My Top 10 Favorite Yuri Characters

After I already made a Top 10 list of my favorite yuri pairings, it’s now time to list my favorite yuri characters as well. This time, I will only list characters that we can be sure are into girls, or at least one specific girl. So stuff like Touhou characters will not be mentioned. With that said, as always, enjoy~

10. Akane Ryuuzouji (Walkure Romance)
akane walkure romanze

Best yuri girl of 2013? Yup, that’s right. In my eyes, Akane definitely deserves this title. Well, we should probably not talk about how things will eventually turn out for her in the original game that Walkure Romance is based on. So let’s keep this book closed and just see her as the great lesbian she appears to be in the anime.

9. Shizuma Hanazono (Strawberry Panic)

The award for the hottest lady-killer definitely goes to Shizuma. And even though I absolutely can’t stand people who play with the feelings of others, I can’t really get myself to dislike her. Also, it’s thanks to her that we got to see so many yuri kisses, or at least all these great moments in which kisses almost happened.

8. Shizuru Fujino (Mai-HiME)
shizuru mai hime
Best Shizuru fanart ever~

So apparently, Shizuru is a big tease, a lady-killer and… um, a little crazy? But the hell with it. Who cares! Just look at her!

7. Sora (Shitsurakuen)
sora shitsurakuen

I think you already know what I’ll be talking about in a moment…. It’s of course her harem. This hasn’t been done enough, and it needs to be done far more! I want to see more yuri harems and I want to see them now! And if the girl they all fall for even only slightly resembles Sora, I’ll be very happy~

6. Hitomi (Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry-Blossom Pink)
hitomi kisses sighs cherryblossom pink
Hitomi (left), Nana (right)

Are you surprised that I went with Hitomi instead of Akko? Well, me too. I initially chose Akko, but then I remembered that Hitomi is an even more awesome character than the former, and I kind of want to give her credit for being such a great girlfriend for Nana, as well as acknowledge the fact that she probably went through hell thanks to the way their relationship started out.

She really deserves all the happiness she now has with Nana~

5. Haruka (Sakura Trick)
haruka sakura trick

Who’s the biggest yuri fangirl of 2014? That’s right, it’s no other than Haruka! I like to see myself as a pretty big yuri fangirl as well, but compared to Haruka, even I myself might not be a match for her.

4. Homura Akemi (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica)
homura mahou shoujo madoka magica

Isn’t it a huge plus that Akemi can be both the cute, clumsy girl who is really awkward around others, and also a total badass that who doesn’t show any emotions and acts totally aloof? For some reason, I’m a fan of both sides, because this way, she’s one of the few characters that I can call both, cute and cool.

3. Eris Kirishima (Sono Hanabira)
eris kirishima sono hanabira

I had some difficulties deciding whether to go with Shizuku or Eris, but in the end, I decided for the foreign beauty, instead of the Japanese cutie. Also, I believe that Eris would make one of the greatest girlfriends ever. She’s cute, loving, sexy, and best of all, I believe that she’s pretty fun to be around~

Well, I’m gonna leave out the fact that she’s a huge pervert, so you can decide for yourself whether this is a good or a bad thing. 😉

2. Fate Testarossa (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)
fate testarossa nanoha

I know, we can’t be sure whether Fate really is in love or in a relationship with Nanoha, but in this case, I’m going to ignore that and list her anyway, simply because I’m totally in love with her.

She’s probably the most caring, gentle, and kindhearted character ever, and the fact that she is voiced by one of my favorite seiyuus, Nana Mizuki, makes her even more awesome than she already is.

