My Top 10 Favorite Yuri Fanfiction

Since I’m such a huge fanfiction fan, I believe something like this shouldn’t be missing. Still, I think this post will mostly be a copy and paste post, since almost all of the fanfics I’ll name are already in one of my two fanfiction recommendation lists that I made some time ago. Again, I have to note that I don’t know how many people are really interested in something like this, but I really hope that I can at least help some of you find something new to read~

10. Bad Dog
Source: Shingeki no Kyojin
Author: CanaanAlphardForever

Description: Krista nearly hits a dog with her car during a storm and takes it home, only to find that it’s not just a dog, but a person named Ymir seemingly stuck within a curse.

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Supernatural
Pairing: Ymir x Christa
Words: 52,029
Chapters: 30
Status: Complete

I just came across this one a few months ago and fell in love with it at first sight. Other than the characters, this fanfiction has nothing in common with the Shingeki no Kyojin anime and manga. So you could say it’s a rather light and fun story that is quite easy to read and very entertaining on top of that.

9. Citrus Schtuffs
Source: Citrus
Author: angel0wonder

Description: A collection of short one -shots featuring Yuzu and Mei. And pretty much everyone else!

Genre: Romance, Comedy, One-Shots
Pairing: Yuzu x Mei
Words: 15,603
Chapters: 21
Status: Ongoing

This was the first Citrus fanfiction that I ever came across, and I eternally thank @slicesofcake for showing me this one and basically all the other Citrus ones by this author. The description might not make it sound that good, but believe me when I tell you that this collection of short ones should be worth so much for each and every Citrus fan out there. I’m usually not a fan of short, and especially unconnected, chapters, but in this case, it couldn’t be any better.

8. Week
Source: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Author: Satashi

Description: After admitting her feelings, Fate is given one week to make Nanoha fall for her.

Genre: Romance, Comedy, One-Shot
Pairing: Nanoha x Fate
Words: 16,066
Chapters: 1
Status: Completed

This is a one-shot with a simple, yet interesting, plot. I don’t wanna tell you too much about this, since it only has one chapter, but I can promise you that if you are a fan of NanoFate, you’ll love this one.

7. Giving In [Adult]
Source: Mai-HiME/Mai-Otome
Author: Centauri2002
Genre: Romance, Adult, Comedy, Adult
Pairing: Shizuru x Natsuki
Words: 52,057
Chapters: 4
Status: Completed

Yup. This is the only adult fanfiction in this list, even though there are quite a number of other great adult ones out there. Still, this one is surely done by one of the greatest smut authors of all-time. Seriously, Giving In is absolutely great, especially if you’re a ShizNat fan who’s okay with some smut.

6. Kannazuki no Miko: Priestesses Unchained
Source: Kannazuki no Miko
Author: Tsuyazakura Kouyuki

Description: In the aftermath of the battle, Chikane was separated from the girl she loved and Himeko found herself waiting for a person whose face she didn’t even know. Yet, after years of torturous longing, the cogs of Fate turned once more.

Genre: Romance, Slice of Life
Pairing: Chikane x Himeko
Words: 81,355
Chapters: 4
Status: Completed

This story is probably the most romantic thing I’ve ever read. It’s cheesy, it’s overly cute, and most importantly, it’s just how I would want a second season of Kannazuki no Miko to look like. If you’re a fan of romance, I’m sure this will be to your liking, but be prepared. This really is romantic to no end, some of you might not be able to bear it.

5. Saved by the Bell
Source: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Author: Satashi

Description: A seventeen Nanoha meets Fate on the first day at a new school, forever intertwining their destinies.

Genre: Romance, High School, Comedy
Pairing: Nanoha x Fate
Words: 134,861
Chapters: 20
Status: Completed

In contrast to all the above mentioned fanfics, Saved by the Bell is much simpler. Two girls accidentally meet in school, become friendsand fall in love. But this simplicity is exactly what makes it so good. Their feelings are presented in such a nice and comprehensible way. All the little details that the author added to the story, and all the clever comedy elements make this fanfiction so very enjoyable that I have already read this story more than only once.

