My Top 10 Favorite Yuri Pairings [Updated]

Just like I did with my Top 10 Favorite Yuri Manga list, I’d like to update this one as well.

I have quite some additions to make, as well as changes to apply to this list. Also, since it’s already been a year since I posted most of my Top 10 lists, some others need to be updated as well, so please stay tuned for my updates on those, too.

But for now, let’s come to my actual entry and start with my new Top 10 Favorite Yuri Pairings. I decided to add some doujin recommendations as well this time. So for each pairing I’ll name, you’ll find my favorite doujin about them as well. Enjoy~

shoukaku zuikaku kancolle yuri

10. Shoukaku x Zuikaku (Kantai Collection)

Well, I guess my hype for Kantai Collection knows no bounds, so this is not going to be the only KanColle pairing you’ll find in this list. Furthermore, it was really hard for me to decide which pairing I should go with. Should it be Ooi x Kitakami, or how about Kumano x Suzuya? In the end, I decided for Shoukaku x Zuikaku simply because I think that they are unbearably cute together~

Also, did you know that these two, as well as many other KanColle pairings are sisters, or sister ships in this case? I actually didn’t know when reading my first KanColle doujinshi and even up to this point, I can’t really say that it bothers me in any way. But how about you take a look for yourself? Despite knowing that they are sisters, I bet you still won’t be able to resist them~

If you like this pairing, check out the following artists: Ooshima Tomo and atataka_bot

My recommendation: Yuriduru by Ooshima Tomo

meiling sakuya touhou yuri

9. Meiling x Sakuya (Touhou)

Here’s my first Touhou pairing. And don’t you worry, there will be even more. Actually this isn’t that surprising considering the fact that almost all important characters in these games are female…. Ah well. In most doujinshi, Meiling and Sakuya share a very special kind of relationship with each other. Sakuya is usually a tsundere that just can’t show her feelings properly and always ends up scolding her crush for the smallest things. Meiling, on the other hand, is happily going along with it, always hoping for some special moments to come by. And when they do, it’s SO satisfying.

If you like this pairing, check out these artists: Pigeon Blood, Ichinose, and Usacan.

My recommendation: Between Calmness and Passion by Pigeon Blood

eris shizuku sono hanabira yuri visual novel

8. Shizuku x Eris (Sono Hanabira)

Shizuku and Eris are not just my favorite SonoHana couple, they’re actually my favorite couple of all visual novels I’ve ever played. Both of them are two of the most gorgeous yuri characters ever, they’re a great comedy duo and they are simply ultra cute together.

Furthermore, Shizuku is probably one of the most adorable yet sexy tsundere characters ever and she surprisingly doesn’t even come with a loli body like most tsundere characters do. Eris on the other hand, is very open with her feelings, maybe even a little too open. But it’s exactly this combination that leads to so many enjoyable and funny moments~

Oh, and I should probably mention that Eris is also a slightly dense and very perverted girl, which are of course some very promising character traits as well.

eri nozomi nozoeli love live yuri

7. Eri x Nozomi (Love Live!)

Without a doubt, among all the possible yuri pairings in Love Live, Eri x Nozomi is definitely the most satisfying one. Some refer to them as the two Love Live! goddesses, and I couldn’t agree more!

These two just have a really pleasant aura surrounding them, which just make them, and especially pairing them with each other, something that I just can’t resist doing. Now, all I’m hoping for is some more doujinshi about them by even more famous artists.

Someday, they will hopefully even pass the hype that NicoMaki is receiving right now. I think we’re already on the right path! Let’s all hope for the best!

Some artists: WaterfallKasumi, and Sinohara Sinome.

My recommendation: In Spring, In Summer, In Autumn, In Winter. Always With You! by Waterfall

shiznat shizuru natsuki mai hime yuri

6. Shizuru x Natsuki (Mai-HiME/Mai-Otome)

When it comes to Natsuki and Shizuru, my love for them partly originates in the anime and partly in all the great fanfiction. This is probably the yuri couple with the biggest amount of fanfiction available. On alone, there are about 4,000 stories about them (number growing). and I can definitely understand why people would want to write about Shiznat. I mean a badass tsundere and a sexy stalker? How promising does that sound?

