Some News and Updates – New Visual Novel Projects & New Yuri Anime

First of all, here are some posts that were recently updated:

[special thanks goes to IbaraMiko for the constant updates]

In other news, the translation of Limit Panic is done and the patch is almost finished. The only things that still need to be done is doing some QC and fixing some errors. I’ll keep you updated and post the finished project as soon as the translation group is done with it.

If you want to know more, check out @AskOohoshiAwai.

In other news, the translation group announced that they will also start working on Maji de Yuri?! [Class Zenin Maji de Yuri?! ~Watashi-tachi no Rezu Oppai wa Anata no Mono Joshi Zenin Shiofuki Keikaku~]

maji de yuri visual novel

They also announced that they might even start working on FLOWERS after they are done with their current projects. Could there be any better news? I don’t think so!

Though, in the case of FLOWERS, we should all take a moment to appreciate the fact that we managed to get enough votes on the MangaGamer poll, that an official FLOWERS translation might even be possible as well.

Be sure to check out the poll results by clicking here.

flowers yuri visual novel

As for Yuri Anime, 2015 is sure heading into the right direction. Not only did we get a Yuru Yuri OVA just recently, we’ll also get a 3rd season pretty soon!

Click here for more information.

yuru yuri

As for other yuri-ish shows, we will get an all new season of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, as well as a second season of Kiniro Mosaic this spring. And it doesn’t even stop there. Even the summer season might have a lot in store for us.

Check out my Yuri Anime 2015 list for more information.


54 thoughts on “Some News and Updates – New Visual Novel Projects & New Yuri Anime

  1. Flowers in 8th place?! Oh yes.
    Dammit. BaseSon only made 11th place so no Kimihane VN translation chance. I'll be rooting for those that made it then~ xP (Liarsoft + Innocent Grey)


  2. Mhh, with a name like that, I really don't know what to think. I mean, I guess I should have expected something like that, japanese people always use quite questionable names for their mangas and stuff but, seriously? There comes point where you have to draw a line and that point might just be reached. I mean, Flowers sounds seriously generic, like, at least try.

    But in all seriousness, The Entire Class is Seriously Lesbian!? ~Our Lez Tits are Yours, The Plan to Make Every Girl Ejaculate~ looks like they just took some het harem eroge and switched the gender of the protagonist. Oh well, we'll see I guess.
    Really looking forward to Limit Panic though, have been anticipating that for quite some time now.


  3. Its basically a harem game, yuri version. it isn't that bad. for a harem game. I rather see more “Yuri Harem” games until I finally reach point where I get sick of them just l am with a hetero harem 😛


  4. I was asking myself the exact same thing 😀

    I can't say I'm really looking forward to it, though it's a yuri VN, and even though I'd much rather like to see FLOWERS, this is probably good too.


  5. I was certain Innocent Grey would get into high ranking since there is already a big fanbase but Liarsoft too?!~ I was estatic seeing that.
    We can all pat ourselves on the back, I believe we've deserved that small effort
    *pats everyone*

    And now to wait for the critical announcement/voting of what will be brought over 😀


  6. Not looking forward to Limit Panic or that porn game?
    Well, in the end I'm still gonna play that porn game (That's it's official name now) because there are not enough yuri VNs out there for me to be picky.

    Never played a het harem in my life. It's not so much about being sick of them as it is about thinking they are stupid and offensive, especially with gender roles being what they are in Japan.


  7. I'd prefer girls kissing each other because they love each other but the PV makes it seem like that may be the case too. So I'm cautiosly optimistic, even though the fan service shows that those are the guys behind Queen's Blade and Seikon no Qwasurgh.


  8. I think we can be optimistic, judging by the MAL description:
    “Eruna is a high-tension, overreaction-prone, and overly fantasizing girl who really likes cute girls.[…] main reason why she even attended Mikagura Academy in the first place was to meet the model of the school pamphlet. She is prone to glomping girls such as Himi and also fantasizing about relationships with Seisa or Otone. […] really likes to be spoiled by others, particularly cute girls.”

    Seems really gay to me. Really looking forward to the show.


  9. Well, that sounds yuri indeed 😛
    Guess, it needs to be added, huh?

    In this case, an update it on it's way, but bear with my laziness for a little while longer 😛


  10. The yuri aftershock left behind by recent titles must have dulled your nanohian senses O_o'
    Mine has been for awhile after 2014 ._. I've read the Vivid manga, so maybe that's what's hyping me even more? And Mizuki Nana-sama's newest Opening song for the Vivid series sounds great for one (tamura yukari doing the ending too).
    Or maybe it's cause it's not focused on Nanoha and Fate?

    last yuri spam before I get knocked out by anesthesia~


  11. I'm not into the game, but people were talking about how more characters should be dying by the second season and more.


  12. I know how ya feel bro.
    Hey Lena, will you provide a link to the limit panic translation patch when it becomes available? Thatd be a big help.


  13. Hey there, sorry for the long wait.
    The translation group told me that they would combine the game with the patch, so you'll only need to download one thing.

    But to answer your actual question, yes I will.


  14. Don't know where to put it, but here may be something worth reporting:

    It's about a YuriVN by Razz, now in the works for 2 years. There's a playable demo now and she is asking for feedback. Finished game is gonna cost 10$ and is going to have 2 routes with 6 endings.

    Story goes like this:
    You play as Aria, a girl who moves into her grandfather’s old house. While exploring the upstairs study one night, she and her friend Melody accidentally unleash a flirtatious demon named Lyria, who spent the past 50 years in a stone.

    After freeing her from her prison, the two become attached by a ‘Lifelink Stone’, which means Lyria can’t go far from Aria without feeling repercussions, and vice versa. This gets quite awkward when Aria tries to go about (what’s left of) her normal life.



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