Yuri News: July 2015 – More Visual Novels to Get an English Translation

First, Sono Hanabira, then FLOWERS and now we get even more!

This year has already been a blast for most yuri fans, and it seems as if it won’t just stop there. There are actually so many things to talk about right now that I don’t even know where to start.

Let’s just begin with what I believe is most important.

kindred spirits on the roof
Kindred Spirits on the Roof

As we’ve been informed just a few days ago, MangaGamer has localized two yuri Visual Novels, one of them being none other than Okujou no Yurirei-san, or Kindred Spirits on the Roof, as it’s called in English.

The other one will be The Shadows of Pygmalion, another very promising-looking yuri VN. Unlike Yurirei-san, this one is going to be SFW. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether that is a good or a bad thing. In my case, I think you already know what I would prefer. ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

shadows of pygmalion yuri visual novel
The Shadows of Pygmalion

Find more information plus the trailers by clicking on the links below:

The Shadows of Pygmalion
Kindred Spirits on the Roof

Next up, we have Kuro Irodoru Yomiji’s Nenokami: The Princess Knights of Kyoto, brought to us by Sekai Project. I actually didn’t know about this game, but judging from some of the pictures, as well as the trailer that you can see up there, I’d say that this VN looks quite promising~

For more information on the plot, click the following link: Sekai Project Announcements

sound of drop yuri visual novel
Sound of Drop – Fall into Poison

As we’ve been informed by our awesome neighbor OG, there will be another VN worthy of our attention, namely Sound of Drop – Fall into Poison. It is not certain how much yuri this title will have, but as stated online, this will have some subtext or yuri side characters.

lilium x triangle yuri visual novel
Lilium x Triangle

In other news, we can now get ready for the yuri VN Lilium x Triangle. The translation has already been completed and the patch is seemingly in its final state. More news will hopefully follow soon. Since I’m not the fastest, you can check the progress right here: Lilium x Triangle Translation Project

yuri dating sim
Yuri Dating Sim

Finally, I found something quite interesting while looking for more yuri VNs, and that is a possible Yuri Dating Sim, directed at women. I think I’ve never heard of anything like this before, and actually reading about a Yuri Dating Sim directed at a female audience… that’s just awesome. There is not much information available right now—not even a title—but if you want to find out more about this game, click the link below:

Anime News Network

I’d like to thank everyone who mercilessly spammed me with links, comments, and anything else; making me aware of these awesome pieces of information~

Thanks guys, I hope I didn’t miss anything.


30 thoughts on “Yuri News: July 2015 – More Visual Novels to Get an English Translation

  1. Gotta keep my Euroninja buddy informed on this stuff as well. Since you have more patience than I do it is easier for you share this awesomeness with everyone on your side of the globe. Do keep us informed on any translation projects you bump into like Lilium X Triangle.


  2. You know what I would want/love more than a Yuri Dating Sim… An Anime with a Yuri Wedding. I've seen manga with Yuri weddings, but an anime would but sweet.

    Also in case of a Yuri wedding what type of attire would you like the best. Such as double dress (http://dynasty-scans.com/images/2933), double suit (Never seen any yuri wedding like that), or classic dress and suit (Personal favorite http://dynasty-scans.com/images/1853). And in what colors.


  3. i'm most excited for Kindred Spirits, it's going to be so good. I'm kinda worried that these visual novels won't be successful so they'll stop localizing yuri.


  4. Hello!! anyone knows a good VN with a good plot with a lot of characters without pornographic scenes? ( ゚▽゚)/
    And I mean a Yuri Visual Novel of course. (*≧▽≦)
    Like Clannad but yuri version. ⊂((・▽・))⊃


  5. Well, I've been playing Amaranto. It's a yuri VN and pretty tame. So far I've been enjoying it. Can't really go wrong with yuri, vampires, and it's set in a post apocalypse world. 😀 That is if you don't mind violence, killing, and some blood shed. There's also Mira's Magical Mishap. I liked that one too.


  6. I've been following Lilium x Triangle for a few months now, almost from the very beginning. Can't wait till this comes out.

    The art in Kindred Spirits on the Rooftop seems a bit…off to me. Though I don't like the art all that much, it promises a fun, and entertaining story. Which makes up fro the lack of art! (for me at least)

    The Shadows of Pygmalion looks absolutely amazing. Just the opening movie promises something amazing, and I will gladly pay any amount of money to play it.

    The yuri dating sim…a dream come true! If it truly is coming out this fall, I will be waiting with bated breath for it!

    This is probably the most hype-inducing post i've ever seen on this blog. Keep us posted on these Lena!


  7. I'm not so sure about it.
    Well, I don't know the reasons for this recent boom of yuri localizations, but I believe and hope that it won't just stop if one of them does badly.

    I guess Kindred Spirits is also the one most people are waiting for, so it probably won't be that one.


  8. Never played Amaranto, because I don't like the art that much.

    Unfortunately I also never played Clannad, so I have no idea what you're looking for 😛
    However, a personal recommendation would be Katahane.


  9. Also, silly, you got your info jumbled! The game doujin circle is called “Kuro Irodoru Yomiji” not the game 😛 The game you have there is Nenokami. That's what happens when you don't check my document updates yourself! xd also again my fault for delaying…….but back atcha!
    Also email checkies. nowsies. need answer there! :d


  10. Hey guys idk how relevant this is but I was just wondering about the translation of “sengoku no kuroyuri”? October last year u said translation was continuing but it's been a while. Did it get dropped again? 😦


  11. I unfortunately haven't received another update as of lately.
    The last thing I heard was that they were having trouble creating the patch and needed some beta testing to be done.


  12. i was refferring to both of you but urm……I was kinda planning on reporting about nenokami ^^;……….lilium too tho I know my delay is fault here………..if you wold be willing to be more patient think you could check my document even if occasional I do update it quite frequently….



  13. Just got the steam port/English version of Sona Hanabira Remembering how we met.

    Can confirm port and translation are FANTASTIC.

    Also just a little warning, the artwork is PRETTY different to the usual Sona Hanabira games. It looks alot more natural/hand drawn, then it's usually does. (A pro in my opinion)


  14. Just posted the News about it.
    So far, I've played for like 10 minutes and the only difference I spotted is the fact that they for some reason appear a little younger.
    Maybe that's just me though.


  15. Ibara already spammed me with this one 😛
    Though, I think this is the first time I actually watched a pv. Wow, these English voices really threw me off. I'd so play this in Japanese.


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