Anime Review: Kanamemo

So far, I have watched this show twice. I watched it the first time right when I got into yuri, and I seriously don’t remember much of it, which is not only a huge shame, it’s actually a yuri crime!

How did I not fall in love with the yuri characters in this show?! And how the hell was I able to ignore the greatness of this show in general?! I seriously have no excuse for not noticing the brilliance of this show back then, but after watching it again, I now realize what I was too foolish to see a few years ago.

To all the yuri fans out there, I’m sorry it took me so long, here’s my review~

Year: 2009
Length: 13 Episodes
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy

Story: 7/10 and Characters: 9/10
After her grandmother passed away, Nakamachi Kana is left alone without anyone she can call family. On her search for a new home, she comes across a newspaper station in which she then starts working as one of their carriers.

At first, she is under the impression that most of the girls working there must be quite weird, but as soon as she starts living there, she comes to realize that it’s actually thanks to these girls that she finally has something to call family again.

Kana’s story sounds quite sad and tragic, doesn’t it? But there are only a few moments in this anime that really make you feel this way. The rest is pure comedy with a lot of cute and wacky characters. We have Haruka for example. She’s the oldest one of the girls, but by far not the most mature one. Her two hobbies are drinking, and while being at it, harassing cute little girls, namely Kana and the little chief of their newspaper office, Saki.

Fortunately for all of us who enjoy wacky comedy mixed with some yuri, Haruka is drunk like 90% of the time, and this creates some hilarious scenes, mostly between her and the little chief. Other than those 3, we also have Hinata, a little tomboyish girl, and the loli tsundere, Mika, who works in a rivalry newspaper office in the same town. My two favorite characters, however, are without a doubt Yume and Yuuki. And while many of you probably already know why that is, I’ll still name the reason for that a bit later.

All in all, I can only say that I really enjoyed the cast of this show. Hinata was probably the only character that I feel like they could have replaced with someone a little more interesting, and Mika tended to be a little annoying at times. But both of them still contributed quite a bit to my final enjoyment, so it’s all good.

kanamemo characters
(from left to right) Hinata, Mika, Haruka, Kana, Yuuki and Yume

Sound: 6/10 and Animation: 6/10
I neither remember the opening, nor the ending, and it’s only been a few weeks since I finished watching it again. So I guess you could say that they both didn’t leave any kind of impression on me, which can be both, a good or a bad thing.

The background music as well is quite forgettable, and the animation is pretty average too. So yeah, nothing outstanding in these categories, so let’s quickly come to the next one.

Yuri: 7.5/10
On the one hand, we have creepy lolicon Haruka, who harasses poor little Kana and Saki pretty much all the time. But this kind of yuri is, by far, not as remarkable as the yuri greatness we get from Yume and Yuuki.

In the first episode alone, we already see them kiss once, and in pretty much each and every episode that follows, we find them flirting with each other, making out, or simply being the cutest girlfriends you can imagine.

I really didn’t expect that much yuri, but it makes me so happy, and if you’re still not convinced, just take a look at that~

kanamemo yuri yume yuuki
This actually happens in the first episode. Best start ever!

Total Enjoyment: 8/10
I think Kanamemo is not a very well-known title in the yuri community. Also, I couldn’t even find any doujinshi about the characters, and it makes me wonder why. As mentioned above, Yume and Yuuki are one of the cutest yuri couples of all-time, and they deserve far more recognition than that.

But then again, when I watched this show for the first time, I didn’t much notice them as well…. Ah well, I for one really loved this show, even though it took me long enough to finally realize that.

If you’re a yuri fan and still haven’t watched this one, it’s time to change that. You won’t regret it. Trust me.

23 thoughts on “Anime Review: Kanamemo

  1. Since I've pretty much caught up with all the shows from this season, I might start watching this.

    If only I had found this sooner, it could've been mine to review instead of yours, you thief. 😛

    And which do you prefer, Arial or Times New Roman? You alternate between the two, but I've begun using Arial as the default font for mine, thinking that's the one you like better.


  2. Seems I was a bit faster than you, but trust me with this one, you wouldn't like it.
    I just know it 😛

    I have some difficulties with the fonts on blogger. Sometimes they are displayed incorrectly and other times, even though they are displayed the right way in the editor, when I release the post the text has a different font than the one I chose, or even different fonts for different paragraphs.

    I have no idea how to fix that, but blogger does some pretty weird things in general.


