Liebster Award

One of the many fun things you get to do as a blogger is being able to do awards like this. As always, our great neighbor OG-Man nominated us for this award, and we’ll gladly accept the offer~

As a short introduction, the Liebster Award consists of 11 questions. After answering them, you can pick up to 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 other questions that you came up with yourself.

Let’s go~

1. Describe your dream anime setting/world, if you were given the power to create one.

I think I’ll go with Touhou’s Gensokyo minus all the evil and dangerous creatures, of course. It looks like most of its citizens are young, beautiful girls with lesbian tendencies, and what makes it even better, there would be magic and fairies and all that good stuff~ Though, there is one thing that should never be missing and that is a fast internet connection! Yup, my ideal anime world would be Gensokyo – evil stuff + fast internet.

Mine is not quite as fantastical as hers. Mine is just a normal, everyday world, except I would be the King and everyone would be at my beck and call. And I’d have superpowers. And I’d be immortal too. Yes, I would exist in the world I created. There was no rule saying you can’t do that. 😛

2. How are you able to balance your college/work life with your animeniac hobby?

Lately, work has taken over the majority of my time, leaving me with so little time that it’s sometimes hard to keep up with my hobbies.
So balancing these two is a big problem right now, but I’m confident that things will get better soon.

I’m kinda like Sora from No Game No Life (minus the adorable little sister), so it’s not too hard actually. I also don’t really have too many other hobbies like watching non-anime TV or movies, so it’s even easier. And living in a quiet town helps too, since there’s usually not too much going on here.

3. Name one anime that had greatly upset you.

That’s a hard one… Well, I guess I’ll go with Yamibo. In this case, the ending totally ruined the whole show for me, and probably also for a lot more yuri fans. Well, it was a yuri ending in a way, but the most disappointing and frustrating ending one could come up with.

An anime indie film from the early 90’s called Midori: Shoujo Tsubaki. A young girl goes from selling flowers for her sick mom, to being forced into joining a traveling carnival after her mom dies, to being raped and abused, to falling for a new carnival member who’s really a possessive scumbag, to thinking she’s finally escaping that life thanks to him, only to find that she’s been tricked and abandoned. Or something like that. It’s morbid and disturbing and it will make you feel horrible.

4. Have you ever gone out with your special person to an anime/game/comic or any other otaku-themed hobby convention?

Other than the Comiket, I’ve never been to any anime/game/comic-related event. But I do remember going on vacation with my now ex-girlfriend to a certain city that has a Japanese district.
We booked a room in a Japanese-themed hotel and simply went there for all the great Japanese food and the many anime stores. I guess that counts.

I live nowhere near where any anime/game/comic conventions are held, so I’ve yet to attend one. That said, I would be more than willing to don a ridiculous cosplay outfit and make an absolute fool of myself in the future.

5. Favorite anime pet/mascot?

6. Was there ever an anime character who/that inspired you in some way?

I don’t think I was ever inspired by an anime or anime character in a way that made me change or want to change my life.

Kyousuke from OreImo inspired me to follow my heart and to believe that love will always find a way. (And no, I’m not in love with my sister. :P)

7. Which do you enjoy more, visual novels or light novels? If you do not play VNs then replace it with manga, meaning “manga or light novels?”.

Definitely visual novels. I already prefer manga over books, simply because I usually need some visuals to be able to fully enjoy the story.
In the case of visual novels, not only do I get pictures, I also get music and sometimes even voices, so that’s even better.

Can I pick neither? I’ve never read a light novel and I’ve only played 2 visual novels, and haven’t yet finished either one. I don’t enjoy reading, in general, but I’d have to go with manga by default.

8. Has watching subbed anime motivated you to one day learn to speak and read Japanese?

In this case, it’s definitely not subbed anime. I started learning Japanese because I want to be able to read all the untranslated yuri manga, doujinshi, and visual novels. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to continue my studies, so right now, I’m not making any progress.

Sure. Prior to watching anime, I didn’t really have a reason to do so, but it would definitely be helpful to be able to read/understand the language. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it someday.

9. Is the human butt mightier than the sledgehammer?

While trying to understand the question, I found out that a sledgehammer is not just a hammer, it is also a word you use for a bad handjob… Yup, that knowledge was very important, but I still don’t get the question. 😛

^ Just reading that makes me feel dirty. 😛

This must be some weird twist on “the pen is mightier than the sword”. So through sexual coercion you can influence more than the one who solely does so through violence? Does that make prostitutes amazingly powerful? What am I even talking about? I’m so confused!

10. Favorite anime weapon?

You know what, there are so many awesome anime weapons to choose from, but I’ll still go with a katana. I know, I know, how boring…. But I still think that this weapon is not just deadly, it’s also freaking beautiful and cool!

