Anticipating Comiket 87

For me, the best time of the year is definitely around Christmas. Not only do we usually get some days off from work, there’s also Christmas (or whatever you’re celebrating, if you’re celebrating anything at all) and even New Year’s.

Though, what I think makes this time an infinite amount of times better than it already is, is the fact that Comiket takes place between Christmas and New Year’s. This time, as many of you already know, I’m going to celebrate all of these holidays in Japan, which is why I’ll get the chance to visit Comiket and get loads of stuff without having to buy it online, wait for it for a month to arrive, and pay three times the price it actually costs.

So for given reasons, I will now talk about the things I’m looking forward to the most in the upcoming Comiket event.

Before I begin, if some of you don’t know what the Comic Market is, let me explain it in a few words. In short, it’s a convention or a doujin fair in Tokyo that takes place twice a year. The main appeal of this event is that really talented fans of anime, manga, visual novels, or other games gather to sell their fanmade products, which can be doujinshi, music CDs, games, and much more.

In my case, I’m both after music CDs, as well as yuri doujinshi. Even though I’m probably more hyped about the music, I don’t think it’s a good idea to talk about music on a yuri blog, which is why I will only list the doujinshi I’m going to get and the artists I’m (hopefully) going to see.

If you have any questions regarding anything besides doujinshi and manga, feel free to ask me about these things as well. Depending on my internet connection, I’ll hopefully be able to see and reply to your comments.

First of all, let’s start with my favorite artist, Vivit Gray. I don’t know whether he/she is going to release a new MokoKeine doujin this year, though that’s of course what I’m hoping for. It doesn’t look good for me so far, but there are still a few days left! If there really won’t be a new MokoKeine work, I guess I just have to deal with his/her other doujinshi.

Moving on, we might get something quite “different” from one of my favorite adult artists. Isya (434 Not Found) announced that she’s working on an English release, or rather a previous work that she now releases in English. I don’t know whether she’ll be able to finish it in time, but this would surely be a great thing to finally see an artist kind of making her works available for people from overseas. Other than that, she is yet again releasing a new Cure Assort doujin collection, which I’ll be sure to get.

Moving on to Love Live!, there’s a lot of artists focusing on different pairings of that fandom. In this case, I’m trying to get works by Waterfall, Ooshima Tomo, and Mura Mura Pocky. In the case of Ooshima Tomo, we might not get a Love Live! doujin, but we’ll hopefully get another KanColle one, which I think I might even enjoy more. Other than her work, I’m also trying to get my hands on 猫村’s Kaga x Akagi story that looks seriously awesome. Click here if you want to see it. It’s 18+ though, so watch out.

The only other anime-related doujinshi I’m trying to get are the double releases by Tama II and CITRON. This is, yet again, really exciting news, since I see them as the two most talented Madoka Magica doujin artists out there. Seeing them work together makes me fangirl quite a bit~

Though, I have to admit, what I’m really hoping for even more are releases by both Minase Ruruu—which I unfortunately don’t think will happen—as well as Hiiragi Yutaka, who just posted the preview for their new work~

Last but not least, I think artists like Amano Shuninta, Takemiya Jin, and Nanazaki Iku have their own booths as well. I don’t know what they’ll be releasing, but I try to check out their stuff also.

If you have any suggestions what other yuri works you think I should get, feel free to tell me. I’m open for anything, as long as it’s yuri and has decent art.


14 thoughts on “Anticipating Comiket 87

  1. I've found section for Minase Ruruu stuff in a book store. They only had her hetero works and I haven't heard anything else, so I guess we won't get anything this Comiket 😦

    Also, is this the new SonoHana?
    I'm behind again it seems…
    And am I the only one thinking the characters seem to get younger and younger with each new work…


  2. I have to correct myself.
    I found out that she's at least participating in the event on the last day.
    Since she's going to have her booth right next to Mytyl, there's at least a slim chance that she's gonna release something yuri.


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