[Guest Review]: Sengoku no Kuroyuri ~Futanari-hime to Reizoku no Shoujo~

Since the translation of the first Sengoku no Kuroyuri visual novel was finally picked up again, it is now time for the first review of this title, done by Ibara Miko.

Read on if you want to find out what this game is all about, but be aware of the fact that this review might spoil the story for you.
With that said, enjoy the review~
Genre: Yuri, Futanari, Eroge
Platform: PC (doujin work)
Length: About 8 hours
Year: 2011
Developer: Kotoba Asobi

General Info: The 1st installment of the Sengoku no Kuroyuri series is brought to us by a doujin group called Kotoba Asobi. It takes place in the Sengoku period in Japan and shows us one of the darker yuri stories.

Story: 9/10
This is the darkest yuri game I’ve ever come across, and it’s exactly this kind of yuri darkness that makes me play this game (mostly the second one) over and over again.
The story is about the yuri sadist princess, Saku, struggling to achieve her personal goals in the Sengoku period. 
Those are:

– Helping her brother prosper the Oda family
– Being recognized for her worth
– Having things go her way through her own maintained power in feudal politics
– And most of all, to have her childhood friend and love interest, Yuyu, all to herself
However, when Saku’s brother, Nobunaga, tells her that she is supposed to be married off to a feudal lord in order to maintain peace, she refuses for the simple fact that she can’t stand marrying a man; an argument to which her brother sarcastically replies “If you can make a baby with a woman, then I’ll call off the engagement.” 
This comment leads Saku to obtain a mysterious drug from a passerby merchant that makes her grow a penis, and this is where the dark part of this game starts taking form.
With her love interest and childhood friend, Yuyu, near her, she finds herself unable to hold back and rapes Yuyu multiple times throughout the whole game.
After these events, Saku starts walking down a very dark path that she may not be able to return from…
Characters: 8/10
Saku: She’s the protagonist of the Kuroyuri series and the youngest princess of the infamous Oda family. She’s the heroine, Yuyu’s, big sister and also her love interest ever since one fateful meeting between the two families. She is a sadist with a bloodstained past that started when she took the role of the Oda family’s secret interrogator. Her sadistic side is explored to greater extremes as the story progresses. Furthermore, Saku doesn’t want any “filthy” male taking interest in Yuyu, and she views this as something unforgivable that needs to be punished by death.
Yuyu: She’s the main heroine of the Kuroyuri series, and despite the fact that they are not related by blood, she sees herself as Saku’s little sister. She initially only views her big sister as kind and gentle, but this soon changes after Saku’s sudden confession and subsequent assault.
Kazura: Saku’s personal shinobi, commonly referred to as her “guard dog”. She is usually stoic and speaks only when necessary. However, she sometimes quietly reassures Yuyu of her mistresses’ feelings for her and asks her to stay by Saku’s side.
Ibara: Saku’s second shinobi guard. She is mentioned several times in the game, but is never shown and appears off-screen all the time. We only see her in the second installment, in which she even has her own theme. There she appears to be really cheerful, though we can see a darker personality similar to that of Saku, lurking within her.
The Oda Family: The renowned Oda family from the feudal era of Japan.
It is lead by Saku’s elder brother, Nobunaga, who is depicted exactly as they did in the history books. He uses his family’s prosperity, as well as his power over war, to justify his perception of Saku’s biological preference towards women.
He is the one who tells Saku about her future marriage plans to marry to a feudal lord, and he’s also the one who refuses to see just how hard Saku works behind the scenes to not only gain prosperity for their family, but to also gain recognition as an equal to her brother.
Music: 10/10  
We have a beautiful soundtrack of about 6-7 different BGMs in the first game. All tracks are able to enhance the underlying atmosphere of the game, and they create a mood that one could not create with words and pictures alone.
Art: 8.5/10
The CG artwork amplifies the impactful and touching moments of the story and also helps the ero-scenes stand out. The characters, as well as the backgrounds are also done really well.
However, I do have a slight warning for you. There are about 4 bad ends in this visual novel, and I’ve seen online that one of them shows Yuyu being raped by Saku’s brother, so be careful.

System: 8/10
Like any other visual novel, just read through the story text and select one of the choices given to you. It’s really straight-forward and simple.
Some choices do not affect the story much, while others are only there to change the CGs for the sex scenes. The systematic includes a non-voiced backlog, save and load options, a skip button, and other options like changing the volume of voices or changing the fonts.

Total Enjoyment: 8/10
This sadist Yuri protagonist was a big surprise for me, and it will probably be a surprise for a lot more people. I’ve never seen a sadistic yuri character in visual novels before, so this game showed me yet another joy of the limitless Yuri world.
Also, Saku will do whatever it takes to get things done; raping Yuyu in order to make her hers, killing infidel inferiors in the dark, and even cheating with another girl in front of a crying Yuyu, just to tease her and see that cute heartbroken face. Saku truly brought out the darker sides of Yuri for us to see. Now it’s up to you to decide if you like or hate it.
The second game was released a couple of years ago, and I completed that one too, but for now, please enjoy the 1st Kuroyuri when you get the chance!
Extra: Coincidentally, I gave only 8 instead of 10 for my overall enjoyment, since the third game will probably keep me waiting for another year or two.