A katana would be nice. It would make me feel like a badass when I slice fruit and stuff, but I’ll have to go with the Death Note. Unlike a katana, you could take/use it anywhere, nobody would suspect it to be a weapon, and you can tear off a piece and it would still have the same effect as the whole notebook. It’s the perfect killing machine! Not that I would have a use for something like that…. :/

11. Has a sports/game-themed anime encouraged you to try out that sport/game? For example: Yowamushi Pedal for biking or Shion no Ou for Japanese chess?

Well, Sono Hanabira has encouraged me to…. I’m just joking. 😛

It’s not really a sport or a game, but watching Mangirl! encouraged me to try my hand at becoming a mangaka. What I failed to take in account however, is the fact that I can’t draw, as this illustration of Lena demonstrates. Yet that didn’t stop me from turning it into a short film….

^ I had a feeling this was coming…. Still I’m surprised and mildly afraid of what people are gonna think of your “talent”….

^ Daijobu, L. If people think it’s bad, I’ll just have to show them some of my yuri. That’ll be sure to change their minds.

Bonus: Yoshi or Chocobo?


I can’t in good faith choose anything Nintendo-related, so I’ll go with a Chocobo, even though I’ve never played any Final Fantasy game. *runs and hides from the Nintendo fanboys/fangirls*

We nominate the following:
Star Light

Our questions:

1. What is the worst yuri pairing you’ve ever seen?
2. What anime character do you think resembles you the most? (both personally and looks)
3. Do you have any guilty pleasures when it comes to anime genres and themes?
4. If you had the chance to, what anime character would you want to switch places with?
5. Do you hide the fact that you enjoy yuri from your “real-life” friends and family?
6. If you could adapt any yuri manga into an anime, which would it be and why?
7. In your opinion, what is the most overrated anime series?
8. What do you feel is the best way to convert a non-yuri fan into a yuri fan?
9. You’re stranded on a deserted island with only 1 manga to read. Which one is it?
10. Which artist/mangaka would you most like to meet?
11. How did you get into yuri?


34 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. 1. What is the worst yuri pairing you've ever seen?
    → Such a hard question. I usually try to forget the worst couple so… I'll tell you later when I remember.

    2. What anime character do you think resembles you the most? (both personally and looks)
    → Since I'm male and I'm only (almost) like female characters. So it's hard for me to find character who has same personally and looks. But if you guys mean to ask what kind of person I am, then I'm NEET.

    3. Do you have any guilty pleasures when it comes to anime genres and themes?
    → “Guilty pleasures”? What do you mean about it? If I'm not wrong then I don't think so. My guilty pleasures often come when I read doujin with NSFW genres, not in the anime.

    4. If you had the chance to, what anime character would you want to switch places with?
    → Come on! Why don't you ask “what kind of anime I would make?”

    5. Do you hide the fact that you enjoy yuri from your “real-life” friends and family?
    → No, in fact, I see non-shame when I talk about it. However, I know that most people really dislike it and I respect it so I don't usually share it in real life. That is the reason I build Yuri Garden and Yuri Reportage to share my fun, kinda childish but that is my right.

    6. If you could adapt any yuri manga into an anime, which would it be and why?
    → So many titles that I could list. However, “Chatting at the Amber Teahouse” is my cup of tea. Yup, definitely, not a change, I will not change my mind!

    7. In your opinion, what is the most overrated anime series?
    → Not many good yuri anime so… Recently we have Yuri Kuma, however, too many symbolisms could be difficult for every to watch. I am still considering about this.

    8. What do you feel is the best way to convert a non-yuri fan into a yuri fan?
    → I would never do that. Why huh? Simple, I hate harem and yaoi. So if somebody attempt to convert me into yaoi fan or harem fan, I swear with my ancestor that I'll turn myself into yandere and finish them before the can try it again. You know what I mean right, some people don't to be converted so don't do that. Introduce it to them, it would be wonderful if they like it. Otherwise, forget it, there are no reason to turn them into yuri otaku…

    9. You're stranded on a deserted island with only 1 manga to read. Which one is it?
    → I would prefer a blank book so I can draw yuri manga. At least, I want to contribute something to community before I die, right now is yuri community (LOL)

    10. Which artist/mangaka would you most like to meet?
    → Such a challenge! Morinaga Milk, Mira, Mikuni Hajime, Fujieda Miyabi, Namori, Saburouta, Koi etc. ALL OF THEM!

    11. How did you get into yuri?
    → Because tired of studying. I decide to pick some anime that have a lot of girls but don't have any hog, I mean boy 'coz I hate harem. The first anime I watch is Yuru Yuri, it is so hilarious!


