Let’s Talk About Something Different

This post is not going to focus on anything yuri, since I won’t be talking about manga, anime, or anything like that. This time, I just want to talk about something different, so please don’t read this if you’re not interested in what I have to say about the following three shows: Faking it, Carmilla, and The Legend of Korra.

Don’t worry, this is not going to become a regular thing, but since I’m watching all three of them, and since this is more or less a blog about lesbian stuff, I think it’s okay to just talk about a different kind of yuri this time.

But enough with the justifications, let’s start with Carmilla.


This is the most recent show that I started watching, and I simply did so because of all the madness that’s been going on on Tumblr recently.

For anyone that is not familiar with this little web series, here’s my description of it:

Carmilla can pretty much be described as the lesbian, low-budget version of Twilight. The whole action takes place in the same dorm room, presented to us as something like a web diary, done by the main character, Laura, to record all the weird happenings at their university.

It starts out with Laura’s roommate going missing all of a sudden and a mysterious girl named Carmilla being introduced to her as her new roommate.

To be honest, I was not impressed with any of it. The show looks extremely low-budget, the never-changing camera angle bothered me to no end, and the plot… don’t even get me started.

I had to force myself through the first few episodes, but I kind of got used to the setting, the characters, and even the not-so-interesting plot. What really caught my attention however, was the protagonist, Laura. I swear, if they had taken any other girl for the main character, I wouldn’t have bothered watching this at all. Luckily, she’s a real cutie, and the chemistry between her and Carmilla worked out surprisingly well in my eyes.

By the end of the whole thing, I actually surprised myself by being really into it. I was even sad when it all ended.

So to not drag it out any longer, did I enjoy watching Carmilla? Yes, I actually did. I didn’t like any other character except for Laura and Carmilla, but that’s apparently all that is needed to enjoy this little web series. If you have some spare time, why not check it out? The whole thing just ended a few days ago, and you can watch it on this Youtube channel.

My score for the web series: 6.5/10

Next, let’s come to another lesbian show, Faking it.

faking it

Before I give my little review, here’s a plot summary:

The romantic comedy, Faking It, uses a liberal Texas community and a high-school-age cast to present a commentary on sexual orientation, tolerance, and acceptance among young people today. Karma and Amy are inseparable friends who rely on their bond for comfort and support. In fact, they are so close that, after numerous failed attempts to click with the popular crowd, they are outed as lesbians. It’s a big mistake that needs to be corrected — unless it has advantages! For Karma and Amy, being thought of as lovers means instant celebrity among their peers, and there is no way the ruse can end now.

It’s actually funny how this description makes this show sound so much better than it actually is. Well, it really focuses on sexual orientation, acceptance, and tolerance, but as good as this sounds, I think the execution of all of this just isn’t done that well. This still is a typical high school drama that probably focuses more on everyday problems that you might have in high school than problems gay people might have.

Yet again, I’m making it sound as if I hate the show, which is not true. It certainly is stupid in many parts, but all in all, I’m enjoying it. The main character, Amy, is probably one of the main reasons why you should watch the show. The way her feelings towards her best friend are presented to us are both funny, cute, but also tragic, and it’s really entertaining to see how she tries to cope with it.

All in all, I’d give the first season a 6/10 and the second one a 6.5/10 so far, but let’s see how things will turn out.

legend of korra

Last but not least, let’s also come to something completely different, namely The Legend of Korra.

Just like in case of Carmilla, this time, it was yet again Tumbler’s fault for getting me interested in the show. I mean, I’ve watched Avatar: The Last Airbender as well, but I wasn’t really planning to continue with The Legend of Korra. Well, until the people on Tumblr convinced me otherwise, that is.

Out of all the three shows I’ve listed in this post, this one is by far my favorite one, yet it’s also the one with the least lesbian action in it. So many times I read about people calling Korra and Asami canon, yet I don’t see any of it, and I have simply no idea why people would even say this. Though, even without it, I still really enjoy it, and it’s probably one of the shows that I’m hooked on the most right now.

And that is why in my eyes, this show deserves a solid 8/10. Maybe the score will get even higher when the final season is over.


47 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Something Different

  1. Thank you.
    I was so hyped with the AsamixKorra faction, in fact, i was going to dive deep into the Korra fandom with high hopes because of this.
    So you just have saved me the pain of going through what seems to be a good show with a big deception because there's no yuri on it.


