Manga Review: The Feelings We All Must Endure by Amano Shuninta

Title: The Feelings We All Must Endure
Author: Amano Shuninta
Chapter: 3 Volumes, 13 Chapters
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Yuri, Drama, Romance

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Characters: 8.5/10 and Story: 8.5/10
The story is set around a group of friends who attend university together. They all have to deal with their own problems, be it with friends, with university or most of all, with love.

Ruki, the protagonist of the manga, is in her first year of university. She doesn’t know many people, and she is not yet used to everything that is going on in this new environment.

However, thanks to a group assignment, she is forced to work with some other girls on a project together, and this is where she meets some of her later friends.

First things first, right in the beginning, there are a lot of characters being introduced. There’s not only Ruki, but also her close friend Fueko, her secret crush Sacchan, the slutty gang (Remi, Asuna, Meru), and rich girl Maasa.

To be honest, I really had a hard time remembering their names and the characters in general. They were all pretty much introduced at once, with only a few more or less unimportant additions that followed as the story played out.

At first, out of all the girls, I found myself liking Ruki and Sacchan the most. They appeared to be the main couple, or more like the two characters that would most likely end up together. Though, the interest I had in these two characters changed over time.

Ruki on the one hand, developed from the type of character that I usually find rather boring, into someone who I can actually relate to and who I can sympathize with a lot.

Sacchan on the other hand… well, anyone who has read the two most recent chapters, probably wants to kill or at least punch her, and they have good reason to do so.

She changed from being that cute and fragile girl, into something that I’d call a self-centered bitch.

You might think that I’d absolutely hate that change in character, but damn, I love it! Rarely do I see such an interesting character development, and even though I really want to beat her up for what she did to Ruki, I also find it really intriguing at the same time.

Though, let’s now come to my favorite character, Asuna. At first, she was just another girl that I found unimportant enough to constantly forget her name and sometimes even her whole existence.

However, as time changed, I found myself loving her character, as well as her relationship with Fueko. I mean, a sex-addict and a girl that is lazy enough to sleep away 90% of the day? Sounds like a great combination with a lot of drama waiting for us, and that’s exactly what we got!

the feelings we all must endure yuri manga
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But enough about the characters, let’s come to the actual story. As mentioned above, this manga focuses on the everyday lives of the 7 girls I listed up there. Other than probably 90% of all yuri manga that is currently available, this one doesn’t take place in high school, but in university instead.

Personally, I really love seeing a characters a bit older and simply a different setting than what we see most of the time. Well, university might not be that different from high school, but I really appreciate the different location, because there are simply too many high school yuri stories around. Moving on, I think that one thing this manga is really great at is delivering all the drama, and there is surely a lot of it.

It goes from the usual problems that you’d encounter in university: everything from bullying, to breakups, and finally, to relationships, sex and anything related to that. It’s an emotional roller coaster ride, but at the same time, it doesn’t feel forced at all, at least not to me.

The most recent chapter is especially what I view as drama at its finest. Ruki’s desperation and Sacchan’s cruelty, they both make me angry, yet I also love the way this manga manages to make me care for the characters so much. It’s simply amazing, exactly what I’d expect from Shuninta-sensei.

Art: 8/10
I feel like this artist really improved over time. Well, her art style was pretty nice from the beginning already, but you can also feel that she’s gotten even better. Though, there is one thing that I feel is lacking in this manga, as well as probably half of all manga I read so far; the panels sometimes look really empty. Backgrounds are usually missing completely, making the scenes look plain and the panels look empty.

As always, this is just my opinion, and this doesn’t apply to the whole manga, but in some cases, I just feel like she could have added some more backgrounds to make the story feel a little more alive.

the feelings we all must endure yuri manga

Yuri: 9.5/10
This is a manga by Amano Shuninta, one of the few most famous yuri artists around, so you already know that there will be a lot of yuri, or in this case, it’s almost exclusively yuri. Most of the girls are lesbian and there are only a few that I still don’t really know the sexuality of, but even in these cases, I think Shuninta will confirm their gayness as well in one of the next chapters. There are also some NSFW scenes involved, though I wouldn’t really call them 18+.

the feelings we all must endure yuri manga
You’ll never see an actual sex scene, only what happens afterwards.

All in all, the yuri content is high. Really high even.

Total Enjoyment: 9/10
The manga is not yet over, and I sure hope that we’ll get some more chapters or even volumes in the near future, but for now, I’m already enjoying this manga quite a lot. I think the only obstacle you’ll have to overcome before being able to fully enjoy this manga is to be patient enough to get to know all the characters.