  2. Try using WP is tough! I would never use it again :p
    BTW, does can you guy explain the meaning of “Liebster award”, plz? All I see on Google is image and some site has that name.


  3. Liebster is German for “dearest” and pretty much everything that means something similar. That's just me guessing, though, maybe it's based on some person with the name Liebster.


  4. @Yurireportage
    Thanks for taking the time to do this 🙂
    Well, I thought you'd post it on your blog as well, but it's also fine like this 😛

    @Star Light
    I think we can see this as something like a “Get to know me better” thing. You get nominated by other bloggers so your readers can find out more about you.
    Well, I guess I should rather ask our readers for questions, but since I don't know whether I'd get anything at all, this is fine too 😛

    @Max Bärnt
    I thought so too, though I don't quite understand why they chose this name either 😛


  5. Lena:
    I guess you're doing the quiz and then “award” it to the people/blogs dearest to you? Seems to have its origins in the land of chain letters, germany, and was meant to help unknown blogs to some traffic.


  6. As someone who searched the yuri tag on sites that are not Dynasty Scans, I assure you that het in yuri is pretty infuriating. Outside of yuri, at least for me, it's just annoying, really. It's either one woman/all women fall in love with loser or one woman/all women fall in love with jerk. Add the whole Japanese mentality about gender roles (“wearing the pants in a relationship” is actually still a thing there) and it gets really irritating.
    Obviously, not all het is bad.


  7. Well played both of you. Many cool tidbits were revealed from both your persons, especially Rocky-kun (Your yuri is amusing).
    I should have guessed the “butt” question would stump both of you but your attempts at replies were appreciated.


  8. I get the feeling that's directed to me :p
    I don't hate het regularly, don't misunderstand, there are people like that but I'm not one.
    I just hate het when it GETS INTO MY YURI. So ONLY when it INTERFERES WITH MY YURI,then I go HET=BAD
    I hope this clarified. Basically, also what Barnt-sama said up there ;d


  9. Lena confirmed to have good taste, Lulu is best bear. On a side note, I'm so tempted to drop a ridiculous amount of money to get those Ginko and Lulu bear plushies…


  10. You need to have seen Rail Wars to have seen both Rail Wars and Akuma no Riddle to get the question. That or be familiar with butts and hammers overall.


  11. LOL! I just saw this! Rock, If Lena is Mugi-chan from K-On!, perhaps you are Chinatsu from YuruYuri… Your manga and anime are awesome, but in my head, I heard the sound effect you hear whenever someone views Chinatsu's drawings. =P

    You guys are awesome! =)


  12. That's cruel, Shrikes. 😦

    I'll now redeem myself in your eyes by showing you this great illustration I did last year.

    It's part of a new art movement that's just now emerging in Paris and Rome. It's pretty groundbreaking stuff! 😛


  13. My assessment may have been a tad harsh. Chinatsu's work is terrifying, and your drawing isn't as…. disturbing. Still, i wonder how long Lena had to sit for her drawing. Lena, that is a most Interesting… car (?) you drive around! =D

    Oh, you gotta let people know that your yuri drawing is NSFW! It's pretty explicit stuff! =P


  14. I have a feeling this conversation is gonna land me in some hot water, so I'll just wisely keep my mouth shut regarding that first paragraph. 😀

    Dman! I completely forgot to do that. But when someone visits YuriReviews, they should always expect the unexpected, so I refuse to change it. 😛


  15. YuriReviews – Always expect the unexpected

    Yeah… no… this doesn't sound like a good way to describe YuriReviews 😛
    Also Shrikes, Rock is actually a very creative person, even outside of drawing such masterpieces.
    He has already created wonderous stories, beautiful poems and even full comics.

    How about you start spilling the beans already Rock 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  16. I didn't even notice that I didn't reply properly.

    Yup. I'm kinda like a modern-day da Vinci. Whether it was an epic 1000 word poetic masterpiece, a thrilling 21000 word choose your own adventure book, or an original doujin that Lena called “rediculously good!” (her typo, not mine :P), I can pretty much do it all. 😀

    Here's an excerpt from my original doujin. Spoiler warning, and it's NSFW. 😛

    Without any context that may seem bizarre, but trust me when I say that it makes total sense and it's incredibly deep and symbolic, just like Yuri Kuma Arashi.

    Aren't you regretting spurring me on now, L? 😀


  17. Omg, that was your best work, I don't regret it one bit 😀

    But seriously though, that's what you get for shipping Souma with Himeko… >:D

    I think we should actually “release” your little doujin on the blog someday. Everyone could learn from it and it would be a good reminder to all the Souma x Himeko shippers that a certain German girl will come after you if you pose a threat to Himeko x Chikane 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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