Announcement: Translation of Sengoku no Kuroyuri is continuing

Don’t read this if you’re under 18.

Over a year ago, I announced that the translation of the Visual Novel Sengoku no Kuroyuri – Futanari Hime no Reizoku no Shoujo had started. At that time, a translation group called Thompson Christian School Translating Club had started working on this project, but just a few months after this announcement, the translation came to a complete halt.

Since I don’t think it’s necessary to talk about the reasons for that again, just click here if you want to find out what exactly happened.

Luckily, they are now continuing to work on this project and the current status is 60%.

As a little reminder of what this game is all about, here’s the description:

Genre: Eroge, Futanari, Yuri
Developer: Kotoba Asobi
Release Date: 06/30/2011

Set in the Sengoku period — a time characterized by warring factions and constant social upheaval — the story is centered around Oda Nobunaga’s sister, Saku. As the princess to Owari Province, she is arranged to be married off politically by her brother to Oumi, in order to solidify the two provinces’ ties.

But Saku despises the idea of being married to a man (preferring women in bed instead) and hates the idea of leaving her home province. During an argument over Saku’s apparent interest in taking a bride instead of being married off as one, Nobunaga flatly tells Saku that it is preposterous, as two women cannot conceive children with one another. In anger, Saku retorts that it is possible, and her brother sarcastically agrees to call the marriage off if she manages to conceive a child with a woman.

Saku then acquires a strange drug from a vendor that will apparently let her do just that, and in desperation, she takes the drug without knowing what its exact effects are. That night, she finds out she’s grown a penis and has a much stronger libido than before. The rest of the story depicts her attempts to manage her sexual desires, hide the secret of her new genitalia from others, and work in the shadows in order to thwart the impending marriage and what she perceives as her brother’s betrayal.

sengoku no kuroyuri

The new name of the translation group is AskOohoshiAwai Translating Group (Team ToraHime) and here’s a list of the members:

Translators: Saki, TakaShizu, Etopen, HisaTheLadyKiller
Tools, Patching and Assistance: ToukaOujosama, Mihoko, Haramura Nodoka
Translation Check: Saki, YukiNoTacos
Graphics and Editing: KiyosumiNoBucho, Ryuuka, EguchiSera, TeruTeruBozu, Komaki-chan

If you have any questions regarding this project, ask @AskOohoshiAwa.

As already mentioned, the current status is 60%, and they said that they might release a partial patch soon. Let’s wait and hope for the best!


26 thoughts on “Announcement: Translation of Sengoku no Kuroyuri is continuing

  1. Ah, sorry Ibara Miko.
    I have no idea why, but while deleting that one comment that you already tried to delete, it somehow got rid of your other comment too…
    Blogger does some weird things sometimes.

    And yup, you're right. That was pretty weird, but I can't complain 😛


  2. Blame Translator Saki for the delay last year XD she was too reckless in flirting girls tat the Disciplinary Committee Adviser sensed something wrong with our club, thus we were caught red-handed while translating the VN last year :3
    Originally, our club back then has the purpose of translating Greek and Latin religious related materials. But meh, too much religiousness can kill XD

    anyway, the translation might slow down a bit since we are currently forcing our hikikomori Head Translator Saki to go to the Onsen with us :3

    Sincerly Yours,


  3. Haha what a story 😀
    Personally, I would have just taken the time outside from school to do a project like this, but I guess or I hope you had reasons to not do it like this 😛


  4. hmm~ if we translate Sengoku at our home at that time, we wouldn't be able to continue our project like this (plus we'd get kicked out from the house should we caught red-handed XD ) Our parents were strict Catholics ^^”

    but since we are living altogether now, in our own apartment, it's safe~ huehehe



  5. I don't really mind futanari. Though what really get's me a little worried about this game is rather the fact that it has a story development that I don't think is very nice.


  6. Speaking of vns, I just completed FrontWing's アイドル魔法少女 ちるちる☆みちる (IdolMahouShoujo ChiruChiru Michiru First Part). It was worth my read, not to mention that it was comedic until the end of the game (of the first part of two games). I thought to myself, maybe these two magical girls Kazuki and Michiru are going to pair up some more in the second December game? or so I thought anyway.

    I just thought the game was worth a mention; Front Wing isn't a yuri developer and the game was more about friends with comedy but who knows.


  7. You spend a lot of time on yuri vns, don't you?
    I'd like to ask you something.
    Since I don't play all that many, and since my blog is lacking exactly in this department, would you want to write a post about one selected Visual Novel or just a bunch of them altogether?

    Feel free to say no, this thought just crossed my mind, because it feels like you're really passionate about this.


  8. Sure, I'd be happy to if you would let me; tho I have no idea how I would post a topic post of mine on someone else's blog.

    Yeah, I play Yuri or Yuri-ish vns quite some in my free time. I do have some vns in completion (near completetion) that have not been seen on this blog so I can use that. I'll write up a couple with those. If you would let me+help me on the posting topic thing, I'll be able to make about two or three reviews at current time (b/c I still need to complete the others in progress).

    Incidentally, I currently can properly review LILIUM x TRIANGLE, Hakuisei Renai Shoukougun (not retherapy yet), Class zenin maji de yuri!, and the yuri-sh but actually subtext Idol Mahoushoujo ChiruChiru Michiru visual novels. If there are any particular titles you would want for me to review, then please tell~


  9. Great news 🙂
    I think a Sengoku no Kuroyuri review would be really nice, since most people have no idea what this game is really about.
    It's (hopefully) going to be released in English soon, so that's a great idea.

    I wouldn't recommend you to write about selected yuri vns, because in most cases, people don't even know about them, and chances are low that most of them will get a translation any time soon.

    If you feel like it, a collective post about a bunch of vns would probably be better.
    You could just list some of them and share your opinion, so it's not a full review, but simply an impression on each of them
    How does that sound to you?


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