YuriReviews Survey

It might not seem that important for a little blog like this one, but I’m always thinking about how to do a better job with YuriReviews and just what things people want to read about the most.

And that is why I decided to make a little survey about this blog, with questions regarding the interests of my readers and how you view YuriReviews.

It’s 9 short questions, both multiple choice and some I’d like you to answer in a few words. If you don’t want to or can’t answer one or more questions, you can leave them out. You’re not required to answer all of them.

I already know that I might not get that many answers, if any at all, but even for this little blog and for the few regular readers I have, I want to make things right. So if you can spare like 5 minutes of your time, I’d really appreciate if you could take this little survey, so I can see how to improve my work in the future.

I guess it’s not that important to tell you that “only” 50 people can do this survey, since I’m pretty sure it won’t even be half as many really doing this, but just in case you really want to do this, keep in mind that you need to be within the first 50 participants.

With that said, click here to get redirected to the survey.


19 thoughts on “YuriReviews Survey

  1. Filled out the survey. Look forward to more!
    (You know me as Cirno9Fan. I'm switching to wordpress so, hopefully, I know when replies are made more simpler than before.)


  2. Assuming I'm one of the 50, I think one of my responses will give me away. 😀

    I would want to put a short poem here, but Yuma x Momoka kept me up late, so I don't really feel like it. 😛


  3. Yuma x Momoka?
    I think I know who you are talking about, and the fact that it took me 2 minutes to figure it out is prove enough that I didn't manage to do anything 😀


  4. XD
    I actually speak Spanish.
    And I can read English, but I'm not very good at writing, so I can comment.

    Puedo leer pero no escribir muy bien ingles 😀
    I can read but not write English very well: D


  5. Also, I forget to include in question number 9 that it's pretty awesome that you take the time to respond to almost every comment.


  6. I think I'll talk about the amount of views in another post in the future, maybe when I hit a big mark or something like this, but still thanks for worrying 🙂

    Also, comments are what really keep me going. I couldn't care less about the views, as long as I see that the few people that visit, like my content enough to comment~


  7. You're right about that too 😉
    I tried to change the plain look into something a little more unique, but since I don't want to add a picture as my background, this is all I can do 😛


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