Yuri Tournament – Who’s The Best Yuri Character? – Round 3

Another week, another round~

We’re already at round 3, leaving us with only 32 characters remaining. You could say we’re down to our yuri elite. Isn’t that exciting?

The updated bracket with the results from the previous rounds is right here, just in case you’re interested in that.

Anyway, just like in the last 2 rounds, you can cast your votes down below. Have fun!


42 thoughts on “Yuri Tournament – Who’s The Best Yuri Character? – Round 3

  1. Think back to what you said about her a week ago. If you still can't remember, go and look on your bookshelf. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Awww. Then I guess I won't beheading your way until you've gotten the chance to calm down. ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. omg this round was even harder than the last round i mean yuzu vs akko and yuuna vs haruka how am i supposed to decide between them but it was still really fun, and im looking forward to the next round


  3. Do I really have to choose between Yuuna and Haruka? it's like both are the same with their girls in their respective series TAT


  4. Much as I like Maki and Nozomi,
    I really want Kanade, Akko and Chikane to go further.
    /how the hell Hikari made it so far amazes me, in a bad way.


  5. I'd say I hope so, but I only know half the characters left.
    No idea what the girl she is vs'd against is like xD


  6. How did Akagi loseeeee?? Howwwww???? (just an expression… But no seriously how the hell…). And how did Fate win NicoNicoNi over there :)) . I mean with the NicoMaki fanbase this is simply impossible. Not that I have any problem with that though :p


  7. Aww, but most of them are pretty well known.
    Well okay, I have to admit there are still some that are probably not popular enough (to make it to the next round) ๐Ÿ˜›


  8. Don't get this wrong. We're not talking about the kind of stereotypes that you can find in American movies.
    We're talking about stereotypes in manga.

    Well, but yes… Yuzu might be viewed as the dumb blond as well ๐Ÿ˜›
    Though, to actually tell you what I mean., Yuzu is not “just” the dumb blond, she's a typical genki girl that never gives up no matter how often she falls down.


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