Yuri Tournament – Who’s The Best Yuri Character? – Finale

This is the very last round of our big Yuri Tournament, and I’m very proud to see these two up against each other now.

It was a tough road for both of them, but despite having to go against their partners as well as many other very strong yuri characters, they made it to the final round!

As always, here’s the updated tournament bracket.

This round will last for a whole week, so we can get as many votes as possible. The winner will then be announced on Sunday, so stay tuned for that~

As always, have fun voting. It’ll unfortunately be the last time… for now 😉


46 thoughts on “Yuri Tournament – Who’s The Best Yuri Character? – Finale

  1. Yuzu is one tough contender. Love her & all but here is hoping to see devil Homu dominate the tournament & then the entire world while she's at it 😛


  2. Interesting take. Imho Yuzu carries Chikane and Shizuma whereas it is Homura who carries Fate. Either way, I'm with the Vogt on this one.


  3. *puts on tinfoil hat*

    I think that the MadoHomu header and your Twitter background could influence some people and make them vote for Homura. 😦

    I think it's safe to assume who you're rooting for. 😛


  4. Good good.
    As predicted Homura I get to the end, and Yuzu win against Haruka.
    Now I see very difficult that Yuzu win this final.
    First, Yuzu has not anime.
    Second, the series Madoka has a lot of fame, so Homura get so high.
    Well everyone knows more about Homura.
    But the truth is also that much to say about Homura, she never did anything more than a subtext Yuri never get to do really Yuri.
    Quite unlike Yuzu, so if it wins Homura I understand it, but also I do not like to win because it never actually made Yuri.
    I can only wish him luck for Yuzu, but we all know who possibly win.


  5. I keep trying to reply but my internet is wierd. home this one works…

    The posters are awesome! I end up smiling when i see them. (“Yuzu is Tart” always gets a chuckle out of me!)

    You rock, Rock! =)


  6. It always amazes me to see just how popular Citrus must be. I mean, Yuzu made it to the final round , which is already a pretty big statement.

    Now if she wins against Homura…that would be crazy, but I can see the current results and it's quite the match!


  7. Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu! (The axes of the dwarves!!! The axes are upon you!!!!)

    Brothers and sisters lets push Homura to victory!!! Thetr will be a day when all fellowships break. A day when badly written characters made of sterotypes wim!!! When well written plots are shaken!!! Awful annoying plots made to increase drama common!!! But today is not today. TODAY WE FIGHT!!!


  8. I am so glad Fate isn't on the final. It's just I'm too tied of Fate always win in every contest.
    I planned to vote Homura to win this tournament from the beginning. But your posters made me almost vote Yuzu XD lol. And in the end, I voted Homura hahah.
    Yuzu is really a good person but Homura is way much better yuri character than her. I mean she sacrifices her life million times for her love. She even becomes devil and change the world for Madoka's sake. Yes, I understand that is really bad but still it's for her love Madoka -.-
    And Yuzu also help Mei a lot. But I still find that she is a bit of greedy, meddle in Mei a lot, try to kiss her or touch her, try to make her to be her girlfriend, reading hentei onee-chan book, push her all the time, and more. And then in the end she didn't accept Mei for making love in chapter 13 (which makes me very disappointed in her) So I voted Homura ^.^


  9. This tournament was going good until FATE LOST. Only thing I can do now is vote against Homura. I like her, but she committed a grave crime.


  10. These two are complete opposites. I cannot choose.

    Yuzu fights against herself to prove her love his real.

    Homura accepts herself and forces her love to be real, by any means.

    Both are endearing in their quests.

    I love that crazy bitch, Homura, for doing as she pleases, but alas, I would have to say I favor Yuzu for her ability to place her loves needs ahead of her own. That's the spirit of love we all hope to maintain. That we are not blinded by love, but that we are able to be made happy by our love in any form it desires to take shape.


  11. I am going with Yuzu here, would love to see the new comer beat the veteran. who knows, stranger things have happened.


  12. I believe very few people actually hate Fate. I mean, how can they? She was designed in such a way that makes her completely lovable. Yet she's nos a mary sue because she has character flaws, but only the ones that would make people find her even more endearing. There are those who might dislike tragic girls (how!?) and are indifferent to her, but hate is a strong word. Now there may be more that think she's too popular, but the same goes for every popular character I suppose.


  13. Thank you for this comment, finally someone who loves them both 🙂
    I like how you describe the two, it's absolutely fitting, and yes, it's a though choice.


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