Yuri Tournament – Who’s The Best Yuri Character? – Round 1

It’s finally time for Round 1! Thanks to everyone who supported, shared and also took part in our Yuri Tournament so far, it’s much appreciated~

In this round, all 128 characters will compete 1 vs 1. Keep in mind that you’re only able to vote once for each pair, so choose wisely.

After this round, the winners will move on to round 2, leaving us with 64 characters and so on.

This time however, you don’t have to click on the characters you want to vote for to actually do the voting. Simply scroll down and make your votes without even leaving YuriReviews.

Also, check out the current layout of this tournament.

Each round, it will be updated by adding in the winners of the previous round.

So now, after a very successful Round 0, we can proudly present to you the winners of the first voting~

If you’re interested in how well your favorite character fared in Round 0, be sure to check out my Twitter @YuriReviews, where I will post diagrams showing the distribution of your votes from the previous polls.

Akuma no Riddle
Tokaku Haruki Haru Chitaru
Kantai Collection
Kaga Akagi Ooichi Nagato
Sono Hanabira
Rei Mai Eris Yuuna
Love Live!
Maki Nozomi Eri Niko
Alice Reimu Marisa Mokou
— Have fun voting and let the Yuri Games begin —


33 thoughts on “Yuri Tournament – Who’s The Best Yuri Character? – Round 1

  1. I'm not a huge fan of hers or anything (I was kinda hoping she'd lose to Souma, just to make L mad), but I'd guess a lot of people like her. I wouldn't mind being wrong about that.


  2. I almost cried on some pairing… especially on Natsuki x Shizuru TwT I love them both! And they have to be together… Shizuru is crying too xD *sniff*


  3. omg this is probably the most hardest thing i had to do, i cried and was so heartbroken when i reached my favorite OTPs like nanofate, mitsu, yuzu x mei, saki x maria, mari x akko, yomi x kagura, chikane x himeko and more, just voting against them was so painful and i really wanted to see them all make it together as OTPs especially nanofate because they have to be together


  4. How come it isn't Yuri pairing votes? doesn't that take away the point of Yuri pairs/triplings in the first place?


  5. For this tournament, we're just trying to determine who the public thinks is solely the best yuri character, so having most of the characters initially matched up with their other half makes for some interesting decisions that have to be made.

    I imagine a future tournament could focus on yuri pairings, but who knows if that'll ever happen. If it ever did, I think it would have to be on a much smaller scale and probably feature no more than 16 pairings.


  6. I really only care about Sumika (and to a lesser extent Akane and Chikane), but hey, voted for nearly all of them anyway! 😀 Really hoping K-On and Love Live don't make it too far. Sorry, not sorry.


  7. I just think it's overrated in terms of yuri. I enjoyed both seasons of the anime, but honestly, I don't get any of the pairings people obsess over 😛


  8. its alright even though i had a really hard time deciding who to choose over, i still had a lot of fun with the first round, im looking forward to the next round


  9. I expect Chikane to last a long while along with Yamibou's Hazuki.
    Either Haruki or Michiru to last near to finals?
    Hopeful for Kuroko and Nico to do well <3
    Strawberry Panic chars can go rot e_e


  10. Apparantely it's more the light novels, dramas, manga etc then the anime I believe.
    At least in terms of NicoMaki it's true the manga implies a hell of alot more.

    **spoilers** Nico says to Maki about going on a date. Take that how you will XD

    /Agreed on K-On, over rated in terms of yuri. Good show tho.


  11. Only read it once so..
    they meet up in chap 5?
    Think ch10 through to 12 are mostly them also.

    Man MangaNico is soo diferent to the Anime.


  12. Haha, yes. She's more the mature and cool? senpai now.
    Yeah I was expecting the manga to be the same.
    Why I usually just watch the anime, especially as per usual the manga isn't even bloody finished!


  13. Haha ikr?
    Although the mature wasn't particularly shocking per se since she is in the anime..very rarely unfortunately.
    Makes me wonder why they changed her character so much.

    Oh and quick read through again, and they have more moments right through up to chap 17.


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