Anime Fall Season 2014: First Impressions

Unfortunately, since I don’t have as much time on my hands as I used to have, I’ve only started watching a few shows this season. Nevertheless, I’d still like to give my opinions on these shows, so let’s start right away.

fate stay night unlimited blade works
Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Since I just finished watching Fate/Zero like a week ago, I was planning to re-watch the first season anyway, which is why this anime came right on cue.

It’s seemingly not exactly the same story as the first anime, Fate/Stay Night, since it tells the story from different perspectives. But this is all the better, even.

So far, I’m really enjoying this anime, and I can honestly say that the quality of the animation and especially the fighting scenes, make this an awesome watch already.

psycho-pass 2
Psycho-Pass 2

Out of all the shows this season has to offer, what I was looking forward to the most was this new season of Psycho-Pass.

I’ve watched two episodes so far, and up until now, it’s just as awesome as the first season. Now, if there will be some nice Yayoi x Shion moments, it would be even better, but we have some more episodes to go, so maybe we’ll be lucky~

So far, this season looks really promising, but that was to be expected.

amagi brilliant park
Amagi Brilliant Park

Despite the fact that I started out with two really great shows, I have to admit that out of all the shows that I started watching this season, this is my favorite.

Kyoto Animation rarely fails to please, but after reading the description of this one, I wasn’t expecting that much. However, even after just the first episode, I completely changed my mind. So far, this show is amazing in its own ways. It’s entertaining, has nice humor, and I really love the characters, even the narcissistic male lead. That’s a huge surprise actually.

girl friend beta
Girl Friend Beta

This one more or less appeared out of thin air. I wasn’t expecting to see a yuri show this season, but the description of Girl Friend Beta tries to prove me otherwise. I mean, having the male main lead completely erased from the story only leaves a female cast for a harem show that’s tagged as romance. Sound suspicious, huh?

People online have already started assuming this to be a pure yuri show, while I just try to stay put and wait for something to prove this to me. I somehow can’t see this becoming a pure yuri show. Some undertones will undoubtedly be there, but I believe that that’s about it.

I can’t really judge it after having seen just two episodes, but so far, this show seems unbearably boring to me. Maybe the underlying problem here was that all we saw during the first episode was basically 20 minutes of endless character introductions.

Let’s hope that it will get better in the next episodes. So far, I don’t like it that much.


Hmmm. I’m not sure what to think of this one yet. Do I really want to continue watching? I really don’t know. The first episode was kind of interesting, but kind of boring too.

I’m really having mixed feelings about it, which is why I will let my impression of the second episode decide whether I’ll keep watching it.

trinity seven anime
Trinity Seven

I only started watching this anime, because some of my friends recommended it, but so far, I can’t really see why they did so.

I have to admit it’s entertaining, and the characters are at least, to some degree, interesting to watch, but it’s somehow nothing special so far.

I guess I won’t drop it so easily, but it’s definitely not one of my favorite shows.

Other than these shows, I’m still watching Akame ga Kill and Sword Art Online II from the summer season. I’ll probably say a little more about these two in my Final Thoughts post at the end of the season.

Also, there are two shows that are still on my to-watch list, them being Parasyte and another one I already forgot the name of. 😛

Anyway, as a little side note, I just want to tell you that I won’t be here for the next 5 days. I’m going on a short trip, and I think I won’t have internet in the hotel I’m staying, so please don’t expect fast replies to your comments. I will reply to everything as soon as I get back~


39 thoughts on “Anime Fall Season 2014: First Impressions

  1. Magical Girls with cellphones. An era of Gods in modern real-world look alookalike. About 12 episodes to air. Protagonist female is very friendly with her Wheelchair best friend. No male focus. BGM sound good.


  2. I'm not really liking this season that much. The summer season spoiled me with all those good shows. At least Akame ga Kill! is getting really good.

    Yay for Amagi Brilliant Park. And you might like Parasyte. It's so bad it's good. The best part? Hanakana :).


  3. It has Hanakana? Actually why am I even surprised, I should be more surprised when a show doesn't have her 😛
    I think we'll watch the first episode this evening when there's nothing better to do in the hotel. Hopefully this won't be too big of a disappointment 😛


  4. this season is great so far, im definitely loving psycho-pass 2 and i so agree we need more shion and yayoi moments, im also loving trinity seven and a lot more other animes. also i think someone already mentioned it but have you tried parasyte its really good also hanakana!!!!!!! she's in so many animes this year its so awesome that i love it.


