Which Yuri-ish Anime Should I Review Next?

I’m in need of help deciding which anime to review next. Actually, it’s not “next” because I already have other reviews written, but after those. All of the shows are yuri-ish to some degree and have yet to be reviewed on YR. If the poll is lacking a choice, or if you think one of the choices isn’t yuri enough, feel free to make it known in the comments. Unlucky winner is next in line.

[UPDATE – 4.1] Shinsekai yori gets the win. The most complex show and I have to do it right off the bat. Great. 😀

[UPDATE – 4.12] Shinsekai yori is written, and Simoun has next.

[UPDATE – 5.8] Simoun is written (finally), and K-On! is next.

[UPDATE – 5.18] K-On! is written, and Maria†Holic is next.

[UPDATE – 6.28] Maria†Holic is written, and Mai-HiME is next.

[UPDATE – 8.6] Mai-HiME is written, and Selector Infected WIXOSS is next.

The poll will remain open and the process just repeats~


46 thoughts on “Which Yuri-ish Anime Should I Review Next?

  1. Simoun is the best of the list. Though I dont think you would like it. It's a war drama first, before a Yuri (an excellent war drama, but a war drama nonetheless. Gets deep into the philosophy of war, and LOL, i would compare it loosely to Gundam in that sense.)


  2. I've heard stories from Lena about Maria Holic, so I'm a little afraid of that one. 😀

    Even though there isn't very much yuri in it (thus far, anyway), I've actually already started on the Koufuku Graffiti review. 😉


  3. I'm going with Shinsekai Yori, but I wanted to vote for much more.

    Maria Holic though…. not a good idea. People will hate on you no matter if you hated or liked it 😛


  4. *closes poll* If you want it, I'm doing Shinsekai yori then. 😛

    As much as I'd like to just do Shinsekai yori regardless, YR is a democracy, so the people shall decide. 🙂

    Yesterday, I mistakenly thought the poll didn't get any votes, so I randomly voted for K-On!. I now regret that choice.


  5. Well, I'm a straight guy so my opinion probably doesn't even matter but I think it's pretty majorly offensive. I'm a huge Shaft fanboy but I always cry a little when I think about Maria Holic.
    Shinsekai Yori is another series I plan to stay the hell away from, but reading other's opinion is still interesting so I'd be fine with whatever series, really.

    Nice, looking forward to that, I was going to start watching today. 🙂


  6. If Saki wins, I'll probably have to do the other 2 seasons too, so I'm kinda hoping it doesn't win. 😛

    I've already have a yaoi-ish YR review written, so I'm still learning how to avoid it. 😛


  7. Triple post much? 😛

    That wouldn't go over well at all. I'd end up giving SonoHana a 5 or something and the torches & pitchforks would be out in full force. I'll stick with anime.

    I might end reviewing all or most of these, so I wouldn't rule anything out.


  8. The more people vote for it, the faster I'll get around to doing it. It's all about gauging the interest level of the visitors. See what they want most, and try to give it to them.


  9. Working‼ is not yuri even though it has lesbian side couple. About K-On! it is the most wonderful school life genre as well as yuri, so I strongly recommend it to you.
    I kinda sorry for YrYr, but it is not actually good enough than K-On! so it will be my second recommend.


  10. Some of these options, as much as I enjoyed them. weren't very “yuri” to me 😛
    Out of the ones that might be worth it, I'd say Simoun, Devilman Lady, Yuru Yuri, Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, Ice (terrible though), Mai Hime, and maybe Shinsekai Yori.
    Out of those, I really enjoyed Mai Hime and thus would recommend it first and fordmost, though its yuri potential is still lacking in comparison to others.


  11. Even having a lesbian main/supporting character could be enough to get a show on there. Cut me a break, Sumi. My yuri-ish anime poll standards are low. 😛

    I haven't seen Kämpfer yet, but Lena already wrote a review for it, so it doesn't really make much sense for me to write one too.

    The List of all reviews post is regularly updated so people could have a better idea of what's already on the blog. It has links to more than just the reviews, so it's really good since most people haven't known about the blog since the beginning. It's the “YR Archive” link up on the menu bar. 🙂


  12. But WIXOSS, K-On, Black Rock Shooter… ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ
    I don't know, I guess I just have high standards for my yuri.

    Ah, I didn't know about that. Never mind then haha
    I'm surprised Yuru Yuri hasn't been done yet. Someone should definitely get on that, then!


  13. So if you plan to do Yuru Yuri, I really should take it off the poll then.

    Don't worry, L. If you forget, I'll make sure to constantly remind you. 😛

    I'll start studying up on Shinsekai yori then, since that's the new favorite to win.


  14. You guys are making it difficult to not be influenced by all the hate. My expectations are being set so low that anything short of spontaneous combustion will be considered a success.


  15. Just when you think we as a society are progressing, you check out that “religious freedom” bill story from that site and immediately change your mind. One step forward, two steps back. 😦


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