Yuri Tournament – Who’s The Best Yuri Character? – Round 2

After another successful round, we’re now down to “only” 64 characters.

I have to admit, while I had a feeling who would win in most cases, there were quite the surprises too. Please note that this time, I won’t post the results on Twitter. Well, I guess spamming you guys with 64 pics would probably be a little too much, so that’s why Rock The Vogt included the poll results into our huge Tournament Bracket that you can find right here.

Check it out to see who won last round and by how much they actually managed to do so.

With that said, let’s move on to Round 2! Just as last time, you can vote right beneath. Have fun~


31 thoughts on “Yuri Tournament – Who’s The Best Yuri Character? – Round 2

  1. Some tough ones this time around but still cakewalks. Sadly I know several of these lovely ladies who I want to win won't because of an established status quo.


  2. ….I'm quite surprise that Mei has lost… I was really hoping to see how far can Mei go though :l How can you let Yuzu vs Mei from FIRST round :v At least save it for later.


  3. Haha. God this is fun… and tough as hell I mean Kyouko vs Yomi!!?? Krista vs Shizuru!!!????? KYOUKO VS YOMI!!!!?????????? I'm bawling my eyes out here…


  4. another great round, there were some surprises like yayoi or haru that nearly destroyed me since i like both almost equally, now another one was fate or nico, but in the end i voted for fate even though i love both, i know fate more and all in all i love fate, i really hope fate can move onto the next round too.


  5. LOL ,any round that has Yuzu and Mei is enough for me :v but the other candidates are quite interesting though, especially Maki-chan :3
    Let me look through the list again
    *roll roll*
    *Gasp” Kanako is still there *shocking face*


  6. With her perverted delusions and womenizer and blah blah things more, maybe she can win, just maybe though :v
    Reallt, that picture doesn't suit her, you should set her representational pic sth more pervert :)) Sth that can exposes her pervertd nature


  7. I think the anime is considered an anti-yuri for some people, so I think no matter how hilarious she was, I don't think she'll make it that far because there are enough haters 😛


  8. lol, i agree with you that she is freaking hilarious, everytime i watch that anime i can't stop laughing :v But that anime does have that much haters 😕


  9. Unfortunately yes, you should read the review that Erica Friedman posted on Okazu.
    She explains why you could call the anime an anti-yuri, though I personally don't see it that way.


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