4. Monster
Source: Mai-HiME/Mai-Otome
Author: ShayP

Description: Natsuki Kuga is running away from an abusive home. She finds herself at Garderobe Military Academy where she meets her teacher, Shizuru, her rival, Tomoe, and her friend, Nao. She can only pray her past doesn’t come back to haunt her.

Genre: Romance, Drama, Military School Setting
Pairing: Natsuki x Shizuru
Words: 585,496
Chapters: 29
Status: Ongoing

Almost 2,000 reviews for 29 chapters? That’s almost 70 reviews per chapter! This story is humongous. I don’t even know how long it took me to read those 29 chapters, but I do know that I loved reading this to no end. The way the relationship of Natsuki and Shizuru is developing so unbearably slow with all the obstacles that lay in their path will keep you entertained for a very loooong while. Trust me.

3. Kannazuki no Miko: Lovers Eternal
Source: Kannazuki no Miko
Author: Tsuyazakura Kouyuki

Description: In the City of Mahoroba, on the birthday of two maidens, a Dark Sun appeared across the sky, bringing down its wrath upon the earth. Why are two school girls drawn into this conflict between good and evil? And are good and evil what people perceive?

Genre: Romance, Adventure, Gods, Drama
Pairing: Chikane x Himeko and many others
Words: 315,776
Chapters: 15
Status: Completed

I’m not lying when I tell you that this is a real masterpiece. The fanfiction follows the same story as what we’ve seen in the anime, but it’s is like 100 times better! While the anime left so many questions unanswered, what you’ll get here is not only great explanations, but also a freaking complex story, with a ton of different characters, other than Himeko and Chikane, of course. Each and every one of them has a great background story, making their choice of actions remarkably understandable. Furthermore, the author presented the story of the Orochi (which was by the way not even explained in the anime) in a fantastic way, showing the feelings, actions, and in general, just everything in a way, that is perfectly understandable. If you are a Kannazuki no Miko fan and love good dramas, then read it. It’s fantastic!

2. Siren of the Sea
Source: Mai-HiME/Mai-Otome
Author: ShayP

Description: What happens to Natsuki when the ship she’s traveling on is taken over by the infamous Captain Viola, siren of the sea, pirate queen, and bloodthirsty murderer? What about when the only cargo she wants to steal happens to be an unwilling Natsuki?

Genre: Romance, Drama, Pirates
Pairing: Natsuki x Shizuru
Words: 26,218
Chapters: 10
Status: Ongoing

Siren of the Sea is probably one of the best fanfictions you will find. Just look at the ridiculous amount of reviews this got, and you know that this is going to be great, and it really is. This story sucked me in with its first chapter, and I’m still bound to this masterpiece. You don’t necessarily have to be a Mai-HiME fan to enjoy this. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with this even if you haven’t watched this show.

1. Fairy Tale Variation: The Little Mermaid
Source: Kannazuki no Miko
Author: Tsuyazakura Kouyuki

Description: It’s the story of how Chikane, a powerful mermaid as well as one of the Eight Sages of Yamata no Orochi the Serpent God, and Himeko, a shy and clumsy girl living in disguise in the great palace of the royal family of Mohoroba. Their meeting is destined, but unwanted by both the merfolk as well as the landers, since their relationship might eventually cause the tensions between the nations to burst.

Genre: Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Pairing: Chikane x Himeko
Words: 124,468
Chapters: 11
Status: Completed

This fanfiction has, unfortunately, been taken down by the author some years ago and will be uploaded again as soon as he’s done fixing some mistakes.

It’s such a pity that you can’t find this specific fanfiction online anymore…. This one seriously combines all my favorite themes in the most convenient way possible. There’s a whole lot of drama, there’s even more romance, and best of all, there’s an irresistible cuteness nicely mixed into almost each and every part of this story. Chikane and Himeko have seriously never been cuter together~


74 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Yuri Fanfiction

  1. Number 1 is like some myth to me. I've heard about it several times, yet haven't been able to prove it actually exists. I don't normally like reading stuff, but maybe I can make an exception for this one, eventually.

