Quick Yuri News Update: May 2015

It’s finally time for some exciting Yuri News again!

Let’s get to it right away.

First of all, with the release of the new Citrus chapter, we also found out that there is going to be a Drama CD that will be be released alongside the next Citrus chapter in July.

They already decided on the cast. Though, thanks to my really poor Japanese skills, we’ll have to wait for a translation of this to know the full details.

I’m assuming that they’ll just go with the voice actresses they used for the PV as well.

I’m super excited!

In other news, you can still support the guys and girls behind the Starlight Vega Visual Novel.

The KickStarter is still going for 4 more days. If you haven’t already checked it out, now is the time!


Well, it seems like they already reached their goal, but I hear that there’s gonna be another love scene if they reach a certain amount 😉

Next up, and let me apologize that I’m so late again, we have Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid, a yuri-ish game made into Anime.

Well, I don’t have much prove that this is going to be yuri, but let’s just take a look at the trailer. I’m sure you’ll see why I’d say it pretty much is in fact yuri. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think they already announced a release date.

For more information, click here.

Thanks to Adson Aguiar for pointing it out to me~


17 thoughts on “Quick Yuri News Update: May 2015

  1. Great job catching up with these news stories my friend. Better late than never.
    Excited for Starlight Vega and Valkyrie Drive.


  2. im so excited for the citrus drama cd and the cast is the same as the manga PV, hopefully by the end of the year, fingers crossed an anime will be announced. starlight vega looks really good and very interesting so im excited for that and valkyria drive, im somewhat interested in, i dont know much about it other than from what i saw in the trailer from a few weeks back it looks pretty interesting but then again it isnt at the same time, who knows i might get more interested when there is more info on it but right now im only somewhat interested


  3. Citrus is probably the one thing I'm most excited about, and I agree on what you said about the cast.
    They already did a great job with the PV, so this will probably be even better~


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