Anime Summer Season 2014: Final Thoughts

Another season, another great set of anime. Here’s the ones I’ve watched~

Akame ga Kill: 8.5/10
akame ga kill

This was probably one of my favorite shows this season, and I don’t even know why. The story is nothing special. It actually just feels like a stringing together of one random fight after another. They kill monsters, they kill enemies, and sometimes they kill each other. It’s really not that interesting, but then again, there’s something about this show that just gets me addicted.

I’m quite happy this has some more episodes in store for us. Now please let us see some more of Akame!

Sword Art Online II: 8/10
sword art online 2

Despite what everyone else says about Sword Art Online, I’m a big fan of it. I especially liked the feeling of the first season, with them being in mostly really bright and colorful looking environments in the games. In the second season, however, the whole setting changes to a really dark, eerie, and even creepy atmosphere. I can’t say that I really liked this change, but it’s also not like I disliked it.

Also, changing Kirito’s character into a “girl” was probably not the best choice, but it was certainly more pleasant than seeing him as a guy. 😛

Also Sinon is HNNNNNGH~


I will say a little more about this show in my full review of it, but right now, let’s just say that I expected way more. Hanayamata started out so nicely. The comedy was good, the characters were cute and enjoyable, but somewhere along the way, the show lost its touch for me.

While I was anticipating the releases of each and every new episode during the first few weeks, I didn’t even bother watching the few last ones…. It’s weird how my motivation to watch this show almost dropped to zero midway through.

Tokyo ESP: 6/10
tokyo esp

After episode one, I had high hopes for this show. We got to see Kaguya and Yomi again, which was already a big surprise, and the whole first episode in general looked really epic and promising. But then, the second episode happened, and all my hopes for the show more or less vanished.

Instead of the action-packed human vs. espers anime that I thought I would get, I got a show about a flying penguin named Peggy…. Well, of course, I’m playing it down, and the fighting picked up again in the later episodes, but I can’t really say that my excitement returned at any point of the show.

Zankyou no Terror: 6/10
zankyou no terror

I have mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand, the whole setup of this anime looked freaking promising, and I bet I wasn’t the only one who expected something epic. But then again, even though this feeling didn’t vanish even until the very last episode, it was exactly that episode that destroyed everything for me.

I mean, we pretty much weren’t able to understand much about the two main characters for like 90% of the whole show, but that last episode that should actually reveal their secrets, revealed something that wasn’t even that important. Their whole reason behind this big mess was just… plain stupid. What a disappointing ending….

Tokyo Ghoul: 9/10
tokyo ghoul

This season, I was probably the most excited about this show. The first episode alone made me crave more, and even though it couldn’t keep up the level of awesomeness it showed us in the first episode, it still delivered most of the time.

It was cruel, exciting, thrilling, and best of all, even after this epic last episode, we can expect more, and I surely want to see more!

Sabagebu!: 5/10

Yet again, this show had an amazing start. I think I never laughed as much as I did during the first three episodes of this show. It had great characters, even better comedy, and you knew that this show was so random that basically anything could happen. For a comedy show, these are probably the best requirements, but even so, the quality of this show gradually dropped after episode 3.

It dropped so low that after episode 8, I just didn’t bother watching it anymore. What a pity….

The shows that I either dropped or just put on hold this season are only Barakamon and Sabagebu!.


32 thoughts on “Anime Summer Season 2014: Final Thoughts

  1. I need to catch up on some of these, but I'm somewhat disappointed in your Sabagebu! score. 😛

    Akame ga Kill! – Too high. I'd go with an 8.
    SAO2 – I've only seen 3 episodes so far, so I'll skip this one.
    Hanayamata – I think that's about right.
    Tokyo ESP – I forgot what episode I was on, so skip this one too.
    Zankyou no Terror – Too low. I'd go with an 8.
    Tokyo Ghoul – Too high. I'd give it a 8.
    Sabagebu! – Too low. I already gave it an 8.

    You could have traded in Barakamon for Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and probably been much happier, although I might've been the one to recommend Barakamon to you…. :/


  2. Sabagebu went through a bit of a slump around the middle but it picks up again during the last 3rd and the finale was great. You should finish watching it if you get the chance since you dropped it right before it got good again.