    As someone who's actually read it, you have to tell me, L… does Souma make an appearance? 😛


  2. I mostly just read the fanfiction of K-ON, well i JUST read K-ON stuff. (Because my otp is in there muahahah)

    For pointing these out, thank you Lena. The YumiKuri one sounds interesting and i definitely won't miss to read Citrus ff


  3. Of course Souma makes an appearance 😉
    Now, since you know he's in there, do you wanna read it?
    I have it as a word file saved so I don't have to rely on any kind of online archive anymore 😛


  4. It's the same for me, I only read fanfics about my OTPs, which is why this list is full of Chikane x Himeko 😛

    In case of K-on, I think I wouldn't enjoy it that much because despite the fact that I ship Mio x Ritsu, they are not as important as other pairings to me.


  5. My excitement level just went up a few notches knowing that. 😛

    And I'd love to read it. If I end up liking it as much as you do, I might get inspired and try to write my very own fanfic. Since you seem to be finally warming up to him, it would star you and Souma, of course. 😀

    Months ago, I asked you if it were okay if a future fanfic I wrote starred you, and you gave me the okay and said it was fine. You shouldn't go back on your word. 😛


  6. It's when a fic writer uses a description instead of the characters name or a proper pronoun. It's annoying when a writer insists on referring to a character's hair color (the worst is anime fanfic which use “the bluenette”), extremely annoying when a writer tries to mix things up by constantly referring to a character by a different trait, for example “the brunette” in one sentence followed by “the young British archaeologist” in the next, and it's just offensive when a character is simply referred to by their ethnicity.

    I haven't looked at all your recs yet but so far #10 and #9 are pretty bad offenders.


  7. Oh yes, I know that happens in a lot of fanfics, really a lot.
    I guess the only time I'm really bothered by that is when it happens too often, but especially that word “bluenette” would annoy me. Brunette or blonde is ok, but bluenette…. no thanks 😛
    I wouldn't call it offensive, but I can understand why it bothers you.


  8. Hey have you read the sequel to Bad Dog yet? It's called Bad Dog II and it takes place a few months(At least I think it's a few months but either way it's not too long) after the first story. It introduces you to more cynans and how they're training for the upcoming war mentioned in the last story. *SPOILER!: There is also a wonderful “imprinting” scene between Nanaba and Petra in Chapter 10.


  9. Woa, great list! (-‿◦★)

    I've read all the ChikaHime fanfics you mentioned above, except for #1. Why isn't it available anymore? I'm dying to read it T___T
    Agree with you on KnM: Lovers Eternal. It's really such a masterpiece! They should have made this into anime adaptation instead. And glad you also like Priestesses Unchained. It's my all time fav. Cuteness overload :3
    Also, have you read “The Sound of Falling Snow” or “An Iridescent Love To Light Oblivion” by Your Elegant Goddess? The cuteness and fluffiness are also overflowing on these two fanfics :3

    I've also read a lot of ShizNat fanfics, but have not heard of written by ShayP, so I'll check them out later. The on-going tag kinda puts me off though >,<
    And for this pairing, “Checkmate” by J. Peterson is by far my most fav one ^^


  10. Thanks a lot 🙂

    I haven't read the ones you recommended to me, but since we seemingly share a similar taste, I'm gonna check them out for sure 😉

    Also, if you really want to read “The Little Mermaid”, I might be able to help you, but I don't want to post anything on here. So if you're interested write me a mail using the Contact Me function.


  11. Do you have his works archived? Can you share pretty please? I'm intrigued.

    As for Mai-Hime, ShayP's works certainly has this charm of tantalizing, sexy slow development. But if we're talking about absolute best Mai-HiME fanfiction, it would be Windows of the Soul by Lestaki, which is well known as the unofficial sequel of Mai-HiME for ShizNat fans. Other most notable authors in the fandom are ethneswinter (Inter Nos), Icemera (Whisper from the Forest), Ange Sinistre (Antipode), and Centauri2002 (for all the smut, like you've stated).