28 thoughts on “[Guest Review]: Sengoku no Kuroyuri ~Futanari-hime to Reizoku no Shoujo~

  1. Eh, Hirasaka hatsune from Alatch=Nacha makes this Yuyu look like a kitten. LOL, Yuri Spider-Daemon of cardinal hunger and lust beats Yuri creepy edo-peroid sadist princess in EVIL.

    Though great review. Game seems really interesting. Never seen a dark semi-historical Yuri game before. Is there an English translation?


  2. Translation is in development right now by a new translation group I forgot the name of. I played the game in the original JPN. Sadist Sengoku Yuri Princess is fav for me if we play the comparing game~ tho I like her ninja bodyguards better…. (lol)


  3. This game's true ending leads into the 2nd entry in the series;So yes,this 1st game's ending is a happy ending for the time being. I'll rather not spoil the 2nd game's ending yet.


  4. I've seen enough hentai to understand that many characters in them are usually mean so Saku being douchey for the sake of “the greater good” (in her mind) should be interesting to see. Figures a bad end is a het one, the yuri nation's kryptonite. Anyway I look forward to the patch's completion so I can give this twisted game a go.


  5. “greater good”? I'm not sure I follow what you mean….

    Yea, the worst ending (just 1 out of the 3-4 bad endings) is het when saku's brother steals away Yuyu and presumably has done away with Saku (I never got that ending so idk details). you would probably have to do really bad to get that ending tho 'cause it didn't pop up even once during my replays.


  6. we won't be translating the bad end because the head translator is a het hater for some reasons. We can contact our friends and translate the het ending if somebody wants too 🙂 so yeah, it will be two versions for the patch if ever someone wants it



  7. “Greater good” (I assume) for Saku herself or for everyone around her. What I said was I think that based on your review Saku's selfish but still wants to see some good come to the people around her. I may be wrong and will have a broader opinion after playing the game myself when it's translated but that's what I got from your review.


  8. Second game was a cliffhanger! The futanari princess (nobunaga's sister) started to lose her power position and confidence in her role in the oda family (from multiple factors like her mother badmouthing her, her brother wanting to trade her off as a marriage tool, etc), so at the end she was frustrated/depressed and left the castle with her two kunoichi (Kazura and Ibara) while leaving her beloved Yuyu behind to disappear somewhere….then Yuyu couldn't find her so she asked her murderous+doting brother to find her….[clifhanger]

    and that's leading into Kuroyuri 3 which recently has had some concept art released (2016), and the 3rd game seems to center around the two kunoichi girls and their relation with the futanari hime (i completely forgot her name after not playing for along time). ALso the 3rd image of futanari hime and her disheveled kimono on th site link below is unsettling…. (pls no canonical, unavoidable het)

    http://kotobaasobi.dojin.com/sengoku3/ Sengoku kuro yuri 3 in development!!! 2 ended on cliffhanger….compared to past prequels, 3 looks way darker….from the concept art….. pls no het pls no het pls no het pls no het…. but it seems my fav shinobi charas will get more screentime X_X I can't wait.


  9. I know this is a very old post but I would like to ask where I could find a proper download link for this game.I have tried various websites but the game doesnt give me a proper language it gives me this kind of sentences “í‘‚̍••S‡`‚Ó‚½‚È‚è•P‚Æ—ê‘®‚̏­—`”.

    Help me please


      • Thank you for replying but I found the problem after some digging. It appears the game doesn’t support my computer’s unicode and thus I had to change it.
        For some people who might be wondering how I did it, here’s the link:) http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/237063/japanese-text-in-windows-game-wont-display-correctly

        @Lena K.I also saw your post for the translation tool but it seems that I was unable to download the program for some reason.Oh ya,do you have in mind other translation tools or if you have some of the working translation tools,can you put it in a zip folder or something if you don’t mind?

        I have also tried annot player and visual novel reader.There was a problem with annot player because the “Show Translation” does not work,Visual novel reader does not have English for some reason in the text setting.I have tried the update files and it does not work frustratingly.Sigh~


      • Hmmm, the problems seem to lie somewhere else huh?
        I think it’s been a few years since I made the post about the translation tools.

        I know there are many more out, especially since some years have already passed, though I don’t use them anymore, so I unfortunately don’t know how to help.

        Sorry about that. What usually helps me is searching for the translation tool on Youtube. They often have guides up on how to install and use them correctly.


  10. I hate to resurrect a really old post again, but has there been any more news on the status of this translation? I’m assuming it’s dead?


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