  3. Glad you now realize the greatness that is Kanamemo~
    I was pretty floored too when that first scene happened. I had completely thought they were gonna play it off as silly fanservice, but they actually handled them as a couple very well.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I was also thinking that this surely couldn't go on for longer than a few episodes, but this show always surprised me with some more yuri~
    More shows should do it like this, but stating that will probably not help anyway…


  5. All I have to say is better late than never. I assumed after seeing Yume and Yuuki in the hallf of fame you'd get a refresher on why this show rocked when it aired.

    Few people like Haruka and you know full well that many lesbian lolicons after her learned from her mistakes and perfected the craft of “playful lust” rather than “perverted lust”


  6. I hear “better late than never” way too often, but you're of course right about that.

    Kuroko is probably one of those character that didn't learn anything, but that's fine as well (I think) 😛


  7. I think rather than not well known, as an older anime (2007s), it…ah, it is not well known.
    well, the manga and anime finished a while ago already after all. I yet have to get the final volume.
    Also, have you read/reviewed “Banana no Nana”? The ending of this story was stupidly abrupt thanks to somehow a cancellation end thus a quick end- but I must admit, this yuri manga could have become greater in 3-4 volumes. A pity that it was planned to be cancelled thus the abrupt ending. Sad ending, but surprising out of the box Super Surprise セックス Scene at the last 13th chapter. I was touched and felt “wow, that was the best セックス service scene I've seen in a long time, and it was only 3 pages long. Cereally, I wish this manga went on longer. I'm still gonna buy the 2 volumes tho. Pantzer Princess doesn't seem so bad, but I like Banana no Nana best as it has two main characters rather than 3 (somehow something tells me 2 main charas is more touching than 3).
    I really wanna see more manga from Banana no Nana+PantzerPrincess' mangaka….


  8. I still have to read that one, but abrupt endings are really common in yuri manga.
    It's quite sad actually, but I've read about so many yuri manga that were cancelled all of a sudden. This even happens to whole yuri magazines, which leaves a lot of stories either unfinished or with an abrupt ending…

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  9. NEWS FLASH!: Nanoha Vivid manga is to be adapted into an anime! (; also here's a PV for Koufuku Graffiti which is to air in 2015
    um..what am I forgetting? Oh right, Illya Drei ova headsup! And Hello! KininroMosaic's 2nd season! (

    Oh, and of course Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow second ova is for January 2015.
    So many 2015 airings! I wish they would come unexpectedly faster instead.
    Nanoha movie 3rd….don't know when they will ever tell us more of it yet.

    Also, have you watched Ghibli's “When Marnie Was There” anime movie yet?


  10. Yup I've heard about them and there are even more things to look forward to~
    Maybe I should put some of the news up on here… hm let's see about that.
    I watched the trailer for Ghibli's movie, but not the movie itself.
    I'm still not sure whether to do it or not, but it looked really yuriish, so I probably have to 😛


  11. Yeah….it could have been something really amazing. Had tons of potential, but that was all squashed when they went “loltimeskipz” and just rushed everything to death in the final two chapters.
    Oh well, here's hoping Pantser Princess maintains itself. I see a lot of potential in that one. I wonder if the volumes are up on Amazon Japan? Instead of waiting for the scanlations that are ages behind, it'd probably be better to just read it from the source.


  12. Well, I don't think it's too much of a spoiler. And, there is real yuri. But the buildup gets ruined. Anyway, you'll know when you read it. And you'll definitely know when the decision to cancel it was made. Everything just flips out out of nowhere, and everything that had been building up just…yeah
    It's all so random and fast.
    I will agree that some of the final scenes were pretty great, but I would have liked seeing a lot more development to get there.


  13. CirnoThe”Strongest” is probably talking of the manga (which would make it a double tragedy for the poor but amazing mangaka) while Lena is talking of the movie? I think so anyway. Rewatching Yugioh 5ds now. It's just so darn addictive when my other anime aren't showing yet.


  14. Wow, Kanamemo manga finished in 2013 already…I better bring myself to finally finish watching all 13episode then!!

    have you heard of the “Teekyuu” anime? It's hilarious and supposed to be about tennis club, but it's pretty deceiving and funny on that end~
    Incidentally it has 40 episodes in total and started airing in 2012; 1 episode is 2 minutes of hyper fast paced comedy.
    And it's even gotten a fourth season in the making lawl.


  15. Peer through this dopey haze long enough, and you can't fail to notice the cavalier racial attitudes, the endlessly pliable women; you'd have every right to be outraged, were it not now par for the Sandler course.


  16. Wow. I’ve binge watched half the series already. I LOVE THIS! They handle Yume and Yuuki’s relationship very tactfully. No fanservice. They feel like a realistic couple. I really dislike Haruka, though. But I love this show anyway!


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