1. Chikane Himemiya (Kannazuki no Miko)
chikane himemiya kannazuki no miko

I think every yuri fan that has watched Kannazuki no Miko has already fallen in love with this girl. She’s not only a total beauty, but she’s also kind, caring, and simply the perfect girlfriend in general. Also, I think that her jealous side makes her even more precious~


22 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Yuri Characters

  1. Hold on…
    Best of 2014 not goes straight to Yukari from Locodol? Please…
    Also, isn't Akane came from a 2013 series?
    Unless by 2014 you mean 'the award exist in 2014 for 2013 series' which then I would say I am sorry…

    Though I must mention I don't watch Walkure Romance so I can't really gauge my interest for her…
    (Also additional bad point for me when I accidentally see her CGs when I was browsing, ugh…)

    If you don't mind, here is my top 10 yuri character (which heavily biased toward girl with powah! 😛 ):
    10. Iona Urazoe: From Selector Infected Wixoss. Let's begin with a girl who, as a quote in internet said, “get what required Homura a 12-episode TV series and 3 different movies to get”.
    9. Kumori Kuroko: From Murcielago, a series with only 3 chapters translated so far. She is what Kuroko from Railgun should've been and I am dying for an anime for this series to watch this Kuroko and all her glory in moving motion. She is lower than she supposed to because of the chapter lack.
    8. Yukari Kohinata: From Futsuu No Joshikousei Ga Locodol Yattemita. As the anime still early in its airing, we can't really sure how will it end, but her actions really make me want to see more of her. A dedicated wife who don't want to be husband to her wife… Fu Fu Fu ~
    7. Shinozaki Akina: From Shinozaki-san Ki Wo Ota Shika Ni, this girl and her struggle to obtain her love wins me fast and grant her a very strong standing at this point. A really, really great character with goal and determination. Good luck Shinozaki!
    6. Setsuna Sakurazaki: From Mahou Sensei Negima! I read and suffer through 250-ish chapter to see she kiss her lover and it worth it. Though the reason she is here is because she is easily your typical shounen MC, but a girl, who loves other girl, and it is glorious.
    5. Miku Kohinata: From Senki Sezzhou Symphogear. A girl who use her love song to bore hole to battleships won't miss my top ten. Beside, she bore hole to those battleship in order to stop her lover from getting killed! What a dedicated love…
    4. Homura Akemi: From Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. An inspiring character really, and you've probably have seen the chart that compare her, Chikane, and Shizuru and these three will always have place in my top ten
    3. Chikane Himemiya: From Kannazuki no Miko. I don't know what to add beside well, she is there before Homura so she has better position on my list.
    2. Shizuru Fujino: Mai-HiME is my first anime (at least, first seriously watched anime) which also means it introduce me to my first yuri couple (and will always top 10 OTP) so Shizuru pretty much shape what I wish for a yuri character (dedicated, talented, and secretive). And yes, the only reason it is the top of the triumvirate for me is because she is my first encounter with Chikane second and Homura at third…
    1. Aida Mana: Hands down, the yuri-harem goddess, as per tvtropes pantheon, she is the messiah of precure (literally get killed, resurrected, and walks on water) which people complained for marry-sueness (which actually the point of her existence) but no one could say she doesn't deserve all of her harem members (which even consist fairy!).


  2. You've clearly forgotten the best yuri character of all… Nobara Yukinokouji from Inu x Boku SS!

    She reminds me of you, but you're not quite as pervy as her, even though it's close 😛

    She's still my avatar on MAL, and she can be your doppelganger. I'm sure you would've had her #1, if you wouldn't have dropped the show after 2 episodes. 😦


  3. Oh yes, I made a mistake, Akane is of course the best yuri character of 2013, thanks for mentioning 🙂

    I think I didn't even know half of the characters I've listed, but especially Aida Mana really interests me.
    I've read a few doujinshi and it was sometimes hinted at that she must have some kind of harem, or that she must at least be really popular, but I never really watched more than 1 or 2 episodes.

    Also, thanks for leaving your list~


  4. I'm not so sure about it, but I already enjoyed her first appearance and I enjoyed her voice, but the rest of the show…
    probably not worth it for me 😛


  5. Well, half of the character from my list is still “new” as in from newly translated series (or really new series like Selector Infected Wixoss) so it is understandable if people don't know it yet (especially with so many eyes focused on Citrus) also would be really great if it spark interest for people to follow their series…

    Really wish to put Akko and Mari though, but because they are number one to me as couple and not really as individual, I decide to not to…

    Well Mana comes from a series heavy with subtext since beginning and even then her series (Doki Doki Precure) exceed any of those before it and it seems after it (almost every episode has something akin to Manax[insert girl of the episode])…

