Some Yuri News and Updates: January 2015

The new year just started, but there is already so much to talk about. It’s kind of exhausting, but really exciting too!

First of all, let’s talk about some news.

So whoever thought that last years visual novel FLOWERS was one of the best-looking visual novels they’ve ever seen (such as myself), is going to be delighted to hear that we’ll get a second volume in April already! Exciting, isn’t it?

What’s even more exciting is the fact that we’ll see 4 volumes of this game, one for each season. Even though I can’t understand much Japanese, I already can’t wait for the gorgeous CGs~


In other news, Yuri Kuma Arashi started airing just a few days ago, click here for my First Impression of it.

Also, YuriReviews has finally gained a new member. Click here to see who it is, and don’t forget to welcome him properly~

Furthermore, I’ve finally completed my list of Yuri Anime 2014. A new one for 2015 is already in the making and will be posted in a while.

Other than that, you can expect posts about the following topics in the near future:
My final post about my trip to Japan
– A new recommendation post – “Don’t Know What to Read Next?” Part 5
– A post about Citrus (because I just can’t shut up when it comes to this :P)
As requested: My explanation on why games like Touhou and Kantai Collection are so famous
– Possibly a review about the one anime that EVERYONE tried to make me watch: Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru
– My list of all Yuri Anime is in the making as well, though the progress is really slow

Finally, since we’re coming close to 1 million pageviews for this blog, I’d like to celebrate in some way, but I don’t know what to do yet. I’m thinking about a doujin release when the time comes, but let’s see about that.


30 thoughts on “Some Yuri News and Updates: January 2015

  1. Where's the click counter for website clicks? I cannot find it ._.

    will be mentally noting that “possible review” of a certain show that everyone tried to “force” you to watch~


  2. Spread was less yuri and more bonds. I can see why lena wouldn't have the motivation to continue to next season (cause she only watched the first!)
    o-o and I get the feeling selector was already put on another list here….can't remember where…


  3. Yeaaaaaaaah………..Let's just forget Akki Lucky
    And, there are lots of things on that list with only subtext (though I'd argue it went beyond subtext). But the yuri rating doesn't require any actual yuri until 7. Though there WAS actual yuri in it. And the subtext went through the roof, and pairings were popping up everywhere. It deserves a spot on the list just as much as any of the others in the list. Anyway, there was already a conversation on Twitter about adding it in, I'm just teasing Lena a bit xD


  4. Patience my friends 😛
    I didn't watch the second season, though I asked on Twitter what the rating might be and got an helpful answer, so this show will be added as well.
    Though, as you all know, I'm lazy 😀


  5. That's because I don't have one 😛
    If I add one now, it will only count the clicks from the day I add it, so it wouldn't show how many I got in general.
    Or that's what I think 😛

    (I'm at ep 8 of that certain anime 😉


  6. Jetzt nicht zum Thema, aber habe gerade deinen Tweet zu “buckeln” gelesen [und habe selbst kein Twitter]. Ich wüsste gerne den Zusammenhang? haha. Weil ich verstehe unter “buckeln” etwas zu tragen (auf dem Rücken) oder einfach so nen Buckel zu machen. Also so.. nen Buckel wie Quasimodo oder so. Aber dieser Imperativ hört sich an als würde da jemand sagen “Kein Grund zu mucken/zicken” :'D


  7. Es ging ja eigentlich nur um die deutsche Übersetzung von “Kase-san” und da kam dann das Wort vor und ich hatte es vorher weder benutzt, noch jemals davon gehört 😀
    Es war aber wirklich so gemeint wie “Kein Grund deswegen schlechte Laune zu haben”.
    Wie man solche Worte aber in Manga verwenden kann verstehe ich einfach nicht…. 😛


  8. omg im so happy that flowers is getting a sequel and theres even more on the way thats just so amazing but its going to be a long time before we ever see a translation for them. also i cant wait for your upcoming posts especially the citrus one and the all yuri animes one


  9. Congrats on almost reaching 1 mil. You deserve it little lady.
    Good luck with your planned posts and stuff.
    Yeah more FLOWERS is nice.


  10. Yes yes, I will cover all of this.
    The Yuuku Yuna review is almost done.
    After watching some more shows I will also do my usual “first impression” post, but it takes some more time, since I only started watching a few selected shows so far.


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