  12. I don't think it's a good idea to put up links on my blog, so just write me privately so I can give you the file.

    Windows of the Soul is still new to me, even though I know the author.
    I will definitely check that one out.
    Thanks for the recommendations 🙂


  13. I have been searching like a crazed yuri fanfic lover for Tsuyazakura Kouyuki KnM stories. I read his work way back when he first came out with his fanfic and after coming across this post I was like “YAS! This is it! Lena, you are awesome for making this list! Time to read!” But, I think he deleted all his works… Such a shame, they were wonderful masterpieces! If you have any of the stories, I'd sincerely appreciate if you'd forward them it to me! I'll compensate you with alot of good vibes and positive karma 🙂 email: Thank you in advance!


  14. No problem, I'm happy to help 🙂
    Though please keep in mind that you should use the email function for requests like this.
    It only saves me a little time, but a little already means a lot to me.


  15. I have my sister and I saved. The original one, not the second version that was made. Since you seem to have some of them collected I wanted to know if you wanted me to send it to you.


    • Would you be able to send the original my sister and I to me as well? I haven’t been able to find a lot of my favorite stories on fanfiction lately.


  16. CanaanAlphardForever has plenty great fanfictions about yumikuri. So if you're interested in this pairing she's the best choice :] And you get sooooo many ff's! Well yeah. Just wanted to say…


  17. Aww, I made a top 10 – yay! 😉

    I'm not sure whether it's a good sign or not that I'm only remembered for my smut. I'm going to take it as a good thing though!



  18. Oh yes I have, it's one of the most popular ones after all.
    Though, after reading Siren of the Sea and Monster, this fanfic… I don't know, let's just say I could have enjoyed it more if I hadn't read ShayP's stuff before 😛


    • Wow, first time seeing a person preferring ShayP fics over Inter Nos. I’m wanting to read something new, but should I bother with your lists? After all, Inter Nos is held high in every fandom I’ve across. It’s quality and impressive world-building alone is astounding, add to it the way ethne (author) flesh out the characters and their interaction. This fic also includes Chikane & Himeko btw since you have many KnM recs.

      Anyway, thanks for the list and I’ll see if some of them are good atleast. I can’t read mediocre fics much after encountering Inter Nos since 2009.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, Inter Nos is a high quality fanfic in every aspect, don’t get me wrong. Though, ShayP’s fanfics, especially Siren of the Sea, got me more excited in a way I can’t even describe.

        It’s just personal preferences I think.


  19. stumbled here. Funfic? good every now and then!
    Sow “week”: “if you are a fan you will like”. Good, i’m always in for a lovey dovey nanofate….
    Read through…sad and depressing.
    Sorry, Lena, now i hate you a bit 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • LENA!!!! You… you… I’m wasting HORUS engrossed in nanofate fanfics and it’s all your fault!!! Now i hate a lot!!! 😀 😀
      on top of that, my hands are itching to write again. And my twisted brain is barfing settings all over (well, thrut to be told, just 2, but.. you know… sayin “just two” is not cool). sigh!

      Liked by 1 person

      • mou, menie 😛
        anyway…. UGH! it’s hard. i haven’t wrote anything for the last… humm… 20yrs? yeah, something about that.
        I’ve tried to write a couple of chapters and they came out amazingly awful.


      • challenge accepted!
        ok, really, i don’t know how to ask nicely, so allow me to be a bit blunt: do you think you can spare a couple of minute (10 top) to read some of my things? Reason: i’ve never ever let anyone read anything i wrote, so i could go for a unbiased point of view. (and faint for the embarassment in the process)
        Feel free to decline, we will still be Landlady and tenant 😀

        humm, i’m clogging the comments with my personal ranting, let me make up with one of my favorites:
        A/U – NanoFate – high school setting – very light drama, some angst here and there, lot of blushing 🙂
        I really don’t know why, but it got me from the start.