    Though of course because it is a show for 'kid' some elements get really cheesy and combine with how harem (male) protagonist often portrayed (The only one that can help the girl! Maybe this person isn't a perfect person, but for the one this person love, this person will do everything) she comes of Mary-Sue-ish, it isn't helped by the fact that it appears she supposed to be the messiah too (well, the theme is 'spread the love to the world' and I guess the best icon for that is the messiah)…

    But overall it is a great series and I daresay 'a good romance' (harem of course), definitely give it a try…

    You are welcome… 😀


  6. For some reason, reading “a good romance/harem” when talking about Precure sounds wrong 😀

    I think I once watched like 2 episodes of Doki Doki Precure, but just like Heartcatch, as well as Smile Precure, the weird episodic monsters made me stay away from it 😛


  7. You know what, the current series of Precure is about NTR, a het NTR…
    The reason I stay away from it right now… 😛

    Oh, if the weird episodic monster than I don't think it could be helped I guess…
    The monster style will stay that way through out the series…
    But, if you can one day overcome it (or your opinion changed for some reason) definitely gives Doki Doki a try (also only recommend Doki Doki because it is the yuri-est of them all 😀 )…


  8. How could you forget about Shion and Yayoi? *sits at a corner and cries in fetal position* Guess I'll be taking my lesbians and leaving then… hahaha jk.

    Well, from your list, I freaking love Shizuma and Chikane. I also like Akane and Sora a lot. About the others, I either don't know or don't really care about them.

    Still on topic, a lot of yuri characters have a special place in my heart… but as the ones who completely own me, I guess I'll be going with Setsuko (from Octave), Mei (from Citrus) and as I mentioned before, Shion/Yayoi (I can't really choose between the two of them… it's like asking me to choose my favorite kid and I don't even have kids!!! :P).

    Setsuko is awesome, I couldn't help but fall in love with her even more by each chapter I read. She's so mature, and nice, and beautiful, and honest, and… Gosh, I can't even describe her properly.

    Mei is my lovely bitch. She's pretty messed up, she's always hurting Yuzu, she doesn't know how to express herself BUT DAMN SHE'S SO HOT and I mean she still manages to look sexy even when she's depressed! She's also cute sometimes too… She just makes me fangirl every time I see her. I think Citrus has driven me insane…

    Shion/Yayoi are my hotties. Shion is such a teaser and I love her for that. She's also voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro so I guess I gotta give a few more points to her, and Yayoi… Well, Yayoi is Yayoi. She owns Shion so she's already won at life as well.

    Anyway… I guess the four of them could get me anytime, they could f… I mean, love me until I passed out and I wouldn't mind. 😀

    Also!!! I stopped being just a random ghost, so I think it's time for you to come here and give me a hug, don't you think so? 😛


  9. Shion and Yayoi… hm….
    Yayoi was really cute, while Shion gave off a rather sexy vibe.
    However, I really didn't like how she was constantly smoking and how their relationship was depicted as only on a sexual level.
    So nope 😛

    I already know that you're the type to enjoy the cool, or rather cold beauties the most, so no wonder you enjoy Mei, Setsuko and Shizuma 😛
    Though, now I wonder why you don't like Homura, or at least her serious and aloof personality.

    Oh and before I forget it *gives you a hug* 😉


  10. Oh, I don't find smoking something nice either, but… Everyone has their own flaws so I think I can forgive Shion on that one, for now at least. 😛

    Also, yeah, the way their relationship was depicted is the sad part, but they can still fall in love with each other… at some point, right? RIGHT??? (Probably not but let me dream! u_u)

    Anyway… You're right on that one. I just can't resist them… those cold beauties are always stealing my heart and playing with my feelings 😛

    About Homura, I haven't watched Madoka Magica… that's probably why. The art kind of puts me off so I can't really bring myself to watch it, but I've heard good things about this anime so I might give it a shot. 😀