Ah well. Anyway, there is a reason why these two have such a huge fanbase, so if you don’t know them already, why not check them out now?

Here are some nice artists: Nanazaki Iku, Waterfall

My recommendation: After School Dulce by Nanzaki Iku

chikane himeko kannazuki no miko yuri

5. Chikane x Himeko (Kannazuki no Miko)

Speaking of famous yuri anime couples, Chikane and Himeko are probably one of the most famous, if not the most famous yuri couple in anime ever, which is absolutely no surprise. Just look how gorgeous they are and how well they fit each other. It’s almost a crime that there is no second season of Kannazuki no Miko, and unfortunately, there aren’t even many doujinshi about them.

But still, we have at least something similar to a second season, and even though I didn’t really like Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora, it was definitely worth watching, if only for some more Himeko x Chikane Himiko x Kaon goodness.

nanoha fate nanofate yuri

4. Nanoha x Fate (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)

Somehow, NanoFate is really everywhere. We got a lot of nice yuri subtext in each of the 3 anime seasons, some yuri subtext in the original manga, a huge amount of fun/cute/sexy NanoFate doujinshi, and a whole lot of really well written fanfiction.

However, the number of new fan works has decreased, which I find really unfortunate. Let’s all hope that this will change once the new movie/season will be out~

If you like this pairing too, check out these artists: Tokoharu, Asterisk, Hachikai

My recommendation: Harmony by Tokoharu

mahou shoujo madoka magica yuri madohomu

3. Madoka x Homura (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica)

Are you surprised that I didn’t choose Kyouko x Sayaka? I was considering putting them in the list as well, so let’s just say they’d be in my Top 20, but I think the relationship between Madoka and Homura is somehow more dramatic, more intense, and also a little more enjoyable for me to watch.

It’s also a huge plus that in doujinshi, Homura can be presented as either her cute and clumsy self, as well as her badass and sexy self. Either way, I love it, and Homura is definitely one of my favorite yuri characters of all-time.

If you like this pairing, check out these artists: 山田あ (Citron), Fukuya, Ayukko

My recommendation: I Love You So Much by Fukuya

akaga kancolle kantai collection yuri

2. Akagi x Kaga (Kantai Collection)

I can already feel people glaring at me for putting them in second place. I know, this pairing hasn’t been around for too long, but can you really blame me for being so obsessed with them? I don’t think so!

It’s all thanks to them that we not only got some of the most satisfying KanColle doujinshi ever, we can also drool over them every Wednesday thanks to the KanColle anime that is currently airing.

Seeing Kaga loose her cool around Akagi and Akagi simply being the adorable glutton that she is, I’m asking you, who on earth would not fall head over heels in love with them?!

Though, the most influencing factor for me to start loving this pairing so much was definitely not the anime, but one of the few Akagi x Kaga artists, Nekomura.

So if you’re interested in this pairing, check out the following artists: Nekomura and Kisetsu

My recommendation: I Love The One Who Eats A Lot by Nekomura

mokou keine mokokeine touhou yuri

1. Mokou x Keine (Touhou)

I think in this case, it’s Vivit Gray’s fault that these two characters are even mentioned in this list. You see, if it wasn’t for this artist, I wouldn’t even know about the greatness of MokouxKeine, and that would be such a shame. But why are these two my number one?

I remember reading my first doujin about them some years ago and after finishing it, I immediately started searching the internet for more. There is something special about Mokou x Keine that I just can’t get enough of. They match each other so perfectly, they’re just too cute together, and their beautiful yet so tragic love story has now managed to earn this couple the first place in my list 2 years in a row!

And if you like this pairing too, check out these artists: Vivit Gray, Rireba, 鼓膜住職

My recommendation: Gentle Pulse by Vivit Gray

Did you notice how most, if not all, of my recommendations are NSFW? It shocked me too!

I just proved to myself that I’m actually a pervert…. What a surprise….

Well, actually, I believe that a romantic doujin can always profit from a sex scene, but it, of course, needs to be done really, really well. Maybe some of you can agree with me. Actually, I sure hope so, because I’m really feeling like a pervert right now. 😛

Also, here’s my old list of favorite yuri pairings.