  3. nice final thoughts on the summer animes you listed lena k. ive seen a lot of the summer season animes but ill just give my scoring on the anime listed

    akame ga kill – to start off i give akame a 9 since its so good when it comes to adapting from the manga there is literally next to no changes at all
    SAO II – i give a 8.5 for now since they did pretty well with GGO and now im just waiting to see how they do with the calibur and mother's rosario arcs.
    tokyo ghoul – i give it a solid 8 for effort, it was good but if i never had read the manga i would have given the anime a higher score since pierrot swapped around tsukiyama and hinami's arc but i didnt really mind that but what i did mind was the pacing near the end when they left out a huge chunk of the aogiri arc oh and also the censoring was terrible but in the end i did enjoy the anime since the last ep made it up for me.
    tokyo esp – to me it kind of felt like x-men but it was nice to see kaguya and yomi so i give it a 6.5
    zankyo no terror – i enjoyed a lot, i liked the story and characters so for me a 7.5
    hanayamata – i completely agree with you on that one
    sabagebu – like zankyo i enjoyed it, it really funny and i like the characters too so like zankyo its a 7.5 for me

    i never saw barakamon but i did hear it was good. but i do recommend you watch gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun, its a really hilarious romcom that i enjoyed


  4. In my opinion Akame ga Kill rated far too high for what it is. There are plenty of anime out there that have unoriginal ideas but are highly enjoyable, Akame ga Kill was not one of them. They posed as a dark fantasy harem with a slice of comedy, a combination that is absolutely terrible is executed poorly, which was what Akame ga Kills issue was. Akame ga Kill had poorly executed punchlines throughout its entire storyline, executing lame slapstick comedy at the worst possible moments. It's fanservice (of course expected with all harems) didn't even attempt to happen at the best times (serious moments regard serious thing were suddenly plagued by harem and comedic moments, taking the “dark” out of “dark fantasy”). Even the stories harem elements weren't even attempted well, all the main characters just happened to have a sudden close bonding or interest in the main character, which is a trait of terrible harems. The story, even though the concept was very interesting, was executed pathetically with the failed effort in the harem and comedy aspect. If anything the art and music were fine and the potential in characters were there but they were all treated poorly. The whole series was, if I had to explain in one word, cheap. It's one of the anime's of today that get inflated scores and in my opinion just show a dying quality standard expected for anime. It's worth nothing more than a 4 or a 6 (if I was to push it). I respect that everyone has their own opinion of course but this series does not deserve its praise.

    On the other hand, everything else you have suggest is something I most certainly agree with. If there was one more nit pick I would say Zankyou no Terror deserves a bump up to at 7 or 8.


  5. Zankyou no Terror deserves a higher rank. I mean: the music!!! would give it a 7.5/10. Story/characters and animation: 6/10 is okay, but the music was sooo awesome, it needs to be appreciated!


  6. I agree with yours I really liked Sabagebu! Tokyo Ghoul was also very good 8-8.5 seems about right to me 🙂 but I feel SAOs2 is more of a 7 or 6.5 so far it feels like ALO from season one and lacks the spark of greatness but we will see for the next 10 episodes.


  7. Seems like I have to finish Sabagebu, huh? 😛
    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun seems to be a pretty famous show too. You're like the 5th person to recommend it to me.
    Then again, you know how it goes in my case; the chances that I'll really watch it are…. let's say 50% 😛


  8. Gekkan Shoujo nozaki-kun is seemingly haunting me. Just a few comments above some else recommend it and a few of my friends told me to watch it too.
    I guess the chances that I really start watching it are pretty high now.
    Maybe I'll just let the first episode decide.

    In case of SAO, after seeing the end of the arc (?) I would probably score it a little lower, but I think the second half of this season might be able to rise it again.


  9. It's funny how that is partly what I thought about Akame ga Kill right when I started watching it.
    After the first half of the first episode, I thought it would just be another fantasy, action anime and we certainly have enough of them already.
    I didn't like how it was executed and I didn't enjoy the main character at all (still don't do actually).
    However, as soon as things started becoming really messed up, my opinion changed completely and now I just love it.


