My Top 10 Yuri Manga That Should Be Made Into Anime

I’ve already made a similar post to this, talking about what kind of yuri manga I’d want to see animated and which manga combinations I think would make the perfect yuri anime. But since this post is already pretty old, I decided to update it, which is why I’ll now present to you my Top 10 Yuri Manga that should be made into Anime.

As always, this is only my opinion, so feel free to tell me what you think is missing in this list~

And before people point it out, not all of my picks are Manga, there are some games added as well.

10. A better Touhou anime

As great as the few Touhou anime projects are, they are still not what I really want to see.

You have the choice between fanmade projects that are either not voiced or that come with art and animation that is simply not as satisfying as we’d want it to be. Furthermore, the few episodes we’ve already gotten don’t really come with a plot that can be used for a whole anime, and that’s something I really don’t understand, given the numerous characters and their individual background stories. Honestly, I think the possibilities for a Touhou anime are simply endless.

Especially since we’ve now also gotten a Kantai Collection anime, I demand to see something similar for this game as well!

9. LOVE/DEATH by Kuzushiro

Similar to Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san by the same artist, I think LOVE/DEATH would make an even better short anime than the former.

Well, it wouldn’t be some random comedy mixed with yuri. This time, it would be a mix between yuri, action, and comedy; and I think that’s a pretty nice combination.

Also, I really love this manga because it’s something totally different from what we usually see, and that alone already makes it awesome~

8. Hentai suggestion – Sono Hanabira

You all saw it coming, didn’t you?

Ever since that Mai x Reo OVA was released, I’ve been eagerly waiting for another episode to finally appear. So far, we’ve “only” gotten some more SonoHana visual novels, which is already pretty awesome, but I still can’t help it. I want this to have an anime adaptation, and I want it pretty badly.

I know I’ve said this already, but I just need to say it again: How awesome would it be to get a whole anime (preferably hentai) that focuses on the lives of some selected or even all SonoHana yuri pairings?

For various reasons, I usually don’t like hentai at all, but this would actually make me really happy.

7. Hentai Suggestion – Octave by Akiyama Haru

Be it with or without the numerous sex scenes, this manga would surely make a great yuri anime! It shows a more mature approach on a yuri love story, with one of the girls (Setsuko) being one of the most gorgeous yuri characters of all-time.

Also, we should not forget that this manga is loved by fans from all over the world. So what other reasons do I need to list to be able to demand an anime adaptation? None!

On a side note, I’d prefer this to get a NSFW anime adaptation…. What a surprise. 😛

6. The Feelings We All Must Endure by Amano Shuninta

Many people hated it, others loved it. For me, this was one of the greatest manga I’ve read this year, and I think this could be quite popular for the following reasons:
– very interesting characters
– many lesbians
– many ecchi, but not yet 18+, scenes
– brilliant twists and turns

Also, this was done by Amano Shuninta, no more reasons needed.

5. Kase-san by Takashima Hiromi

I always imagined this manga as something like Sakura Trick, just with less random yuri and a more mature approach on how a first relationship between two girls could look like.

So despite the risk of getting people to hate me, I’ll still state the following: Kase-san might be a better version of Sakura Trick.

Still, I have to add, Sakura Trick was already fantastic, which means that I think that Kase-san might turn out to be a masterpiece.

4. Qualia the Purple by Hisamitsu Ueo and Shirou Tsunashima

This manga is far different from any of the ones that are already listed.

This one doesn’t focus on the yuri relationship like all the other manga that you’ve already read about in this post. It rather focuses on its amazing sci-fi story and takes us on an adventure through time and space.

It might feel a little odd to add a manga like this, but in this case, I’m 100% certain that an anime adaptation of this manga—or rather, the novel this is based on—would turn out to be really popular.

3. Citrus by Saburouta

Ok, people. Please don’t hate me….

It has come to the point in which even some former diehard Citrus fans have started to turn their backs on this manga and I’m actually not surprised.

So to make this anime adaptation a success, it shouldn’t be longer than 12 episodes, and should only follow the happenings of the first two volumes.

Well, it would of course need a good ending, with Yuzu and Mei finally getting together (and making out until they can’t even stand anymore), but I think that’s kind of all it needs to make this anime adaptation a HUGE success.

I can actually guarantee that a story like this would definitely be really popular.

2. Shitsurakuen by Naomura Tooru

Along with Qualia the PURPLE, this is the only other manga in the list that doesn’t completely focus on any kind of yuri relationship. It is a big part of the story, but the main focus is rather set on something else.

In this case, it’s so easy to imagine this as an anime. It has almost all the themes that are required for a successful (yet mainstream) anime:
– school setting
– a little bit of magic
– a lot of fighting
– fighting that involves girls with big boobs and skimpy clothing
– a system / world that is corrupted in some way
– a strong main character who wants to change this system

But best of all, the main character is a girl with a yuri harem.