63 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Yuri Pairings [Updated]

  1. You had the perfect opportunity to go with Hibiki x Kongou for #10, but you didn't do it. I'm heartbroken. 😦

    Just because they're not together doesn't mean they wouldn't make a great couple. Off the top of my head, I can think of a few potential pairings that would be amazing, yet they're not involved together for whatever reason. :'(

    Also, this is the quickest first comment in YR history. The previous fastest was 4 minutes (and was held by you). 🙂


  2. No Hibiki x Kongou for this list, make your own and add them as number one 😛

    Also, congratulations on your ultra fast comment, you deserve to be the quickest 😛


  3. Mine is:
    〇 … (I'll talk about it late)
    ⑥ Ayano x Chitose (Yuru Yuri)
    ⑤ Dominica x Jane (Striker Witches)
    ④ MiTsu (K-On!)
    ③ Maki x Nico (Manga version)
    ② Sayaka x Kyouko (Madoka)
    ① Sanya x Eila (Striker Witches)


  4. Ever seen Yuru Yuri? Plenty of awesome pairing options there
    I second a few of yours and add CanaanxAlphard (CANAAN), KyokoxMoko (Skip Beat), YoruSoi (Bleach), and RevyxEda (Black Lagoon—obviously I have a thing for girls with guns)
    I actually feel like I have more favorite cartoon yuri pairings than anime. Hmmm…


  5. I've watched Yuru Yuri, but for some reason I just can't get myself to enjoy the pairings that much.
    They just seem to be such young characters, which might be the reason why I find it hard to really ship them…

    Canaan x Alphard was pretty sexy yet crazy, though I prefer my yuri to be sweet, so I take Canaan x Maria 😛


  6. Ah…NanoFate. Where have you gone NanoFate? That pairing was one of my long running follows but…recently I've been losing interest in them over more recent pairings (YuMimo, Haru x Tokaku,etc~etc)
    The 3rd movie better be satisfying.
    Here's what I mustered up for top 7 of my own:
    1. Yuna x Togo (YukiYuna)
    2. Hina x Rin (Kimihane)
    3. Yuragi x Mako (selector Infected Wixoss Re_Verse)
    4. Merry x Renko (Touhou; I seem to like this pairing alot…)
    5. Leopard x Alouette (Yoru no Yatterman)
    6. Rin x Uzuki (Idolmaster Cinderella Girls)
    7. Kaori x Mayuki (

    And I knew you would put Mokou x Keine for sure 😛


  7. I ship both really, but I read enough good CanaanxAlphard fanfiction back in the day to push me more towards that pairing. They're both so similar and the train scene at the end really hit me. The look on Alphard's face… you know she's struggling, trying so hard to cut herself off from her past (literally too, considering that she cuts off the arm with Siam's tattoo)


  8. nice update to the list lena k. i agree akagi x kaga are just so cute also new ep coming tomorrow so hopefully we have more moments with them. for me my top 10 yuri pairings would be:
    10. makinico (love live)
    9. yuna x togo (yuki yuna)
    8. chikane x himeko (kannazuki no miko)
    7. marisa x alice (touhou)
    6. ange x hilda/angehil (cross ange)
    5. mari x akko (girl friends)
    4. akagi x kaga (kantai collection/kancolle)
    3. nanofate (nanoha series)
    2. saki x maria (shinsekai yori)
    1. mitsu (k-on)


  9. Thanks for your list, you got some interesting pairings for sure. There are some I don't even know (yet) 😉
    Also, in case of NanoFate I think the main problem is that there are not that many new doujinshi being released right now.
    I really hope that this will change soon…


  10. Finally someone with Akagi x Kaga in the list, I'm proud to see that 😉
    You got a lot of of the more recent pairings like Yuuna x Togo and Ange x Hilda in your list.
    In case of that last pairing, I was always wondering if I should actually continue watching the show or not…
    I think you'd say I should continue since you seem to enjoy them 😛


  11. I have High hopes to come with Vivid's anime in April-
    plus I forgot to add last three~
    8. Fubuki x Yamato (as of today's KanColle ep8 xd )
    9. Kaga x Zuikaku
    10. Yoshika x Shizuka (StrikeWitches Movie)


  12. I do not know what to think of this list.
    It makes me think that I have much to go on the road Yuri, I need to see more anime and less Yuri Manga.
    And the fact that I am so Fan of Citrus, disappointed me a little.
    But good list … I think (?)


