Yuri Manga Review: Citrus by Saburouta [Volume 3]

Spoiler Warning!

It’s time for another Citrus review, and it surely won’t be the last one. A 4th volume is already in the making. What a blessing~

Author: Saburouta
Length: 3 Volumes, 12 Chapters
Status: Ongoing
Scanlation Group: Yuri Project & Shindoi Rough Subs
Genre: Yuri, Drama, Slice of Life, Comedy, School Life, Pseudo Incest

Story: 7.5/10 and Characters: 8/10
As a short summary, the last chapter of Volume 2 ended with Mei and Yuzu sharing a real kiss for the first time. Of course, the volume couldn’t just end on a purely happy note, which is why a new character got introduced.

Matsuri is one of Yuzu’s friends from before she had to move into her new home. Both of them spent a lot of time together when they were little, and they established a relationship close to that of sisters. Throughout pretty much the whole volume, we learn new things about Matsuri, constantly being reminded that she is simply a huge troublemaker with the only goal in mind to have Yuzu for herself. If that is in a romantic or a sisterly way is still pretty obscure to me.

Of course, seeing how “fond” Yuzu already is with her new sister doesn’t sit well with Matsuri, which is why she decides to give Mei a hard time in order to gain back her position as the younger sister. In the end, she’s just causing a lot of trouble for all three of them, but there is at least one good aspect coming out of this: Mei is finally showing some signs that she might have feelings for Yuzu, too.

Well, we all knew from the beginning that the only two reasons for introducing a character like Matsuri were, on one hand, to have a new antagonist after the threat of Himeko has been pretty much eliminated. And on the other hand, to have a reason for Mei to finally open up to Yuzu a little more. In both cases, it all worked out pretty well, but while half of the Citrus fandom welcomed the new drama with open arms, the other half just hated Matsuri with a burning passion.

I guess I stand somewhere in between. Matsuri really annoyed me throughout the whole volume. There was not one time I really felt sympathy or even compassion towards her. No matter how sad her backstory and family situation, her actions still just annoyed me, and I wanted her to just leave Mei and Yuzu alone. Furthermore, the drama Matsuri was causing was way worse than anything Himeko had done up until that point. Also, her actions didn’t even lead to Yuzu doing stuff like harassing having sexy time with Mei on the train, no. Matsuri’s actions just lead to Mei forcefully kissing Matsuri, and who the hell wanted to see that happen?! Exactly, no one!

Yet, she also caused some pleasant and even wanted situations. For example, I really liked how Mei felt like it was important to “claim back Yuzu’s lips”, and oh my god, that last scene in which Mei, influenced by Matsuri’s behavior, decides to be a little more honest…. That was… freaking great! Thanks, Matsuri for giving Mei a push into the right direction!

I guess that means that the appearance of that new character wasn’t all that troublesome and useless, even though I’m pretty happy that this weird love triangle is over with now. But who knows what might happen in the next volume….

Ah, well. Enough about Matsuri now. Let’s talk about our two favorite step-sisters instead.

In this volume, Yuzu had to struggle even more than she had to in the two previous volumes combined, but somehow I feel like this kind of pain is important for a story like this. Every now and then, Yuzu gets a little reward for having to endure all of this, and somehow, these rewards, as random as they might be, feel really good for us fans.

citrus saburouta
Even this random scene felt so good that I can simply see past the fact that it happened with no real meaning behind it at all.

Lastly, Mei is still pretty much unable to show her true feelings. Well, we still don’t know whether she really has feelings for Yuzu at all, but the hints leading to this assumption are getting more and more obvious, and that last scene between Mei and Yuzu in Chapter 12 probably confirms what we were all hoping for. Pretty damn good end for a Volume, I must say. Yet again, I forgot to talk about Harumin…. This seems to be a reappearing theme in my Citrus reviews, so just as always, have a random pic of her to see how awesome she is~

citrus saburouta
Yeah, she’s that awesome!

Art: 10/10
Instead of writing the same things over and over again, let’s do it a little differently this time. I’ll let Mei explain just how awesome she this art style looks.

citrus mei saburouta

Yuri: 9/10
Unfortunately, the bimonthly Mei x Yuzu kisses or assaults or however you wanna call it are not that common any more. Ever since Matsuri showed up, instead of Yuzu x Mei kisses, we sometimes get Yuzu x Matsuri, or even worse, Mei x Matsuri…. Urgh. Still, the yuri is as strong as ever, since Mei is seemingly finally realizing that she might have feelings for her step-sister, too.

