Anime Spring Season 2014: Final Thoughts

akuma no riddle

Since I already wrote a full review of this anime, I don’t have much to say here, other than the fact that this was my favorite show of the season, and I loved it.

I know, I know, the story has some huuuuuge plot holes, and it somehow ended up not making perfect sense, but I didn’t expect that to happen in the first place. I got what I wanted, you could say, even though the yuri level could have been higher.

Black Bullet • 8/10
black bullet anime

The get-up of this anime is quite shallow, since the whole outline of the story is not explained very well. However, the story they built up inside that shallow get-up is absolutely fantastic. The characters are great, the story is gripping, and the fighting looks pretty good, too. Also, the few dramatic moments in this show really moved me, so hopefully we’ll see more in the future~

No Game No Life • 8.5/10
no game no life

This is probably the most popular show this season, and I can definitely see why people love it so much. The story, the characters, the animation, and the music; all of it is done really well, and despite the fact that this is an ecchi show, the story itself is surprisingly clever. Yup. I am implying that ecchi shows are a bit more of on the stupid side, so feel free to prove me wrong. 😛

selector infected wixoss

Ah, well. The show started out really weak in my opinion, but gradually got better to the point that it got really bad again.

In the end, this anime really feels like a mix between Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica and Yu-Gi-Oh!, with the slight difference that unlike in other card battle anime, the game in this one doesn’t make much sense. Of course, understanding the way of playing is not essential to the story, but it still bugged me.

inugama-san to nekoyama-san

Random Yuri Overload. I love it. Read my full review by clicking here.

Isshuukan Friends • 8/10
isshuukan friends

Cutest show of the season. I didn’t expect much in the beginning, but the characters and the whole feeling of this show made me fall in love with it. This was seriously cute~

Hitsugi no Chaika • 7/10
hitsugi no chaika

Hmmm. I don’t know whether I really enjoyed it, or whether I just watched it for the sake of finishing the show. It was nothing special, neither the story, nor the characters, but I still liked it… I think. Also, it has the most annoying, yet good, opening I’ve ever heard. I hate it, yet I can’t just skip it….

love live season 2

A full review will hopefully follow at some point, but here are my thoughts on the show: It’s definitely better than season one, but I still hate all their performances….

If it wasn’t for the sake of trying to not miss any possible yuri, I would have skipped over them many times. Still, my number one reason to watch: Eri and Nozomi~

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou • 8/10
bokura wa minna kawaisou

Great animation, hilarious characters, and a relaxing and fun story. For me, this was slice of life at its finest. I really enjoyed this show and pretty much all the characters. Hopefully, we’ll get more anime like this in the future as well~

gochuumon wa usagi desu ka

I’m usually not one who goes for the “cute girls doing cute things” genre, but in this case, I’m really happy I picked this one up. Well, I wasn’t all that convinced in the beginning, but as soon as I got used to the characters and their quirks, I fell in love with the show and basically all the girls. After a long day of work, this is seriously the best way to relax~

soul eater not

This one feels a little similar to the Railgun anime. The actual plot happens in what seems to be a fraction of the whole playtime of the show, while the rest simply shows the girls having fun. Yet, just like in Railgun, their activities are still somehow connected to the actual story, and I kind of like that. Also, the yuri level of Soul Eater NOT! was surprisingly high~

Gokukoku no Brynhildr • 6/10
gokukoku no brynhildr

I’m not sure what to say about that one. It was one of my favorite shows after I had watched some episodes, but it got worse and worse, and in the end, it simply turned out to be a harem show about a guy who tries to save the members of his harem. Oh and it’s about aliens and stuff…. Yeah, I didn’t much like it in the end.

Nisekoi • 7/10

This one already ended a while ago, but we should definitely not forget about it, because for the while it lasted, it was definitely one of the better shows in my opinion.

Of course, the fact that the final love confession that we were all teased with through the whole thing didn’t even happen was a huge letdown, but Nisekoi was still pretty good.

The shows I dropped this season are M3 – Sono Kuroki Hagane and Mekakucity Actors. Yup, I’ve watched a lot of shows this season, probably the most I’ve ever watched….