  10. The music was indeed pretty good, but no matter how I look at it, the ending was so disappointing that I just can't give it a higher score.
    It ruined everything which is just sad.


  11. My opinion of Hanayamata is the complete opposite of yours. I was expecting less of it during the first episodes but it ended up becoming my highlight of the season.

    Sabagebu is the most hilarious anime I've seen in a while. It was pretty unique.


  12. i hope you enjoy gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun because for me its one of the funniest animes ive ever seen.

    also for SAO the second arc is great imo but it will have feels so be prepared


  13. Why I/another friend think this show is one of the best is because it's a great adaption from a great manga. I like some of the characters pretty much (whereas others just annoy me) and in my opinion the comedy isn't that poor, but well, all people have their own thoughts.
    As for the manga, when I read this, I think I read around 20 chapters in one day and was quite sad, when there weren't any chapters out yet…

    Because I don't want to spam you much with more comments, I'll just say that you didn't miss much with the last episodes of Sabagebu, if you didn't watch it till the end.
    Tokyo Ghoul started out nicely too, but the last 3 episodes where so horrible, that I would rate it a 6 or 7. I also didn't like the characters and such, censorship was a big problem for some, too. Not that it bothered me.

    Well then, I'll be off watching this season now 🙂


  14. Is the manga that good? I was thinking about reading it, but I searched for the Tokyou Ghoul manga instead.
    Such a bad decision I must say.
    It has has one of the most awkward art styles I've seen in a while, and I simply refuse to read it because I can't get over the fact that it doesn't look as good as I'm used to from other manga.

    Also, why didn't you enjoy the last episodes? I think especially the last episode was really really good.
    There are some explanations missing, but all in all, I found it really fitting.


  15. I think this all depends on what you expect from shows like this.
    I had such high hopes that it was probably inevitable that it lost its touch for me in the end.


  16. Hanayamata started getting less expectations towards the end eh? I understand, I actually am still stuck at episode 7 where I can't get motivated enough to watch the rest. I'l force myself eventually. And with Kiniro Mosaic episode 2+. And with Strawberry Panic! episode 3+. harhar.

    Just watched episode 1 & 2 of selector spread WIXOSS; 1st episode is more of a slight bore if not for Chiyori. Episode 2 was where things became whacked up again xD


  17. Aw…
    No Locodol?
    That was my best summer season anime…
    Everything is charming from 2nd episode to end (well, I do find the first episode a bit boring)…


  18. Whoops, sorry for the late reply x_x
    Hm…as far as I heard, Tokyo Ghoul manga should be far better than the anime D: but I seriously don't know and judging from the anime, I won't read it anyway…
    I can't tell you if the AgK manga is to your taste, it's rather because I'm a (dark) fantasy fan that I love it :3 but if you keep watching the anime, you just won't miss anything since it's almost the same as the manga (almost exactly the same text etc). I only read it because I was too impatient and wanted to know how it continues 😉 (but it's still on-going…)

    Well, to be precise, I almost fell asleep at the last episode of Tokyo Ghoul 😛 it was just boring, I couldn't understand some of the talk/reactions and only the last half of the last episode was a bit more interesting.
    I even found Tokyo ESP better lol, too much hype about nothing. The ending was also a major cliffhanger, it didn't solve anything and I almost forgot everything about this anime. Many new characters were introduced, but it really felt rushed. The only thing I like about this anime is the first episode, but then the quality dropped with the time.


  19. Ehehehe I knew it would be coming and here it is, can't wait~
    You know, I can't take your judgement seriously, since you'd prefer stuff like Momo Kyun Sword over anime with an actual plot. (instead of two big ones :P)

    Yeah you heard right, now take that 😛
    Just kidding, but you still enjoyed this show, can't hide that 😉


  20. Just started watching [Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru] 's first episode but it turned out a bit different from what I thought it would be -lawl waffles; not that that's a bad thing tho; I still have pretty high expectations for the series (as an anime and other factors).


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