Quick Yuri Update: July 2015 – Yuri Manga "Otome no Teikoku" To Get Anime Adaptation

It seems like we’re on something of a hot streak of good yuri news lately, and that streak continues with the news that Kishi Torajirou’s yuri comedy Otome no Teikoku is slated to get a “petit” anime adaptation.

Any yuri manga getting an anime adaptation should be good news, but don’t get your hopes up too high however, as the advertisement in Grand Jump Web says the characters will “move for about six seconds”. That tidbit of information pours some cold water on everything—and how exactly that is going to work out is beyond me—but it should still be interesting to see how this adaptation turns out.

How short “petit” is will be the key question going forward to determine if this’ll be anything more than a diversion, but let’s remain optimistic.

Most other details are still scarce at this point, but a little light has been shed as to who’ll be working to bring this to reality. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Movie 3: Rebellion‘s animation director is drawing the animation, Kishi Torajirou himself is handling the coloring, and a character designer from Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka is contributing to the illustration as well.

The promotional video is set to debut today, so be sure to keep a look out for that.

2015 has been pretty generous thus far with all the yuri goodness, so here’s to hoping that trend continues throughout the rest of the year and beyond~


19 thoughts on “Quick Yuri Update: July 2015 – Yuri Manga "Otome no Teikoku" To Get Anime Adaptation

  1. im pretty happy and excited about this, but i dont want to get my hopes up since this could potentially be a short but still happy that its happening and i hope more good yuri news can come in the upcoming months


  2. I've bought first 3 volumes today ^^, I've checked all characters are girls there are some boys in the backgroud, there will be several Yuri-ish scenes (no blatant ones), tthe three main characters will be Yuyushiki like relation even with the protagonist Hibari being a tsundere. There's also two other main characters, both of them childhood friends, with one being a cool-aura silent beauty while the other is a Sharo (gochuumon) like character ETC ETC (rest is updated written on the link here:


    Basically, Yuri subtext will be there for sure, tho there's only 3 volumes out so far; not sure if the anime will adapt that far. It's your typical Kirara-esque comic: cute art, slice of life, moe, and always with a tint of GL paint to play with the subtext of your heart. I think it's more Yuri-ish than even Gakkou Gurashi's small subtext


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