      • Of course I’d be up for that 🙂
        I guess you can’t expect some super helpful feedback since I’m not as good in english as one needs to be to write and judge these things seriously, though if you only want my personal opinion, just send something~

        You can post it here or send it via mail at


      • If I remember correctly, he first only took off “The Little Mermaid” to correct some mistakes and re-upload it once it’s done.

        I guess he was unsatisfied with his stuff, but I don’t know for sure, might be something completely different as well…


    • Oh okay, that is strange.
      I just skipped through this one and it seems to be the real deal…

      Just read on his/her profile saying that it’s not their stories, so I guess that just means that those are re-uploaded by a fan.


  20. Thank you for writing this post! This is great!
    I was out of the FanFiciton world for a while. It sad to see many good stories are gone and many great authors are no longer active. I would love to get a copy of what you have from you, but I couldn’t find the “contact me” function on the right. I sent a mail directly to your email address that you mentioned in your comments. I hope i am doing this right. If not, I am sorry m(_ _)m

    Let me share some of my favorites that I didn’t see in the comments 😀
    1. Fuuka Academy for the Naturally Gifted by EvanescentAmethyst (this one has school element that is similar to Saved by the Bell)
    2. Melting the Ice Maiden by zeitgeistx (AU and OOC, but the story very enjoyable)
    3. Blood Letting by centauri2002 (After reading this, I would automatically switch out the main characters with Shizuru and Natsuki every time I watch the Underworld series XD)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sweet, new recommendations, I’ll be sure to look them up.

      Though, I think I already started the first one. Didn’t like it thaaaat much, but probably only because Shay P’s Mai Hime stories tainted me 😛

      As for your mail, I’ll send you some of the ones I have tomorrow~


      • Thank you for your reply 🙂
        Yes, Shay P’s stories are incredible! LOL, It must be hard for you to find Mai Hime stories now XDDDD

        There are some more stories that I like. It’s mostly ShizNat. I guess not hard to guess who is my favorite couple 😀
        1. Das Resultat sagt alles by Shio Nagi and translated by staff. (A well written knight and princess love story. It can be found on the under Download tab> Translated Novles.)

        2. Legend of the Vampire by Icemera (Ongoing. One of my favorites ShizNat vampire story.)

        3. When We Were Normal by Dashed (AU Mai Hime about mutants. There is a sequel , but I like this ending.)

        4. A Dame to Kill For by lonely jester (An interesting AU crime mystery. Warning! please read author’s note on ch1 before continue.)

        Hope you will like them 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • Aww, thak you, you have no idea how much I need something new to read right now.

        Well, to be honest, I usually decide for one couple and read tons of stories about them. My current “victim couple” would be Pharmercy, though, I’m always up for NanoFate or Shiznat, so I just have to check them out~

        Also, a story with vampires…. yes I think I’m in the mood for that 😛

        As for “Das Resultat sagt alles”, I tried reading it right when the thing was translated, but the writing style didn’t appeal to me – at all. No idea if it’s just the translation or how the author put it in general.


  21. I love your yuri fan fiction list! I’ve read the majority of stories listed and Tsuyazakura Kouyuki’s is one of my all time favourite authors. I’m heartbroken to learn he took down his amazing pieces. I was hoping if you wouldn’t mind sending me the works you have of his? Or the original my sister and I story to ?
    It seems like this is becoming very common in the fan fiction world and it saddens me to realize the majority of my favorite authors are MIA and their stories removed T_T . again thank you for sharing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  22. hi, I look at this post every year. This is the first time commenting. I read The Siren of the sea and this is the best story I have ever read. Although it never got updated again.

    I had no clue who Natsuki and Shizuru were before reading this.

    I wish ShayP would come and finish her masterpiece.

    Anyway, here is two of my favourites:
    1. Rose of Evil (It is MikuxLuka and Omg! you have now idea how I fell in love with this story all those years ago. Idk why but today, I felt like reading this particular story again but I re-read it today)
    Its not complete btw. I am always sad thinking the author had probably abandoned it.

    2. Fast times at Vokal Llyoid High (Another MikuXLuka and God! I’ll tell you, please read this. Its a bomb right from the start)


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