Summer Anime Season 2014: First Impressions

This time, I finally managed to get myself to not start every other show that looks good, and simply give those a chance that really sparked my interest. So this will be a far shorter list than last time. Anyway, enjoy~


Find my full First Impression of this anime by clicking here.

Other than that, I can only say that this show started out way better than expected. It’s honestly my favorite show right now, even though there are quite a few that come close to surpassing it.

Tokyo Ghoul
tokyo ghoul

In harsh contrast to the cute slice of life that is Hanayamata, Tokyo Ghoul shows us a story that is like the exact opposite. It’s bloody, violent, and tragic, but best of all, it has exactly those kinds of characters that I love so much in shows like this… the really messed up ones.

I have no idea how this story will progress, but if it stays as intense and interesting as the first two episodes showed us, I’m sure that this will be one of my favorite shows this season.

Akame ga Kill!
akame ga kill

In this case, the first episode started out very weak, in my opinion. It looked like an adventure anime with some random monsters involved, but I learned that I should not judge a show that early.

This anime has also revealed some pretty messed up characters and a really unexpected turn of events, and that’s exactly what makes the first episode a huge success for me. As mentioned many times in this anime, the world they are living in is really cruel and messed up, and I sure hope to see more of this.


We will yet again make a 180-degree turn and talk about a really wacky comedy show this time. I honestly didn’t even consider watching it, but thanks to a nice recommendation, I took a look at it and really enjoyed the first two episodes. It also helps that this anime really reminds me of D-Frag!, which I mostly enjoyed, thanks to the great comedy. And as long as Sabagebu! stays as hilarious as it was in the first 2 episodes, I’m sure it will be even better than D-Frag!.


Seriously, why did I even bother watching this? Yes, this is supposed to have some yuri subtext, and it really shows more subtext than expected, but even so, I can’t enjoy it. I know, people will probably tell me to just stay away from stuff that I know I won’t like, but I just had to take a look at it…. Bad decision.

Tokyo ESP
tokyo esp

This was the biggest surprise for me this season. It’s been a while since Ga-Rei: Zero aired, right? And I seriously didn’t expect to ever see Kaguya and Yomi again, but thanks to this show, they are back. Not really, but they made a cameo at least….

I don’t know just how often we’ll see them, but knowing that they are both alive in this show makes me want to watch it for the sake of finding some scenes between them alone. Also, despite the weird sounding description, the first episode looked really, really good, especially the absolutely fantastic animation~

Sword Art Online II
sword art online 2

Even after 2 episodes, I still don’t really know what to think of this. I liked the first season, even the Alfheim Online part, but I don’t know whether introducing yet another new game will really be as interesting as the story of the first season was. Ah well, I liked Sword Art Online too much to not at least give the second season a chance….


30 thoughts on “Summer Anime Season 2014: First Impressions

  1. I agree with pretty much everything you said, except for Sabagebu being better than D-Frag. It's still good, but I still prefer D-Frag thus far.

    No mention of Zankyou no Terror? That one's really good too. 😦


  2. D-Frag was missing some yuri while Sabagebu is going full out on that as well 😉

    Downloading Zankyou no Terror right now, totally forgot about that last week.


  3. I only watch show with subtext this season, except Tokyo ESP because of obligation of my anime/manga's past so I guess we both watch Hanayamata, Sabagebu, and Tokyo ESP, all of which we same similar opinion…

    Now, I watch 2 anime that you don't/won't Locodol and Momokyun…

    About Locodol, I kinda find the first episode boring, but as of episode 3 now, I think the best approach of it is to think of it like some kind of docudrama, though I guess if you watch real idol you would already see it…
    Also, for everyone who watch episode 3, 'Fu Fu Fu ~'…

    About Momokyun, I think the less thing said about this anime is the better, but a longer yet still brief 'explanation' about my experience would be, 'I love its concept of Kamen Rider – Super Sentai with Momotaro twist, but its jiggle physic really should be reallocated to other sector like consistent/better fighting animation'…

    Overall however, as a person who only watch yuri anime, either subtext or non-subtext, this season offers a lot to me and I love it… 😀
    I even has one anime for each day! Nice…


  4. Momo Kyun Sword is just…. I don't even know what I expected when watching the first episode, but I had to stop watching after only 10 minutes. This is a new record 😛

    And about Locodol; I will continue watching this one, but only if there will be more yuri 😛


  5. great opinions also i think you should give glasslip a try even though it may not be your cup of tea there is in a way a yuri shipping since one of the characters hints that she likes the main heroine but ill leave the decision to you. as for SAO II it progresses slowing but it will get better since it was slow like the light novel for the GGO arc so dont worry.


