News Update: May 2015 – More Yuri Visual Novels to Come

First things first: There are new SonoHana characters again! Since new games seemed to appear out of nowhere like every few months back in 2013/14, 2015 seemed rather unspectacular for us fans.

However, we didn’t just get one new pairing this time, but 3 of them! That totally makes up for the recent lack of new games!

The actual Visual Novel (series) will launch in June this year, but we already got a free short story series called “White Lily Memorial”.

Find the translated chapters by clicking here.

You can also already watch the opening movie right here:

Furthermore, for voice samples of the new characters, go to the official website by clicking here.

Source: Petals’ Garden

Next up, we have something that I’m especially excited about.

Since we haven’t gotten very far with localizing FLOWERS or getting a patch at all, you can now at least “play”, or rather experience, some parts of it as translated videos on YouTube.

It’s a really nice way to let us enjoy this great game, so be sure to check it out if you’re just as impatient as I am when it comes to this specific Visual Novel.

Visit the following YouTube channel to find the most recent video translations:


Last but not least, we also got something similar to these translations for another yuri Visual Novel, Kimihane.

In this case, the translations are provided by our yuri neighbor Ibara Miko, who will most likely translate even more of this Visual Novel once there is enough time.

Visit Ibara’s blog Lily Shrine for more information and check out the first part right here:


24 thoughts on “News Update: May 2015 – More Yuri Visual Novels to Come

  1. oh cool, my youtube channel made it on ur site xD. i'm currently making a fansubbed montage of my favorite scenes from the 1st flowers game to give ppl more of a taste of probably one of the purest yuri VNs out there to this date (5/26/2015) lol. and also making this fansub vid is helping out my japanese skills. it's about an hour long. after you guys watch it, you might be inclined to study japanese as i have. i'll probably have it done around saturday-ish but i'm eagerly subbing it right now, thinking about the yuri fans who'll watch it. i can assure you that this vid will not disappoint :D.


  2. so happy about the new sono hanabira games, but i will have to wait an eternity to play them since translations take a long time and i cant be that patient. also for flower and kimihane i want to play them but i guess for now ill have to hold out and watch the sub videos for now, also i thank ibara for translating kimihane 🙂


  3. Lol you did a great job, I got like 10 notifications for just your comments…. 😛
    Also, I'll add the news about the translation once the final patch is actually done.

    I'm sure you'll know about it faster than I will, so I'm counting on you 😛


  4. oh btw, i'm currently fansubbing ch0 and ch1 of the 1st flowers VN, which is around 2 hours long. i think i can get it done by this friday-ish. i hope you'll enjoy it 😀


  5. Good news. FLOWERS just (pun intended) got licensed. JUST will bring first chapter in fall 2015. After that they will try to get the rest of chapters.


  6. And there you go, pun failed, but don't worry about it 😛

    Also, thanks for the quick news. Twitter was basically spammed by it already 😛

    There will be a bigger update where we will talk about that too.


  7. Sono Hana Nyuu Jene is surprisingly good :v It really is a new generation for sonoha series, good story, interesting character, and of course, enjoyable H scenes :))) I definately recommend it for any of you who loves sonohana games, pls try it out ❤


  8. I really haven't tried these yet.
    Well, the characters look so young… and then there are H-Scenes, which I usually love, but with characters that look so young… hmmmm


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