    And… Yaaay I've gotten a hug from Lena!!! *fangirls*


  11. Jyaze!!!! Awesome. I cannot figure out what my 10 top yuri charas would be so I approximated instead, a Mixture fruit Combo of my favorite Yuri characters, pairings, and works:
    1. Takamachi Nanoha+ Fate Testarossa. In the MGLN Innocent manga adaptation, I saw tons of great Fate+Nanoha moments! (I just bought volume 3 in a Tsutaya bookstore a few weeks ago). I don't even need to explain the greatness of Fate. Everyone already knows, I think. Btw, do you think that Fate is better off as uke or as seme in her relation with Nanoha? (top or bottom) I feel that if movie 3rd canonized their relationship as romantic, I honestly don't know which one would be the one to make her move first…
    2. Strawberry Panic characters.Once I finish the anime and get sick of that too I will be funding a solution that allows me to play the game on a PS3 or PS2~ cause when I saw how the game can play, I got really excited,still am, and want to play the game! I heard in the game, you choose from Nagisa,Kizuna,or HIkari (will not be choosing hikari) who are unvoiced protags and can pair them with any available heroine~! I think.( finished the manga+lightnovels)

    3. Chikane x Himeko, In all world settings, they are SAIKYOU NO KAPPLE. haha. 'nuff said.

    4. Adachi & Shimamura. If you haven't heard of them, they are main characters of a light novel series, Adachi to Shimamura. I can't explain much if you can't read Japanese enough to understand 70% of it at least; but the text has furigana, so yays! Haven't gotten the second volume on hand now, had it sent back to US while I arrived in Japan for my intermediate language course, but will read it later!

    5. Tomi Yuna from Okujou no Yurirei-san! I loved the artwork and this female matchmaking (blackmailed by ghosts) protagonist is just touching to the end! Yuna is a great character;she's a social minimalist, impermanent girl initially, which somehow adds matter to her character for some reason. The game itself was mostly about the story and eventually Yuna's own social problems, which is a great climax-but I haven't gotten past the 2nd coupling yet.

    6.Kodoku ni Kiku Yuri- a great visual novel about yet another social recluse and a hikkimori girl. Why don't you review this? I got a nice fluffly feel from it. FLUFFY full course. fuwafuwa.

    7.The Princess and the Witch one shot manga in an older Yurihime issue had great artwork that really hit through with the one shot. Infact, the artwork makes the oneshot amazing.

    8.Riko from Riko to Haru to Irukawa Onsen. Actually, I am just going to say Riko and Haru go better as a pairing rather than individually, so Riko x Haru KYAHAHAHAHAHA -zap-

    9. Ibara, the new kunoichi guardian of Sengoku no Kuroyuri's protagonist, Saku-hime. She is a fun/funny ninja assassin and her in-game BGM theme during her appearances was so great, I let it repeat over and over again on many occasions. Tied with Ibara for 9th place, is another new character from Sengoku no KuroYuri 2nd game, Fuki-hime, who gets toyed around with Saku-hime's sadistic pleasures in A-part. She has a touching resolution ending with Saku-hime in A-part.

    10. Illlyasviel X Miyu. A recent coupling. more of best friends rather than coupling, but whatever~! that's what doujins are for!

    11.Omake: Mahou Shoujo Taisen ZANBATSU: this is probably yet unknown to some in the Yuri world, but this title is a PS VITA game that has 47 magical girls all over the Japan interact with amnesiac quiet protagonist, Sakaki Amane, another magical girl.Coupling: Kemuri x Amane and Yukana x Amane. The best couplings I can think of that got closer to a Yuri bond with amane than anyone else. Hahahah.especially kemuri. But Yukana is great too, she's a perfect, short, oneesan type. Btw, Tamura Yukari voiced one of the 47 magical girls since she came from that certain prefecture.


  12. I like Shion x Yayoi myself, especially the really sweet stories some artists come up with~

    And I can't believe it…. you've never seen Madoka… lucky you! 😛
    You have a journey awaiting you, I'm telling you.
    If you get past the animation style, this anime is simply a masterpiece~

    I might hug you again if you watch it 😛


  13. Thanks for leaving your list as well 🙂

    Regarding NanoFate, I can actually see Fate a both. She's really protective over Nanoha, but she can be really cute too. Top or Bottom might be a different question, but Fate is probably something in between, and I like that about her.

    You've got some really interesting pics by the way, and I'm actually happy to see that many characters from manga and Visual Novels made it to your list, though I don't know all of them 😛


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