  6. Glasslip has been recommended to me a lot already, so maybe I should really give the first episode a try?

    Sword Art Online will also stay on my list, but I've only seen two episodes, though I'm going to watch the third later 😛


  7. okay. i hope you do end up enjoying glasslip since i think its good but that will be your decision if you like it or not. also if you havent heard already fate/kalied liner prisma illya 2wei has yuri in it so i suggest it but you're going to have to watch the first season first. also 2014 = year of yuri!!!!


  8. Oh yes, I've already seen the kiss between the two girls on Tumblr, but I'm not sure whether this is a show for me.
    Then again, I read that there's another yuri kiss in the first season.
    Well, I already downloaded an episode, so let's see 😛


  9. Glasslip hm? I'm watching it because I've already watched several shows by P.A. works (<-good reputation),
    but this one can be pretty boring if you don't enjoy slice of life+ordinary life 😉
    Well, there are a few fantasy elements, but like Tari Tari it doesn't seem much will happen in the anime…
    Not that I dislike it, but I don't enjoy it as much as Hanayamata or even Locodol 😛
    And well, you meant the black-haired girl right? I don't really see Yuri subtext behind it.
    For me it's just strong- friendship…or so it seems 😉
    However, this is just my opinion.


  10. Momo Kyun Sword is just…? hm? I just had to laugh the whole time 😛

    Indeed, Locodol Episode 3 *giggles*, but don't know if Lena would continue this series 😛

    Me too, I prefer to watch Yuri subtext anime and really have something against certain male charater types, but this season seems to be an exception… or I'm just too bored the whole week…


  11. Boredom is our enemy Mai!
    Let's conquer it together and watch that weird Kyoshiro Anime!
    I hope you've already finished it and I'm pretty sure it was a lot of fun 😉


  12. Still haven't watched the first Episode of neither Glasslip nor that illya anime…
    Why am I so lazy 😛
    Oh and I think you're right. In some cases even anime in which nothing really happens can be enjoyable, but in some cases it's just boring.

    Non Non Biyori for example showed me just how great these kinds of anime can be, while other similar shows bored me so much that I had to drop them.


  13. Oh, but boredom-sama is everywhere *-*
    Indeed weird, and I'm so sorry! I'm currently at episode 3 ): but after a few things which keep me busy (rl…) I'll finish it D:


  14. for illya not much yuri happens in the first season but the second does from what i heard. also i can agree with that some animes in which nothing happens are good for me glasslip is one of them just my opinion though


  15. I've now watched the first Illya episode and I'm not sure whether I really wanna watch that.
    I think I'll just watch the kisses on youtube when it's over 😛


  16. i am worried for sao s2….
    the light novels were amazing and ggo was one of my favorite arcs besides mother rosario, but the anime is taking too long in getting to the action.


  17. Try Gekkan shoujo Nozaki-kun, if spring has Bokura wa minna Kawaisou then, in summer we have this!
    The first episode turned out really hillarious.

    And.. maybe you can try Barakamon, it's about a child and a man.. and no it's not lolicon. Maybe this one will become a good SOL series. This show kinda remind me of one anime which has similar plot, about a man who adopt his grandfather's child, i forgot the title.


  18. Wasn't there a really really popular one about a man and his daughter, or was it grand daughter…?
    Ah, I don't know, I usually don't watch stuff like that, even though it got a remarkably high rating 😛


  19. And.. i just remember the title, it's called Usagi Drop :v
    Do you like Nagi no asukara? If you hate it i suggest for you not to watch Glasslip :p it got some NTR, eventhough maybe one of the character is yuri (still not sure) but maybe we don't get her so much.


  20. Why you continue watching idol shows knowing how much you loathe them is beyond me but whatever.

    Tokyo Ghoul is still “meh” to me after 4 episodes. ESP is somewhat better. Akame ga Kill will probably be one I pick up after it's finished airing. I have too much on my schedule as is.

    You already know my #1.


  21. It's easy, idol shows tend to have yuri subtext, so as a yuri fan I can't just ignore them.
    Oh and what if the show has such a great pairing such as ErixNozomi?! Can't miss out on that 😛


  22. The recent Ghibili movie indeed surprised me….Claps to you Ghibili for surpassing my expectations of you. I haven't seen much of a good movie from you since The Cat Returns.
    On a additional note, ever watched this somewhat lesser known, older anime, Binchou-tan? I've started watching it, researched it, and have determined it, 100% guranteed iyashikei anime/manga (癒し系)


  23. I'm not a big Ghibli fan, if a fan at all. I can only name two movies, but I guess this will be the third one I'm watching.

    Also never heard of Binchou-tan, and that “Iyashikei” term is also new to me. (Yeah I'm too lazy to google it right now) 😛


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