Announcement: Introduction of New Yuri Rating System

As requested, I thought about a better and more efficient way of rating the yuri content in shows, manga and anything else I review.

Since this is the most important score on this website, I want to make it as clear and reasonable as possible, which is why I’ll introduce the following rating system to you:

yurireviews yuri rating system
click to enlarge

A few explanations:

0 – You might wonder why I’d even review shows with no yuri at all, but there are plenty of shows with no yuri content that are still picked up an unreasonable amount of times by yuri doujin artists. In this case, I just think it’s necessary to talk about them too.

1-2 – There is no yuri at all, but for some reason, you just want it to be there and you can see it happen.

3-4 – Yuri subtext is there. It doesn’t need to be strong, but it needs to be obvious to the viewers.

5-6 – The subtext is either very strong and happens a lot, or there is a canon yuri side pairing involved.

7-8 – It’s not just subtext anymore, and the relationship between the characters takes an important role or happens between the main characters.

9-10 – The yuri romance is the main theme of the story and there is no heterosexual love involved. In most cases, this means that there are no male characters involved as well.

Here are some examples:

0 — Most shows, unfortunately
1-2 — Some of the Pretty Cure seasons
3-4 — Love Lab or Engaged to the Unidentified
5-6 — Canaan or Sekirei
7-8 — Aoi Hana or Sasameki Koto
9-10 — Strawberry Panic or Sakura Trick

Please note that even though I have guidelines for my ratings now, the gaps between the different rating units are still big enough to cause disagreements. So despite the fact that I can base my ratings on this chart now, I still can’t leave out my subjective view on things.

The yuri rating in all of my future posts will be rated using this chart. I will also revisit my older posts, and if necessary, I will change the ratings in these as well.

In the end, with the old and new yuri ratings, I will then make a post about all the yuri and yuri-ish anime that I’ve ever seen and that I know about. So having a consistent yuri rating is really necessary for the upcoming list.

22 thoughts on “Announcement: Introduction of New Yuri Rating System

  1. Well done kunoichi-chan. This will indeed help your viewers better understand the yuri content in shows based on your astute observations and other attributing factors.


  2. No need to change them, I think they were fine (I actually haven't taken a look yet) 😛
    Though I don't think many people still read our previous reviews, and even less people will check on them for the rating, so don't worry.


  3. This is really specific, but it doesn't only depend on one scene like this.
    What you are describing could be either Hentai, which is usually not reviewed on here, or just side characters.
    If they are side characters, as long as we don't see them that often, I'd say it's a 6 rather.


  4. i subscribed about a few months ago and it seems im finally receiving emails when you post. This and the last post were the only ones i received emails for.


  5. @Anon
    I dislike most Hentai. If they have any yuri, even if it is much, the love is completely missing and it's just a stringing together of pointless sex, usually even really badly done sex scenes…

    @Bigbossbalrog Since it's a full yuri game, I'd probably rate this scene a little higher 😛


  6. To be honest, when I watch hentai the love and back story are irrelevant and I just watch it to ahem ahem. But I really do wish we had more Yuri but I do settle with futanari, which is more common, but not as much as I wish it was.


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