Yuri News: Lilium x Triangle English Patch Released

Just a few weeks ago, I made a little update post mentioning this game, and now, it’s already fully translated and available for us in English.

It’s really nice to see things working out so smoothly~

Before posting the link to the patch, here’s some info:

Plot Summary:

Haruka was a succubus who came from the demon world to kiss human girls and suck their energy. However, she didn’t meet a single one in the street until sisters Yuuna and Sana asked her if there was something wrong. Haruka took an immediate interest in them and wanted to immediately drain their energy, but it didn’t go exactly to plan and she just looked like a strange person.

In the end, Haruka somehow ended up freeloading at their place and spending a normal life with them. It was something which she wouldn’t have experienced in the demon world, so she thought that it would be nice to be like this forever. However, Sana confessed to her one day and she realized her feelings towards them. She had never fallen in love before, so she was at a loss at what to do. It was a strange love triangle, but the days that they spend together are ones of happiness.


Translation: Nosebleed
Translation Checking: rainsismyfav
Hacking: binaryfail
Editing: Ryechu
Quality Checking: qt panzer

You can find and download the patch right here.

As for the game, you can either get it over at Amazon or you can buy a digital version here.

Don’t forget to thank the group and enjoy the Visual Novel~


12 thoughts on “Yuri News: Lilium x Triangle English Patch Released

  1. After numerous delays, it's finally out! Wooo! I already played most of it as soon as it came out and I must say it sort of reminds of sono hanabira…except shorter. Maybe that's just me though. Anyway, this VN is absolutely adorable ❤ I highly suggest playing ASAP! This should tie me over till Shadow ofPygmalion comes out 🙂


  2. im so happy i already have this downloaded and ready to play, i cant wait!!!!!!! also i love the new background picture it really looks nice and it fits the blog real well


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