Some Updates and Announcements

Like many other times, I yet again updated some of my posts. But before I start listing them, I also have other news.

Since you can occasionally find translated doujin works on YuriReviews, I will also tell you the status of the latest project Shimai-teki Remai Ron by COCOA BREAK, future translation plans, and some changes I made on my blog.

Let’s start with my updated posts first:<

2014 Yuri Anime List – I yet again added some more shows to the list.
List of Yuri Visual Novels – Added some more titles to this one as well.
The Sengoku no Kuroyuri visual novel project has finally been updated, too. – Current status: 65%

Also, if you haven’t seen it already, I’ve made a Yuri Rating Chart that I will use to base all my future yuri ratings on. This chart will hopefully prove its value in one of my future blog posts, which will be a list of all yuri anime that I’ve watched and that I know about. It’s going to be a huge post, which is why it takes a lot of time and will not be posted any time soon.

Now, coming to our current doujin project by COCOA BREAK, I can finally update the status to “typesetting“.

cocoa break yuri doujinshi

I don’t know how long it will take from here on, but I’m sure we’ll have it done very soon.

As for future releases, I want to leave a few words. A few days ago, I received a request from one of my readers, asking me to translate a few yuri doujinshi. This is not the first time this has happened, which is why I want to say the following: Since we’re just a very small translation group, and especially since we don’t have that much free time, we can’t do that many projects, and we also can’t take requests.

It’s also important to note that we won’t be doing anything by authors other translation groups like Yuri-ism or Yuri Project are usually working on. I’m the one picking out the doujinshi we scanlate, and I usually only chose raw doujinshi that have either been around for very long without being worked on by other groups, or works by authors that are still mostly unknown to non-Japanese fans, so please keep that in mind before asking about specific works again.

Lastly, I also want to talk about the fact that I finally managed to put up an ad on my blog that I think everyone can be okay with. It took me a long time, but I think the ad I chose is just the right thing to put up on this site.

If you haven’t checked it out, feel free to do so. It will redirect you to an online shop that I think some of you might already know and like. What I’m talking about is J-List/J-Box, an online shop for anime and manga related goods, as well as Japanese toys and snacks. The reason I chose them is the fact that this shop also sells quite a few yuri products, and even has yuri as a standalone category. Something like this is pretty rare and quite awesome, so feel free to check them out.


32 thoughts on “Some Updates and Announcements

  1. It was a stretch of a joke. Meant to say Hirari made brand cookies so it used all its funding too fast. Of course the actual product has no relation to the former magazine whatsover XD


  2. Dunno if you remember this series but, Konohanatei Kitan by Amano Sakuya, a Yuri manga series that once ran in the old YuriHime Magazines that went defunct and thus on-hiatus for years, is now planned for its long-awaited continuation!
    ^(>/////<)^ Happened across the post while on twitter. Also, here's the original blog entry for the confirmation. Spread the word I suppose?


  3. I found an interesting find while escaping to Twitter from my Biology AP h/w.
    Here is the link to it:
    It's labeled itself as “Genre: Japanese Romance Yuri ADV”

    I believe this is by or related to the group that made this one:

    Looks interesting, I'm gonna keep track of it. It seems to have a predicted release date of August 2015~


  4. New topic:
    Recently (very recent), the author (supposedly) of the Sacrament yuri visual novel asked me on twitter what the demand for translated Yuri visual novels is and that it is apparently some vns are being considered for release if funded or supported enough. o_o' Since I have no statistical evidence, I just gave a rough estimate of the demand of people who want yuri vns.
    Anyways, I have here the conversation page for it, as I don't feel very confident I am one who is able to speak for the masses, Please feel free to comment on this on the twitter conversation. (if link doesn't show properly, please tell :P)

    Here's the person's twitter page btw:


  5. And here's the conversation so far, just contact/tweet directly to the author directly if anyone here decides to leave an opinion~ I'm sure it would be helpful for our friends in the far east to get more input. Regardless of whether this person is the author or not, I still think it would be nice to get some input in here.
    Selfishly speaking, it would be nice if you could help spread the word



  6. Also, the yuri games the person mentions are Nenokami and Sacrament, respectively:


    the latter, Sacrament no Juunikyuu, which I have already mentioned before xd if anyone remembers the opening movie at least (サクラメントの十二宮 乱れる仔ひつじと手懐く狼)

    The first yuri game, Nenokami, seems to be an older releaase, judging be the art and the biased fact that I haven't yet discovered it myself :p


  7. And here is an updated image of the conversation:

    When I said that JPN use was welcome because translation tool was coming out badly on other end, the recent top post was added:
    ありがとうございます。日本語で連絡させてもらいますね! fancierというのは百合を好きな人達という意味で使いました。急がないので、また後日お返事をいただけるととてもうれしいです。

    Once again, So sorry for disturbing you after your recent return from Japan xP


  8. Wow ok that's a lot of information at once 😛
    Though, if someone like this asked me about stuff like that I'd be excited too.
    It seems you're handling things really well and I'm not experienced enough to answer these questions.

    So would you mind keeping us updated on how things turn out?


  9. Sorry for the walls of text~ XP
    I'll just form my own opinion and keep the outcome posted~
    Who knows, these games might be eligible for crowd-funding if the group thinks it demanding enough outside Japan.


  10. News Update concerning Yuri VN world~
    Recently found out that Hakuisei Renai series (White Robe Love Series) by Kogado Studio's Shimarisu-san Team all-ages Yuri series has a upcoming entry in the making called White Robe Love Addiction (Hakui-sei Aijō Isonshō 『白衣性愛情依存症』) .

    More details here (must be arrogant of me to post my own tweet but whatever) :

    and main site is here~:

    The new game in the White Robe Love yuri game series seemed to have been announced on the 28th of December 2014~ main site says coming soon, so I'm looking forward to it~ even tho it's too bad the previous entry has not been translated ;P


  11. ~I have informants working in secret underground yuri centers everywhere~~ 😉

    google, jpn yuri blogs, the actual sites, and recently twitter are my main info hotspots~ I'm the kind of person to go read an entire wikia just to find out more about something I love~


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