  2. I can't really like Korra series the same way i do for Aang series. In fact i think the last airbender is better than this one.
    Currently i've watched the first season, that has a really really super-fast pace which is no good for me. But i'm continuing it as the people of the net really noisy of asami and korra (which i think is impossible to be canon)
    Maybe the 2nd season will become better than the 1st one. I hope so.


  3. Hm… I planned to watch Korra week after next since next week's midterm exam week for me but I was unaware it even had the slightest lesbian subtext/implication/same thing in it. I'm much more curious now.
    This may sound weird, but I find it amazing that other yuri-fans are strong enough to endure live-shows with angst in them. I myself have an sensitive heart, so I am not brave enough to watch highly potential angst-drama shows (like “Faking It”'s season1 ending). Am envious abit of that strength :p

    EDIT: accidentally put carmilla instead of “faking it.” havent watched carmilla.


  4. For those who want to know about why people ship Korrasami, I think they should begin by reading these nice analysis:

    The general themes are:
    1.) Korra and Asami has a lot better chemistry with each other than with any other potential male character like Mako or Bolin
    2.) The show has certain way to show the nature of an action and it will differ from similar action but different in nature, so for example if an action is romantic in nature then the show will show it differently than if it was done in non-romantic note, and through analyzing and paralleling the actions that has happened in the show, many Korra and Asami interaction turns out to be shown in the way that usually reserved for something romantic

    Now, if the viewers are like me who've seen a lot of subtext animes which end in ambiguity, then they would expect ambiguity end to the series (while accepting that Korra and Asami is in love within each other probably sometimes before episode titled “The Stakeout” because that the episode where it literary show 'korra and asami ship sailing') but for many viewers, it appears that this is something new for them and they begin to expect the show to show it in all of episode and end the show in clear end (which I doubt but I too hope that it will comes true) which is the reason it goes uproar in internet…

    Though the main reason why many people (including myself) attach to this pairing is because Avatar isn't a show known for their subtle romance, which lead people to think romance in show as an obligatory or forced or even a nuance, yet when it comes to Korra and Asami relationship, the show goes it in a very gentle and natural way to show their development (from some kind of rival, to friend because they have common goal, to truly friend who help when each other in need, to become more than (best)friend)…

    It is something that people don't need to analyze the series to realize but if you do you will find how much the creator has put in the series (for me the one that blow me out would be the frog scene when I realize that the reason Korra question the validity of the two frog marriage isn't because they are spirit – thus different from human – or because they are blue and red – thus incompatible – but because they have the same body) that make this pairing to be the one that even the creator has said as “a way, a good way”…

    For those who are just now going to watch Korra, than I would like say prepare yourself for two books of mediocrity (or possibly even lower for book two) but don't worry for you'll then enjoy the greatness that is book three for both the story and korrasami, then please enjoy book four where it appears the budget is reserved for the finale due to budget cut (screw you Nick!)…


  5. Faking it is not that bad, it's still mostly comedy with just hints of real “dramatic drama”.
    I find it way harder to endure anything involving death and stuff like that when it comes to my yuri.


  6. I see where this is coming from, yet even with the very detailed explanation, I still don't feel that way about it.
    I usually have my yuri goggles on very tightly, especially when I know that there might be some yuri action coming along, but in this case, I just can't feel it.

    It's not about being obvious or subtle for me, it's about really seeing that this could work out and that there is that special chemistry between them.
    Neither Bolin nor Mako are the right partners for Korra or Asami, but in my eyes that doesn't mean that their chemistry is any better.

    That's only my opinion though.


  7. I guess, on tvtropes term, your milage may vary then…
    The thing is, the development of their relationship can be said to be overshadowed by anything else that run along with (even when I say book 3 has a lot of development, it mostly overshadow by the plot) so I think I get where you come from (not that I never have that feeling too now that I think about it)…
    Korra and Asami interactions are indeed lacking, especially when compared to other medium that has subtext, but I think it similar to Adventure Time where out of hundred of its episode, Bubbline has only has few episode where their relationship is hinted (the strong one only two) so I guess I adjust myself (which mean is my google)…
    Also not helped by one thing that is pretty clear 'the lack of Asami syndrome', due to either they either don't know how to do with Asami in grand action or they don't have budget to have a lot of line with Asami VA…
    I mean most of the reason why I can's feel it mostly because in book 2 she doesn't do much of anything, in book 3 she does a lot of thing but not in finale, in book 4 she even has less, all of which result in Asami and Korra doesn't have interaction we usually accustomed with in any other medium…