This is all that needs to be said. Someone, make it happen!

1. Girl Friends by Milk Morinaga

I bet a lot of you already knew that this would be my number one, or at least very high on the list. It’s no surprise actually, because the one thing that I want to see the most is a simple romance between two girls.

I want to see a story with two girls getting to know each other, becoming friends, and finally becoming lovers. There needs to be some obstacles in their way of course, but there doesn’t need to be any action sequences involved.

All that is necessary is a kiss in the end. That’s all.

Girl Friends is exactly that. Which is why it’s my biggest wish to see this, or at least something similar to this, as an anime.


39 thoughts on “My Top 10 Yuri Manga That Should Be Made Into Anime

  1. Citrus i sadly haven't read past chapter 14 yet so if a anime came out before i finished reading it then i would have to wait.

    Sono Hanabira i agree that there should be a anime about the daily lives of the couples and truth be told it wouldn't matter to me if it was SFW or NSFW i would enjoy it regardless.

    Octave i didn't even know about until i read this post so i'm gonna give it a read and finally.

    Girlfriends YES A MILLION TIMES YES!!!! i want to see a full Girlfriends anime along with at least one OVA i know i'm being selfish but the ending didn't show if they were still together in the future.


    • I’m guessing you didn’t finish reading the epilogue? At the end the manga showed Akko’s text saying she wanted to see Mari after she gets off her part time job with matching hearts. Mari even carries a photo booth picture of her and Akko with “Together 4ever” written over it which she stuck to her phone’s battery.


  2. I knew there was something else I wanted to change and yet I forgot all about it again 😛

    Well I think people know who wrote this anyway. (The bad grammar is everywhere :D)


  3. In case of Citrus, be warned, it will probably get worse than it already is.

    But in case of Octave, you have a fun ride ahead of you, enjoy~


  4. Good lord. Imagine Citrus as an anime? Myanimelist would be one huge fricken flame war. Seriously, Citrus as a manga singlehandley managed to divide basically THE ENTIRE ENGLISH speaking Yuri fanbase, into people who love it, to people who DESPISE IT. An anime would be Yuri War 3


  5. I've actually gone physical and bought volume 1 and 2 and pre ordered 3 and 4. Does it seriously get bad? What was so bad about it?


  6. I must oppose to 3 on your choices, Octave, Amono Shuninta's “FeelingsEndure” and LOVE/DEATH.
    Don't like octave cause of the story, Shuninta-sensei's “FeelingsEndure” doesn't have that “anime-convertible” feel to it…., and LOVE/death for the same reason with “FeelingsEndure”

    In place of those 3 I would add instead (these have decent subtext or closely-related): “WashioSumi OVA series”, Haru no Kamikaze, and “Bucho ni Igen ha Arimasen” (Takahashi Maya).
    Here's my own on-the-spot list of top 10 Yuri non-anime media to Yuri anime btw, no particular order:

    1.Adachi to Shimamura (light novel series. Very nice so far. I still haven't gotten past pg 2 tho)
    2.Haru no Kamikaze (untranslated manga. saved me from boredom when I had post-surgery headaches recently)
    3. Riko to Haru to Onsen to Iruka (Riko & Haru & Irukawa Hot Springs)
    4.Himawari-san (Sugano Manami, who doesn't like this?)
    5. Banana no Nana (this had amazingly great potential before it was cancelled short of its climatic point)
    6. Saint Cross Jogakuin Storia (聖クロス女学院物語, a light novel series)
    7. Oomuroke (Namori, y'know, the Yuru Yuri spinoff about Sakurako's household sisters)
    8. Fate/Extra or Fate/Extra CCC anime (or both)
    9. Mahou Shoujo Taisen Zanbatsu (PSVita free-play game, I want an anime about the game's protagonist, Amane, who can “grow closer” to other magical girls in Japan and raise Yuri flags for a decent number of them.
    10. Sweet Magic Syndrome (Yuri & sweets by CUTEG-sensei. 3 volumes total)

    I wouldn't mind a 2nd Yuyushiki season. I do like Maikaze's Touhou animation episodes. The music especially. definitely could use more touhou doujin anime.
    Have you perhaps already done a top 10 Yuri/ish anime that should get a sequel?


  7. Well, it's really like Bigboss down there says. You either hate it or love it, there is not that much in between.
    So you either like the way Saburouta is using the same old pattern for each and every new character that is introduced or you're frustrated by it, because there is simply no real development between Mei and Yuzu.


  8. You know what, I'd actually like to see this happen.
    Just imagine this happening in our fandom…
    That has never ever happened before and I so wanna witness it! I can already imagine some people going nuts.