I’ll probably watch far less this season, but who knows? Anyway, I think it was a great season for us yuri fans, but even without the two yuri shows, the spring season had some pretty good anime~


30 thoughts on “Anime Spring Season 2014: Final Thoughts

  1. I haven't even finished most of these shows yet. I still need one or two more for a lot of them. But with the new shows starting, they might sit idle for a little longer.

    The summer season looks pretty promising. To me, it looks better than the spring season did, but I probably just forgot about it. Such a shame that you're not going to savor this season as much. Kinda makes me wish I had my list back.

    And I see commas have returned. 😛


  2. ive seen everything but soul eater not and the only thing i didnt like much was gokukoku no brynhildr, at first i liked it a lot and ended up reading the manga and i eventually passed the anime and i was so excited to see the arcs from the manga being animated but the anime skipped a whole arc and changed up some stuff from mako's arc which made me very disappointed so in the end i thought that gokukoku was okay.


  3. None of your final thoughts surprised me. I know your tastes well enough by now.

    -You love Soul Eater with a passion.
    -You dislike idol anime.
    -You liking WIXOSS would have created frictions in the time-space continuum.
    -You like het rom-coms.
    -You cannot help but be lured in by mainstream sweethearts. No Game No Life at least has something worth my interests.


  4. You really pay too much attention to small and unnecessary things 😛
    Oh and you are not planing to finish the shows you started?
    That's new to me…. you really changed 😛


  5. Oh, it seems you already know my taste pretty well, huh? 😛
    Well, I'm not sure about hetero rom-coms. They need to be really hilarious or have something else that is interesting enough to get me to watch it.
    But everything else is correct, so well done 😉


  6. Whoa, you've even watched more series than I did 😀
    And you know why I didn't watch some of them *cough*, but still, I think I agree with you at most points (from the series I've watched of course).

    No Game No Life was quite funny (thanks for pointing out btw), and I'm a bit sad that the series has already ended. Yet I think this cliffhanger ending will lead to a second season 🙂 but I don't want to wait 😦

    Wixoss (have to laugh everytime I pronounce this title): Even so, I wasn't really interested in the card game of selector infected WIXOSS itself. I think this would be more interesting for shows which last more than one season 😉 (ok, even if selector will have a sequel *cough*)

    As for Nekoya- eh, no, nothing 😛 it just…created something I'll never be able to get rid of anymore :3

    I've also missed more A-rise songs in Love Live S2 😦 and don't know, I somewhere read that Tsukasa Yatoki was asked to compose some songs for them, but somehow…nothing 😦 no Electronic or Trance *sob*
    and of course we both loooove~ their 3D dance animation and J-pop songs ;D
    oh…reminds me that I needed 1:30h or such for the last episode…I think 😀

    Next one I've watched is Gochuumon (you've got a typo there), and yeah, overdose of cuteness! >-< still, a bit unlogical because of Tippy who/which can speak xD
    my favorite character would be…hm…the green one 😀 not only that green is my favorite color *cough* (uh…what was her name again…*looks up on MAL*) ah yes, Chiya eeh, 😀

    I think that's it, now I'm excited for the summer season 😀 hehe, Sabagebu! looks promising for me º﹃º not sure if you'll watch/like it though 😛


  7. Oh hello Nekoyama 😉
    Oops did I just reveal your little secret? 😛

    I think we both know that we'll watch the second season of Wichs- um Wixoss anyway 😛

    Also, I believe you would have liked both Black Bullet for it's epic fights, as well as Soul Eater Not.
    Well, in this case I think you would have loved the characters, or namely the one with the big boobs. Sorry, you'll probably kill me after reading that post 😛

    Thanks to you, I'll take a look at Sabagebu later, but only if I can stop playing Pokemon already 😛