I think it will take some more time until we’ll get some more satisfying results, but I guess we can be happy with the way things are right now. So go Yuzu! Make your sister yours! (Wow that sounded so wrong, but whatever!)

Total Enjoyment: 9/10
I guess Matsuri was too annoying for me, to give this volume a perfect score. However, it seems as if we won’t see her that often anymore in the upcoming chapters, though that is probably just wishful thinking…. Anyway, I really enjoyed the drama in this volume. You might say that we all saw it coming the moment Matsuri appeared, but even though the drama really was predictable, I still enjoyed it. Now all that is left to do is to hope that Mei and Yuzu will continue right where they left off in the last chapter~

Here’s a little reminder of what happened:

citrus mei yuzu
Apparently, Mei’s heart is located right in her left boob.

As a little reminder:
Volume 3 will be available for purchase on November 18th, so don’t miss it.

Review of Volume 1
Review of Volume 2

33 thoughts on “Yuri Manga Review: Citrus by Saburouta [Volume 3]

  1. When my order of ComicYurihime November Issue finally arrives, I'll know what happens to Mei on the blackmailed date@
    I wish for an order of rabbit season 2 as well.

    Oh, but before that, can't wait for the “Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru” anime premiere on October 16th~ I look forward to it


  2. Eh?eh? I want to know now but I don't want to know yet….

    Incidentally, have you heard of Murasaki Iro no Qualia? (紫色のクオリア) Or Qualia the Purple? I recently stumbled upon it again after glossing over the cover art years ago, but I found it pretty satisfyingly complex (only finished part of chapter 11 and all of 1 tho).


  3. i love were citrus is going so far, but i really hope mei will show her feelings soon. the art is as usual amazing. also lena k how much chapters do you think citrus is gonna last, im hoping its at least 30


  4. I really hope that it's gonna last for a while longer. Though I think it might end up being dragged out for too long.
    I think I'm actually not so sure what to want 😛


  5. Mitsuri y Hater but thats the point she is there to be hated.
    And after thinking about it I realized that it is a good character who fulfills his role well.
    Sure hate it but that's the point.

    PD:When Yuzu calls Mei and she answers almost gave me a heart attack really react way too, but that's so much I want Yuzu x Mei


  6. Talking about a character who fulfills her goal, I kinda like the idea, but at the same time I think it's ridiculous to have a character this predictable.
    Well, if she is the reason for Mei's sudden attack, then I'm all fine with it 😛


  7. I hate it with passion and you can not do that with any character.
    And if it was necessary for Mei moved a little and it worked pretty well, I want to see as follows after that final in the last chapter !!!!
    The wait is killing me !!! >: c


  8. Ever read γ-Gamma- (runs in JumpSQ), or 拜见女皇陛下-
    All Hail Empress Her Majesty- (a chinese manhua)?

    If you didn't, y-Gamma- is more a superclose sisterly-love thing in a world of superheroes while 拜见女皇陛下-All Hail Empress Her Majesty- has a decent amount of yuri in it (at a basic level; not as intense as SakuraTrick where there is kissing every chapter).

    I'm actually just stating titles I recently came across and liked in dynastyreader, but whatever.


  9. Haven't heard of any of those.
    Well, since you wrote them in Chinese, I'm not sure they are all translated yet 😛
    Lately, I'm only reading really few manga, I just don't have the time to read longer titles anymore….


  10. Ah, they're both translated in english. ^the way I phrased previous comment was probably confusing sorry, only 拜见女皇陛下 aka “All Hail Empress Her Majesty” is chinese. “y-Gamma-” is a Japanese one from submagazine JumpSquare. Translated versions of these two are on dynastyreader.

    Too bad about that, they're both worth a read 'specially the “All Hail Empress Her Majesty” where you can find actual yuri there + story is interesting; try reading abit of it if you have the time~


  11. Just update of previous statements~:
    y-Gamma by the final volume 5, is indeed yuri; tho I should've picked that up from the chapter page yuri images..

    Qualia The Purple's ch17 came out today; I enjoyed the dimension-breaking yuri kiss scene the most ~


  12. Well Volume 4 is on it's way out, next week, so maybe when given the chance/time, a review on that would be really nice, you might end up giving the Yuri rating a 11/10, lol


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