Doujin Release: Young Pet Kaga-san and Akagi-san by Nekomura

Title:Young Pet Kaga-san and Akagi-san
Artist: Nekomura
Pairing: Akagi x Kaga [Kantai Collection]
Genre: Animal Ears, Comedy, Yuri

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As always, big thanks to Mai88 for the translation~


4 thoughts on “Doujin Release: Young Pet Kaga-san and Akagi-san by Nekomura

  1. This was nice, but as the season continues, I feel like Nekomura's focusing on the wrong pairing.

    Wouldn't Kaga x Zuikaku make a better pair? Little by little, they're warming up to each other. I can already imagine the moment they fall for one another. It'll be in the final episode when Kaga will help Zuikaku make a rabbit out of a washcloth.

    It'll be just like that scene from Ghost. 😀


  2. You're just too biased, L. I can't trust you to make a fair assessment of their compatibility due to your blind love for Akagi x Kaga. 😛

    I'll patiently wait for the day when someone decides to not be part of the herd and bravely makes a Kaga x Zuikaku doujin. I would do it myself, but you've seen my drawings, so I don't need to explain why I don't. 😀


  3. There are already doujinshi about them 😀
    Well, I can see where people get the idea, but in case of some other of your pairings… not so much 😛


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