  8. Dx noooo!! This name will follow me until death D:

    you're so mean D: *sob* forgiving my rudeness from before (you know what I mean) is the least you can do now 😦 otherwise I'll be very sad, my heart will ache the whole week (even if today/tomorrow is already weekend…) and every time you try to speak to me, I'll burst out crying… ;(
    😦 😦 😦
    and no, I would never want to kill you, I'd only be very sad 😦
    (so many sad smileys…)

    Well, I'll watch SAO II now, hope you had sth for supper now 😉

    *still being very sad :(*


  9. My favorite shows in spring season are NGNL and Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou. As for akuma no riddle, the animation's good, the story is enough, and the best part of it is the characters, but it lacks of the amount of yuri, if it has just a little bit of yuri maybe it'll become my favorite show this season :p
    It's a good thing that you drop mekaku, i followed it just because i'm a fan of the songs, and watched it till the end just because i want to try to convince myself that eventually the show will get better. But it's not. It sucks, even till the end.
    Oh, and i prefer soul eater than sout eater not. And i prefer the way 'a certain' series' author write the spinoff ( railgun ) than the author of soul eater does. But i don't hate this show *cough* for the *cough* yuri i think.

    Try to watch Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, if you hate incest than just ignore the incest, actually it doesn't even have that much incest plot in it. This show impressive. Anyway, try to watch it.


  10. I think Soul Eater Not kind of destroys the image that I had of Soul Eater so far.
    I don't like the fact that they changed the animation style and I also don't like the different feel of the show, at least compared to the original show itself.

    Well, I can still like it, in fact, I can even love it, but compared to Soul Eater, it's simply not that good.


  11. kokoro pyon pyon was definitely my highlight this season.

    I'm kind of a sucker for shows with a strong focus on social commentary, satire, or a lot of pop culture references. I'm disappointed that there aren't any this season, the previous one, or the next.


  12. I think that is one genre that I usually don't go for. I couldn't even name one show like that, but now I wonder why you enjoyed Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka so much 😛


  13. Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (2012) probably best describes the genre. In a very colorful, post-apocalyptic future, it deals with the flaws of society, consumerism, and all sorts of negative and crazy stuff. All that told with a sense of humor. I think it also references Star Trek in some way. This show easily takes the #1 spot for my top anime of all time.

    As for kokoro pyon pyon, well, if a show makes me smile all the time something is definitely being done right. Then there's the OP and ED to boot 🙂 Also, because I very much like the Iyashikei sub-genre as well.


  14. The iyashikei sub-genre?
    That term is new to me. Well, I could google it, but I'm a little lazy 😛

    I think the current season, as well as the next anime season should also have some shows that can make you smile 😉
    But maybe it's not just cute girls doing cute things that does it for you.


  15. Ahh…GochuUsagi was a great air refresher since Non Non Biyori and Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku. I feel like drinking coffee now. If my wallet wasn't so empty from the new seasons' temptations (anime,manga,etc). Have you done a review on Yami to Bōshi to Hon no Tabibito or watched it? I am hesitant in starting to watch it as I just discovered its existence as a Yuri show but is it worth the watch? I mean, I'll be forcing myself to watch it (+kannazuki) strapped down to my chair anyway but….


  16. Hmm, that's hard to judge, but let's put it like this.
    If you want a serious yuri romance and a plot that makes sense, then don't watch it.
    But if you're ok with shitty yuri (even though this definitely counts as a yuri anime) and a questionable story, then go for it.
    I make it sound pretty horrible and I'm not gonna lie, it was definitely not good, but there's also something about it that keeps it interesting.

    Ah well, just watch the first episode 😛


  17. Hanayamata and Kantai Collection are on the list as possible yuri shows.
    But this season already surprised me with stuff like Tokyo Ghoul and even Sabagebu.
    I think I'll post a First Impression post for this season in a week or so.
    If you have a recommendation for this season, now is the time 😛


  18. if you like romance try ao haru ride. also try glasslip its from the people who made angel beats and nagi no asukara. and for a romcom try gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun


  19. I think Ao Haru Ride is actually on my to-watch-list, but maybe it just sounds familiar 😛
    Glasslip looked pretty interesting, but only on the cover. The animation looks pretty nice, but the plot sounds terribly boring 😀


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