  13. Red Witches (aka Striker Witches spin-off) will open a new era of Yuri for Strike Witches! I feel sooo proud of them ♥
    You have to -watch- read or you will regret till the rest of your life, Lena K.


  14. “I just prooved myself that I'm actually a pervert… what a surprise…”
    I know it since I read this blog lol
    Oke then, here is my top 5 pairing
    1. Alice x Marisa (Touhou)
    2. Mika x Rika (The Idolmaster)
    3. Fusou x Yamashiro (Kantai Collection)
    4. Yuno x Miyako (Hidamari Sketch)
    5. Naru x Yaya (Hanayamata) | i hope someone make this doujins
    Sorry for bad english


  15. You just earned A LOT of my respect for putting Fusou and Yamashiro in your list, that's just a very awesome pairing~
    Of course an incest lover like you would pick them 😛


  16. I like the chapter, it is a bit complicated, but we must have confidence.
    I understand why many do not like, but also many do not like the simple fact that Mei and Yuzu did not have sex. ¬_¬
    The story gets very strong.


  17. I just read the chapter and I gotta say, I know where all the hate is coming from.
    I'm actually hoping that Mei didn't really get together with Sara like that. I hope she just said it to make Yuzu angry or something like that…


  18. I see you are more comprehensive than most people.
    I'm pretty sure this is something that Mei need to be closer to Yuzu.
    I do not think last long, so Mei and Sara.
    This is necessary for something to happen and grow Mei x Yuzu, I'm sure.


  19. Hm, my top 10 prolly would be

    1. Yukari x Yuyuko from Touhou (They're perfect for each other, especially after reading Touhou Tonari I ship them so hard it hurts)
    2. Shoukaku x Zuikaku (they're just so darn adorable)
    3. Madokami x Homura (read the next entry)
    4. Sayaka x Kyouko (both are nigh-perfect ships but I prefer Madoka x Homura, but both of the pairs are so very awesome thanks do the characters making them up and the drama surrounding them)
    5. Mokou x Kaguya (I love me some Foe Yay)
    6. For some reason, Minori x Ami from ToraDora. I know there's not much that connects them, but I still can imagine them to be a VERY cute couple.
    7. Mion x Azunyan
    8. Saber x Rin
    9. Akagi x Kaga (hehe, my figures of them look cute next to each other)
    and 10. (since I'm not long a reader yet but ship them heavily already) – Yuzu x Mei from Citrus


  20. Oh, I love your list!
    With all the Touhou and Kancoll, there is simply no reason for me to not like it~

    Though, that Mokou x Kaguya is bothering me a little 😛


  21. Well so are these two, and are sisters so things are not as simple as in other cases.
    And I like how the story goes, almost never seen, that the mangaka take risks with their characters as well.


  22. Well, I was thinking pretty hard about the last six places to be honest – Number 1 to 4 are as clear as glass for me.
    Especially in Touhou I have a tendency for sometimes crackshipping. So, I was really thinking about picking Sakuya x Youmu or Shinki x Mima instead of MoKaguya, but decided against it since sadly there is hardly any fan art or really proper reason to ship them, you know?
    Also, I was thinking hard about putting Saber x Rin or Saber x Irisviel because of their knight-sworn-to-protect-the-lady dynamic, but decided against it since Irisviel is very dedicated to her husband.
    And Akagi x Kaga was almost replaced by Yamato x Yahagi since their RL counterparts were together on Yamato's final sortie, making it somewhat of a sad ship (pun inteded).


  23. Saber x Irisviel is a pretty satisfying ship if you ask me.
    The anime makes it pretty obvious that Irisviel loves her husband, but that yuri tension between her and Saber… it was so good!

    Also, I just tried picturing Sakuya x Youmu… impossible!! 😀


  24. Rule number one of Touhou – no ship is impossible 😛
    Seriously, I've seen Komachi x Sanae fan art. And Sakuya and Myon at least met canoncally.

    And yeah, the tension between Saber and Iri was delicious indeed.


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