Yuri Tournament – Who’s The Best Yuri Character? – Semifinals

Wow, we’re already down to the Top 4 characters.

I’m quite shocked this time. My two top picks for the final round, Chikane and Shizuma, are both gone, defeated by newcomers like Yuzu and Haruka. That was certainly unexpected, but pretty exciting nonetheless!

Here’s the updated tournament bracket, if you want to find out by how how far they managed to defeat their prior opponents.

In this round, we’ll have a showdown between the two most popular yuri magical girls, as well as the two newcomers who more or less only joined us some time ago, Yuzu and Haruka.

I can’t wait to see who’ll make it to the final round~


34 thoughts on “Yuri Tournament – Who’s The Best Yuri Character? – Semifinals

  1. It's a pretty good thing that it's finally coming to an end soon, because I've completely run out of good pictures for Yuzu and Haruka. 😦

    And I think you may finally return for the finals!!! No need to thank me. 😛


  2. Finally, the long awaited Fate vs. Homura round, should be a pretty close one. I hope Haruka has what it takes to finally get rid of Yuzu as well.


  3. Fate is so going to lose its not even funny lol
    anyway im pretty sure that homura is going to win this tournament lol


  4. Wow, Chikane and Shizuma both got knocked out! Those were my picks too, they were supposed to be legends! LOL :<


  5. I am proud of Yuzu reached the semifinals
    I was surprised to lose Shizuma.
    Sure from the beginning that Homura vs Shizuma would remain for the final.
    But Haruka win, I do not see Yuzu lost with Haruka, but who knows.
    From the beginning I said if does not win Shizuma wins Homura, but it seems to be gained Homura.
    If get to win Yuzu …..


  6. I guess between classic legends and the upcoming more recent “legends,” the newer ones seem more resonating with the fans.

    It's probably a good thing in the long run: that means that there are more yuri fans nowadays who like the Sakura Trick or Citrus, meaning that the yuri scene is more prevalent than the 2003 era with KnM/StoPan.

    Just like people liking Messi over Pele/Maradona, it doesn't mean Messi is better, but more resonating at this moment. And yes, Chikane/Shizuma were my first yuri shows, so perhaps sour grapes lol.


  7. That is a quite good explanation for this.

    Maybe we could even see this as a good development. As long as legends like Shizuma and Chikane are not forgotten, I can't complain.


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