    But maybe this 'explanation' is just me over-analyzing (especially when the bloom of the shipper is due to the blushing from season 4 more than anything else) after all, it is a YMMV…

    Though one thing I need to say is 'their chemistry is better' doesn't come from 'their personal chemistry with the boys is bad' but similar to why 'Bolin-Opal chemistry is good'…


  8. I'm sorry if people were telling you Korrasami was canon. It truthfully isn't (yet). LoK only has some subtext in it. The subtext is comparable to Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, except NanoFate is canon in side stories and author-confirmed. LoK still has 2 more episodes and possible comic spin offs as of this post, so there may be some hope for Korrasami. However, Korrasami is still subtext. On your rating system, I'd give it anywhere from 2 to MAYBE 3.


  9. As for Carmilla, I feel like it's not a storyline we see a lot, where the main characters have to physically fight to be together. We don't see much action/adventure in lesbian-themed shows (well Carmilla didn't have much action or adventure but those concepts are left to the watchers' imagination), and when there is an action/adventure show, I feel like the lesbian relationships aren't part of the main storyline or the lesbian relationship gets an action storyline for like 3 episodes out of 50. For example, Shitsurakuen and Akuma no Riddle had that action/adventure plot based around a lesbian couple; the motif for the plot was because of the main character's significant other. That's why I think Carmilla is unique. Although I really wished they could've had a bigger budget to film in multiple settings and with multiple camera angles (however, the script was initially written with that webcam POV in mind–creator said so at a panel in the Canadian International Television Festival), I think they did a good job with what they had.

    Faking It was a real disappointment. It's your typical teen drama where everything does go wrong, everyone's overly melodramatic, and you have actors/actresses playing roles 10+ years younger than their age.


  10. I agree on everything you said about Carmilla and Faking it.
    Though, even if both shows have their flaws, it's still bearable.
    Well, a little harder when it comes to the melodrama in Faking it, but hey, something like that is nice every once in a while too.
    Having too much would be a pain though.


  11. Does it stick out in a good or a bad way, I can't really make that out 😛
    It's good you mention it though, I want it to be a mix between the layout I enjoy the most, but I also want my readers to have a word in it as well.


  12. See, the problem with us thirsty fans is that we sometimes…maybe too often…mash our yuri goggles on too hard. I mean there's very little anime/cartoon lesbianism floating around and the mass of it is subtext, which you have to super glue le yuri goggles on and sometimes force yourself to like it to make it work. Yes, very complicating…


  13. can confirm, just finished the series. kinda a spoiler but i thought they were going to kiss and then bam it ends. Yuri endings are ok by my book.


  14. Great job promoting Carmilla. Certainly did a better job than I did.

    Faking it…I'll wait till its over.

    Korra. Show's over so now is as good of a time as any to binge. Hopefully will finish the whole thing by next weekend. I must investigate the phenomenon that is KorraSami. Also since Korra is the closest thing to an American made anime…yeah.


  15. It's canon. The ending is the same scene from avatar were aang and the water bender kiss. Except this time it's korra and Assama. They gaze longingly into each others eyes, holding hands, and extremley close, ending right before they kiss.


  16. Watched it too and wow I'm impressed.
    I wasn't really prepared for what was coming and it really delivered some lesbian vibes.

    I would have never expected that, though why didn't they just kiss?! 😛


  17. The creators pushed it as far as they were allowed to. I think everyone understands their intent though, all the reviews are talking about Korrasami and lots of people involved with the making of the show have been linking all the positive Korrasami mentions on their social media.


  18. Now that's new to me. So it was really intended to be as “yuri” as it turned out to be?
    That's actually quite surprising to me, but great news, thanks for telling me~


  19. Yeah, i finished all the season of korra. I think the best season (and fighting scene) is the third season. The beginning episodes of the 4th season turns out pretty nice too. Like you said the series got better in new season.
    I don't like the fighting in the last episodes of the last season though, maybe because all that mecha things.
    And what i think impossible turn out to be possible, that make me shock. Korrasami is canon


  20. Wow. Just finished all the Korra episodes; And read the official blog posts too. And now I need to go rewatch S3-S4 again~

    Surprised & happy that that Korra x Asami turned out to be real at the very end.
    I got into the show more than I thought I would. For a western animated/originated show, it earned a more special place in my heart above any western show I've watched so far (that sounded embarrassingly corny)~

    Kampai to the people who made this amazing legend, and kampai to Korrasami~! xD


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