First Impression: Hanayamata

First things first. Is it a yuri anime or will it just have some subtext? Maybe it won’t have any yuri at all?

Even though I haven’t read all of the available manga chapters, I think even the ones who are up-to-date with it can’t really answer that question.

After watching the first episode, I can only say the following: The yuri vibes are already quite strong.

Thanks to Naru’s constant blushing, it’s almost like I can and want to ship her with pretty much all characters that have already been introduced. Right now, I can even see a Naru harem forming, but this is, of course, only wishful thinking on my part. I don’t actually think that the story is heading that way, but it would certainly be a nice route, wouldn’t it?

Ah well, now I’ve only talked about the yuri aspect of the show, but that’s not all this anime has to offer. As already mentioned, I think I only read one chapter of the manga some time ago. I don’t remember much, so you could say I jumped into this one without really knowing what to expect, and that was a good decision. If I had known that this was an anime about a certain Japanese dance, I would have probably expected far less. Yuri aside, I don’t particularly like anime about singing or dancing, but what I saw in the first episode really pleased me.

I’m still not sure what to expect of this Yosakoi dance, and I also don’t know just how big of a deal this dance will be in the following episodes, but as long as they don’t start practicing for more than half of the episode, I think I’ll be fine with it.

Lastly, I’d also like to talk about the animation and the whole style of the show. In my opinion, they decided for a pretty unique animation style.  And to be honest, these huge eyes and long and pointy eyelashes threw me off at first. Well, it’s supposed to be really cute, and of course it is, but it took me a moment to get used to it.

The best thing about the show so far, however, is definitely the atmosphere. It’s mysterious at times, but thanks to really colorful animation, it also feels really light and relaxing. All in all, I really like it so far, and I can’t wait for more~

hanayamata naru
Naru is a real cutie~

Side Note:
I just updated my Yuri Anime 2014 list. If you want to check it out, click here.


28 thoughts on “First Impression: Hanayamata

  1. After reading the description for the show, “This sounds so boring!”.
    After watching the first episode, “Wow! This is really good!”.

    I was pleasantly surprised by how it's turned out so far. Hana is adorable and it had some funny moments that I replayed a half dozen times or so. But it's only 12 episodes. It needs more.

    I wouldn't mind more of the dancing. It seems interesting. You don't dance in your room to some trance? I always picture you doing that in front of the mirror. 😛


  2. Finally you're enjoying a (possible) yuri show! I'm kind of proud 😉
    And hopefully it will stay as good as it appeared to be in the first episode.

    Also, no comment to that last question….. 😛


  3. Very nice atmosphere, indeed! I quite liked how sometimes the prominent purple-ish hue looks done in watercolors. I also enjoyed the little floating 'captions'. It gives a pretty strong manga-like impression.

    The whole Yosakoi deal sounds interesting. I'm definitely looking forward to how it'll develop.

    Btw, I already have a good feeling about these two :I


  4. Better than expected is what I read a lot when people talk about the first episode and I agree, even though I didn't even know what to expect when I started watching it 😛


  5. So you're suspecting “these two” to be a nice addition to the already introduced characters, or maybe you expect them to bring in some yuri?
    Hopefully this will both be true 😛


  6. You forget to mention the indirect kiss…
    That's very important…

    The animation is gorgeous is all I can say at the moment…
    Will it be a SoL or a more 'adventurous' type would determine how I'll judge it…
    Also, hopefully it won't be too sappy…


  7. You certainly don't miss Yaya drink juice that has been drank by Nana, do you?
    I mean you have the gif there… 😛

    Also, Yaya ask for the drink once Nana has taken a sip, which to me seems deliberate from her part…


  8. The sparkles and Japanese schoolgirl life is as expected from the miracle making box that is Manga Time Kirara Comics~
    Oh, chapter 7 of the manga has more Yaya and more yuri vibes. Tho Kirara mangas are more friendship bonds unless explicitly expressed


  9. I do not need to describe my thoughts at all for you to guess my thoughts on the first episode. Guess…just guess.


  10. I for one can't say much until 1 or 2 more episodes. It does seem like it belongs to the iyashikei genre and that's always a good thing–to me, at least.

    Locodol has yuri potentials too, especially after “that.” Then there's Yama no Susume 2. There was no yuri in the first season but the manga's genre list says otherwise. And thank goodness it's more than 3 mins long.


  11. It's funny how someone just sent me a trailer for another lesbian movie as well 😛
    I'm usually not very into this because I think it looks so awkward seeing Japanese girls act…
    I don't know why it's only with Japanese girls but for some reason I just can't watch it.


  12. But that's the big problem. They are talking about the manga, not the anime. I have a feeling as if this will be similar to Akuma no Riddle.
    The manga has real yuri, but the anime only has subtext.


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