    I guess I'm a sucker for some yuri drama 😛


  9. Oh that's right! I knew there was something missing and you just named it.

    Your number 3, Riko to Haru would be an amazing slice of life! I already imagine it to be something like Yuyushiki, Love Lab and K-On, such a great mix~

    Also, thanks for the idea, a list of yuri(ish) shows that need a sequel would be pretty interesting 😉


  10. Good idea Euroninja-chan. Perhaps it is time I updated my own “Yuri manga turned anime” wishlist. Same goes for my “anime that need a sequel” list.

    As for your choices, other than Shitsurakuen good choices. Major thumbs up for Octave making your list! Yes, as much as I think Citrus is overrated I would be interested in an anime adaptation…though I would stop posting episodics if it were to turn into a flame war. Not the kind of attention gathering I'm into. Oh well, controversy creates cash I guess. It worked for Cross Trash after all.


  11. I don't think it would be that big of a problem if Citrus ever got an anime adaptation.
    I think most people actually enjoyed it in the beginning, so as long as the anime only covers the first few chapters and volumes, we might be save 😛


  12. I think I'm going to copypaste part of my comment at yuri nation.
    I dont know why Girl Friends didnt get an anime (I also love Octave but I guess it would be harder for this one to get animated). The characters are really pretty school girls, its funny sometimes and the story is well written, it isnt too long either. The manga is also really popular between yuri fans. Im still a little butthurt about it lol, especially because most yuri animes are far from being as good as yuri mangas and Girl Friends had (still has) the potential to be The yuri anime. Anyway, with Citrus popularity it wouldnt be surprising if it gets animated though the story is kinda bad. I would watch it anyway because I’m deprived of yuri animes.

    Are you reading Fluttering Feelings? Is not a japanese manga, it's korean but is getting popular nowadays. I think it's one best yuri stories in a long while, you should check it out. And the author updates weekly 😀 I feel like I should recommend it anytime people talk about yuri mangas haha.

    Well, I liked your list, there's this one manga I didn't know about so I'll check it out, thanks!


  13. If Touhou were a real anime, what would the plot be? Would Reimu and Marisa be actual protagonists? I would love to see that.

    Also, “Wife and Wife” would make a good anime, too. I loved that manga so much!


  14. I think I'm not up to date with Fluttering Feelings, but that's no surprise since the Reader is still stuck on chapter 5 or something like this 😛
    I've read about 15 chapters I think, and I'm enjoying it quite a lot. There still wasn't a lot of yuri, so I'm a little hesitant when talking about this one, but my hopes are still up.

    Maybe the more recent chapters show some more yuri between the two main characters. In this case, I'd have to catch up on it right away 😛


  15. I think that the two would be great main characters, but the main focus shouldn't be set on them alone.
    Just like in KanColle, we could have numerous important characters around and a few less important ones, just to have them appear in the show as well 😛

    I don't know about the plot. Well, I haven't played many the games yet, but I think the info we already got from the characters is already enough to create some kind of awesome “Gensokyo is in danger and needs to be saved” kind of story 😛


  16. i love the list, i knew girl friends would make the #1 spot since every yuri fan including me wants an anime for it. me i would love to see dear my teacher get an anime, i like the plot a lot and i sometimes am a sucker for age gap yuri stories


  17. Oh yes, Dear my Teacher would make a great anime!
    However, I think since yuri is still often a taboo, yuri age gap is probably even less likely to happen…


  18. I understand and yet not understand why the low interest with the last few chapters of Citrus.
    And of course I want the anime, is the Yuri manga that interests me most.


  19. I'm actually thinking about writing a longer post about what exactly is going on with Citrus and its fans right now. Though, that might be a hard one.


  20. I would expect a few more chapters of manga before doing so.
    And I think just the reason why that so many do not like it because they do not want to see Mei with anyone else but .. please.
    I really love how goes the manga, makes me suffer, but that makes it so good.


  21. 10 an “ok” in my mind. 9 a nod. 8-7 meh hentai. 6 Yes. 5 Yes! 4 Please! 3 Come on! 2 I thought this would be by now! 1 WTF!?!?!? COME ON! and that was how i read this post. 😛


  22. I rather think that people are not really mad at Mei “pseudo-being” with another girl. I think the problem is rather that it all takes so long and that especially Mei's actions make little to no sense for a few people.


  23. I spoke about this with others so well, it's just that we do not understand Mei “by the moment” The time will come when we will understand but in the meantime, no one has patience.


  24. The yuri genre already grew more popular with sakura trick,yurikuma arashi and valkyrie drive. But
    If citrus got an anime adaption, The genre would rise up and kick yaoi’s ass over the wall to be devoured by titans and to be an outcast. Then “yuri shall conquer the earth” will be more then just a saying. #Yuritopia ( if your a yaoi fan reading this then I don’t know what to tell you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )


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