldn't be as “soft” on that aspect as they originally were and rather turn out full hentai, as most shows in this genre turn out to be.

    Pure Water Adolescence on the other hand…. oh yes please!
    I think this would turn out really great, but then again, this might be a little too controversial since it doesn't only have yuri, but a student teacher relationship as well.


  8. Wow, The Real Her would definitely be the best short ever.

    I'd like Octave, personally. I think it'd be best to pick something that is already done and can be compressed into a season so it doesn't get canned before completion…


  9. i totally agree with the sono hanabira sfw anime idea but like you said it might never happen. also there are just so many yuri mangas i want to see as an anime like gokujou drops and flag time i dont even know where to begin. and question if citrus ever did get an anime who would be your personal pick for yuzu, mei and everyone else's seiyuus/voice actress


  10. Oh that is such a good question…
    Mei needs a really sexy voice, so how about Nana Mizuki?
    Yuzu on the other hand needs a girly and enthusiastic voice.
    Hm, this is really hard. Do you have anyone in mind?


  11. I agree, so something like Kisses, Sighs and Cherry-Blossom Pink would probably be the best choice.
    Well, maybe it's a little too short, since the actual story is only a few chapters long.
    I think they need at least 2 volumes to make a 12 episodes anime out of it.


  12. Hanazawa Kana… Interesting, but I think this voice is even too cute for Yuzu 😛
    But for Mei, I think a voice like Kuoko's (Akuma no Riddle) would be fantastic.
    It's kinda low, sexy and a little emotionless.


  13. I would like to see Manga no Tsukurikata or the somewhat yuri-ish happy go lucky Sweet Magic Syndrome (by CUTEG in a Kirara Magazine) get animated. Though, Manga no Tsukurikata just ended on volume 8 this year and didn't turn out as amazing as I thought it would (still hoping for a MnT 2).
    I think that Riko to Haru to Irukawa Hot Springs would make a nice 13 episode anime too.

    Also, I know this isn't a manga title but I would like to see an animation company try animating FLOWERS (by Innocent Grey).


  14. Riko to Haru really feels like it could be a great anime.
    It would probably be similar to Hansaku Iroha.

    Also Flowers is an absolutely great pic, but in this case, they'd just need to stick to the original art style, because the characters look so gorgeous~


  15. Ah, I'm sorry, I didn't see your last comment. Just googled her, and it seems I don't know her yet, so time to get to know her 😛
    Also, I've already read Shinigami Alice. I can't say I liked it, but I also can't say I didn't like it.


  16. A great adaptation??..humm..i think Cross Heart would be great..have you ever read it??..i just read it on Dynasty scan..The story is very touching >_< Sorry for my english..not very fluent XD


  17. I can actually picture a anime for Morning Glory and Kase-san. It would just be a good story. I reread that series today. I just love it. The chemistry is just so great…


  18. Sono Hanabira could definitely be made into a SFW anime. Clannad was a pretty risque game but the anime is really tame.
    The same could happen with Sono Hanabira.
    (I’ve never played Clannad or Sono Hanabira so take my opinions with a grain of salt)


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