  5. Since it wasn't in your impressions of Autumn anime, I was going to mention about “Cross Ange” anime which has a tiny bit of yuri in it after watching the first two episodes but then I realized from the opening that there are plans to add a brown-haired male main character to be a “partner” of the protag Ange in the bishoujo mecha anime so I deleted that. Piano music in ep 2 is nice, but I def. don't like that male focus. Should mention that gory blood scenes and mecha is abundant.


  6. Bishoujo Mecha anime? Hmm mecha is absolutely not my genre. I was able to bear with it in case of Kannazuki no Miko, but it seems as if this one doesn't have enough yuri for me 😛


  7. It probably doesn't, in any case, I found out by the 4th episode that the Yuri element was just a bonus (as a result of the mecha military only having females). I gave up on it.


  8. oh alright. how about inou battle wa nichijou-kei no naka de, its romcom with superpowers, the plot is that the literary club members of senko high school jurai, hatoko, tomoyo, sayumi and chifuyu all miraculously gain superpowers, jurai can use a black flame, hatoko can use all five elements (fire, water, earth, electricity and wind), tomoyo can slow down, speed up or stop time, chifuyu can manifest anything she wants including space itself and sayumi can restore anything to it's previous state, they pretty much use their powers in their everyday life and eventually have to fight others wielding powers as well. its good imo so i think you should give it a try if you have the chance


  9. Seems like we can get a little bit yuri this time.
    Say, eventhough many people loves yayoi and shion, as a couple, i can't see them like that. They're more like sex friend to me. If they're a couple, i hope they give us a story about that. Just hoping though 😛


  10. It's the one thing that all Yayoi x Shion supporters try to hide.
    The first season doesn't make their relation status very clear and Shion even talk about wanting to have sex with Shinya too, so yeah…


  11. with Shirobako I agree completely its a cool show but for some reason it doesn't draw me in but I will keep watching. Girl Friends beta when i was scrolling through my anime website I was it pop up and I got VERY exited for a second seeing the title Girl Friends hoping it would be Morinaga Milk's GirlFriends but that was a lost hope 😛 the show still interests my quite a bit though for the fact of WTF is this going to be so i'm looking forward for it.


  12. Haha if Girl Friends would ever be made into an anime, this information will be all over my blog, my twitter and my tumbler.
    I probably wouldn't even be able to talk about anything else for like 1 week straight 😛


  13. I didn't know that the new girl Mika appeared in season 1 as a student of the Oso Academy (and that Division 1 solved the case and that yayoi and she hugged afterwards!!)She was probably in love with her childhood friend Kawarazaki.”When Shimotsuki learned of Kawarazaki's death, she cried and said she had something she wanted to tell her, presumably that she loved her.” I was a bit surprised because I couldn't remember her at all and thought she is totally new character, but this sounds promising and I hope that we can get a little yuri.


  14. So Cross ange is not going to have Yuri? If not then they actively tried to remove yuri from the show? I wait until the anime are done airing before watching, so i have no idea how any of the shows are.


  15. if i never watched fate stay night but fate/zero should i watch fate/kaleid or will i not know some of the characters or back story. I know fate/kaleid it a side story but does it require knowledge from fate stay night to enjoy.


  16. Hmm, I'm not sure…
    I think you can watch Fate Kaleid even without having watched any other of the shows this is based on.
    But I'm not the right person to ask here, since I just watched like 3 episodes before dropping it again.


  17. Just ranting: I don't stray into male-protagonist-centric shows often , given my yuri habits, but I went and decided to watch SwordArtOnline II's last 5 episodes (19-24) because I saw something on twitter about an Asuna x Konno Yuuki pairing.
    I read wikipedia to make up for any backstory I missed before xp
    gotta say that I like the last 5 episode arc (“Mother's Rosario arc”) tho I put on my yuri goggles pretty tight here.
    Still, it was mostly close friendship between girls and chara development stuff.
    I ended up watching only those 5 episodes and really liking the Konno Yuuki girl. The ending was too sad, even if it ended on a supposedly happy note. Can't say much about the subtext cause that would be a spoiler.
    But these last 5 episodes made me feel that Yuri and subtext in “mainstream” shows is treated pretty abusively, if not well (other example of what I mean: Inari KonKon's yuri crush ending).


  18. I usually try to stay away from harem anime, though I started watching the first season of Sword Art Online without knowing what might happen.
    As it turns out, it's of course a harem show but that doesn't really keep me from watching it.
    It's still awesome and even if it wasn't done that well, I still liked the yuri undertones in the last arc.


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