After that, all you have to do is lean back, enjoy the ride, and feel with the characters whenever things make a wrong turn.


24 thoughts on “Manga Review: The Feelings We All Must Endure by Amano Shuninta

  1. Lena…

    Whenever I read another a chapter, I feel like i've just payed a ten hour session of Dark Souls and makes me feel like this,

    Half the cast I want to bludgeon to death with a claymore, the rest, I dont know if I should feel sorry for or feel disgusted. I mean come on, yeah, some people have issues, but man…

    LOL, if u want a laugh, go read the comment section on Dynasty Scans for Citrus and this. It's Yuri War 3


  2. “The manga is not yet over, and I sure hope that we'll get some more chapters or even volumes in the near future”

    It's over in Japan, chapter 14 is the only one missing in english.


  3. I understand in case of Citrus, but in this case… not so much.
    Ok the last two chapters were really something else, but I think it's the complete opposite of Citrus, you just can't predict where it's going and the reasoning behind their actions is actually pretty good too.

    Yup, I might be the only one thinking that way, but I sure as hell won't read the Dynasty Reader comments on that one. I already felt like crying after going through the Citrus comments on there 😛


  4. There sub human!!! All they care about is sex, and there own, moronic, stupid, selfish issues, I dont care whose about to get hurt by there actions, making a half-hearted attempt to apolgise (What pisses me off the most is they forgive them every time.)


  5. I actually can't wait for it to end. I read up to chapter 10 or 11 and when I checked the next time, chapter 13 was out. Couldn't resist spoiling myself a little and now I'm genuinly scared to read up to chapter 13 without knowing how it ends. My resolve grows weaker with every day, though.

    Seems like Jin and Amano don't like happy ends in anything with more than 3 chapters anymore.


  6. This is true for Remi, Sacchan and Meru, but it definitely isn't true for the rest, especially not Ruki.

    But even in case of Remi and such, I can kinda understand her, well, I have a friend who is pretty similar to her, though, not lesbian 😛


  7. Hm, if done well, I really enjoy twists like this.
    In case of Amanano and Takemiya, I trust them enough to just to know that they won't let me down in the end.

    Let's see if I'm right with this one too.


  8. Oh yeah, I'm a huge fan of those two and I love The Feelings We All Must Endure. But if I read now and end with Chapter 13, I'm not gonna be able to think about anything else for like 2 weeks cause I'm sure her presentation is going to make everything at least 3 times more emotional. I enjoy pretty much everything by Jin and Amano, their writing even makes me enjoy their depressing stories, which I usually hate.

    Anyways, it's really not about not trusting Shuninta, it's about me not being able to take the mental stress of not knowing what's gonna happen. Which is killing me even now.


  9. In this case, sorry for misunderstanding.
    I think I'd recommend you to do the following:

    1. Mentally prepare yourself
    2. Get some really fluffy and cute manga/doujinshi ready
    3. Read The feelings we all must endure
    4. Cry a little (this is optional of course :P)
    5. Read the manga/doujinshi you previously prepared

    I think that's actually a pretty good way to go about it 😛


  10. Haaaaah, that's actually what I'm going to do today. My heart may not be strong enough to take it but my patience is also really weak. Poor Poor Lips is on standby so let's hope for the best.


  11. Phew. I just finished and I'm feeling really emotional right now. I didn't cry but my heart was actually beating harder while reading chapter 13 which is a first while reading manga.
    I genuinly don't know what to expect from chapter 14 or even what I would like to see in it. I'd actually be okay with Ruki dumping Sachan and a little epilogue with her and another girl, I think. Which also is a first for me. Definitely a one of a kind manga.

    Well, turns out I feel like rereading Fragments of Love with the new side chapters now so there's probably something wrong with me.


  12. Ruki and Sachiko are a great couple. They just don’t please OTHER people. But Sachiko decided to be 100% honest at all times in her relationship with Ruki. And Ruki is 100% devoted to Sachiko.And Sachiko is over the moon getting to “be the guy” in a relationship. The very ending where Sachiko asks her sister what she thinks of her having a girlfriend – yes, that girl in the car – and her sister says wow, this is the first person you’ve been with who’s not “cool.” And then says, “and that’s great.” So that’s their discussion, not “omigod you like GIRLS big sis???” even though until then she’s been a doormat for boys. I love this story, especially the ending. The only part I found sad was Fueko and Asuna. Asuna’s deeply in love with Fueko but she needs to have a sex life and Fueko’s a depressive asexual.


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