[R-18] Touhou Doujin Release: Kiss or Kiss? by Cloud Palette

touhou cloud palette yuri doujin marisa alice

Just as promised, here’s the first doujin. The next one will follow soon. Enjoy~

Title: Kiss or Kiss?
Artist: Cloud Palette
Pairing: Alice x Marisa [Touhou]
Genre: NSFW, Romance, Fantasy, Biiiiiiig Boooooobs

As always, special thanks to Mai88 and Rock The Vogt.


8 thoughts on “[R-18] Touhou Doujin Release: Kiss or Kiss? by Cloud Palette

  1. I liked this one more than Marshmallow Heart. It seemed a little sweeter to me. And I've taken a liking to Marisa, as well. And I want that pillow (as long as he doesn't make me do anything I might regret).

    This is fun, learning about Touhou through R18 doujinshi. I feel educated now. 😀


  2. What do you take me for, Lena? Someone who just loves doujinshi in which the characters get down and dirty? That's not like me at all! On a completely unrelated note, I do kinda hope that the trend of you featuring R-18 doujinshi continues. 😀

    I read a Marisa x Meiling doujin earlier, but it (sadly) wasn't R-18. It was still pretty good, even though it was mostly Sakuya x Reimu. For the time being, I'll just ship Marisa x Meiling until another pair catches my eye. I just wish there was more to read about those two.


  3. That's exactly what I take you for 😀

    Maybe you're lucky and your favorite (yet totally disturbing) favorite pairing Meiling x Marisa will someday get more doujinshi.
    I personally don't hope they do 😛
    And wtf Sakuya x Reimu…. no that's just as wrong! 😛


  4. Doujinshi eh? Speaking of artwork, I happen to like illustrator “OniNeko” 's artwork; it has a decent deal of yuri themes to them but yet having a transient/otherworldly feel to them. Oh, another reason I like OniNeko's art work is that it is completely (from what I've seen) missing y chromosome type.

    Onineko has done art on pixiv, own site,artbooks, as well as a recent card game I do not like so much.

    Back to Doujinshi, I rather like Ryou Morogami's Keine x Child Mokou strips tho there aren't more than 2 I think.


  5. Funny how I basically like anything that involves MokouxKeine, but these short strips are somehow not to my liking 😛
    Too much comedy and moe, and too little romance 😛


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