First Impression: Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

valkyrie drive mermaid anime

So yeah… um… I’m still kind of left speechless after watching the first episode.

Well, you gotta know, I went into watching this show pretty much knowing nothing. I had only watched the PV and hyped myself by expecting a whole lot of yuri. I didn’t know much about the game, the premise and, well, anything else. All I knew from the very beginning was that this show was going to be super ecchi.

I don’t know about you, but even the term “super ecchi” has its boundaries. Shows like this are supposed to contain girls with large boobs, skimpy clothing, and great (unproportional) bodies. There are meant to be jiggly boobs, ass and panty shots, and some pervy actions. But I always thought that there would be a definite line between ecchi and hentai. This anime however made me question my own understanding of these two genres. No matter how similar, there are some things that I simply don’t expect to see in ecchi shows.

Like nipples or actual sex scenes, and lastly, such a lengthy display of the two things I just listed. Well, well, this show sure surprised me and made me double check whether I actually locked the door to my room.

valkyrie drive mermaid
That was pretty much me while watching 80% of this anime.

But oh well, enough about this already. I haven’t even talked about the plot yet, which is probably due to some “other things” that almost made me forget about it. Maybe that’s a good thing though, since the plot so far leaves no impression at all. We get some random girls that magically meet on a random island and they start fighting.

The most prominent aspect seems to be how they fight using each other as weapons Soul Eater-style. However, the whole transformation process they have to go through before actually transforming into a weapon is… questionable, but probably a pretty good idea for a game directed at an adult audience.

Oh well, there was at least one scene that actually made me go “Awwwww”; it was almost adorable how little Miss Virgin Innocent was being kissed in order to transform into her weapon form. If I got it correctly, they have to arouse the person in order to get her to transform, so to actually “only” see them kiss made the whole thing seem quite adorable and endearing, at least in comparison to the rest of the episode. However, this short scene only lasted what seemed to be an instant, since Nameless Protagonist B quickly ruined the scene by stripping Miss Innocent and more or less raping her (willing?) victim.

Yup, that sums it up really well.

I’m having mixed feelings. For one, it was entertaining, and there is a lot of yuri going on. But then again, I really can’t stand the level of ecchiness in this show, and I’m quite sure that they’re not going to tone it down.


95 thoughts on “First Impression: Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

  1. Oh yeah! a yuri hent.. I mean anime U.U with a lot of kisses.
    Actually even me dont like anime that focus so much in sex scenes, its a shame, today games, animes, movies all of them treat woman like objects, and this anime is one of them.
    And again girls naked fighting each other to death without at least a shield, I hate sexism and unfortunate
    in japan all animes have this today, each anime, If you see the real japan in real life you will notice that almost everyone show disinterest in relationship, they say is too bothersome, but look what they love to create! They are really weirdos, I like animes but I beginning to feel tired about that, I hope some day some talented mangaka make a great yuri manga in the same level than Toradora, Clannad and School Rumble.


  2. Well, I was expecting something like this, so no big shock. My perv side is happy and pleased (but will have nightmares about “cow tits” of one of the ladies).
    Hmmm… It's propably my first time watching yuri ecchi anime on this level (level of porn).

    Plot – doesn't care ? I don't think it's gonna be something interesting or deep or with any logic, so yeah – bOObs, hue hue hue

    About our MC pair – I thought that the relationship between them gonna be all delicate, romantic, intimate, with soft kisses and only others will be dirty and lewd … but nope, baka me.

    Let's see what VD can show us after 1st ep. like that.

    btw. saw new Yuru Yuri ? I think that yuri level increased (but OP is not as good as 1st and 2nd)


  3. That first episode felt like Sakura Trick with action, nudity and a tad of crazy thrown inn. I'm not really a big fan of ecchi, but when it comes to yuri, the more the merrier!

    I'll definitely watch the rest of the episodes, and I'm sure there will be plenty of non-ecchi scenes that will make the show worthwhile. Hell, my favorite scene in this episode was without a doubt the “hands-up” reaction Nameless Protagonist B gave when she realized she was groping Miss Innocent. She seems a lot more innocent and shy than what her character design suggests, which is a nice change.


  4. After a long time finally we get Yuri anime again. I'm excited when i watch the pv, of course. But after i watched the actual first episode… i think.. i'm not into this one. Of course, i'll keep watching the rrst of the anime. But maybe because i prefer a pure yuri romance anime, and i don't really like the big breast this anime serve. I was so shocked when i saw that breast really.


  5. Would have been better if they'd have implemented the (incest? where they sisters??) pair of the PS Vita game or the one from the social (card?) game for Android (well, I like their hair colors more :P). I'll watch this till the end, but only because it's kind of…entertaining and funny? I was really shocked about the boobs of one certain person (so shocked that I sent L. a screenshot lol), but since I laughed the whole episode long, I'm looking forward for more. Ok that makes me kind of a pervy girl now lol, actually you have to shut your brain down while watching it. Also, lock your door properly 😀


  6. I do so agree- Well, I guess as a game they went with the current flow of things and just added what seemed to be popular right now.
    Then again, I don't get how proportions like these are actually viewed in a good way. For me, those characters look like titty monster, and that's nothing good.

    I can understand that sex spices things up, be it in games or anime, but there are limits to everything…


  7. Right, but I don't really see how this is still able to categorized as a “normal” anime, meaning that it's not viewed as your regular hentai, but as a normal show of the current season.


  8. Cow tits, nice! I think despite everything this anime showed us, the one thing that bothers me the most is the cow tits.
    I don't care if the characters show some skin or even if they walk around completely naked. What really gets me though is when they have such weird proportions.


  9. You actually demand incest?? 😀
    But I have to agree, they appeal to me more as well. Though, if they were actually related, I think it would lessen my enjoyment. Incest always makes me feel a bit weird, as long as I can block that out it's all good 😀

    And those boobs… oh god 😀


  10. Oh geez, another yuri anime for boys again I see. To hell with an actual relationship, just stick your tongue down her throat and fingers up her and she's ready.


  11. LOL, Lena your far to innocent, and igorant of what kind of games are on PS Vita.

    LOL, as I fan of shit like Murcielago, I love this show. It's more honest then the garbage drama in its priorities.


  12. At least in Cross Ange, it was meant to be a horrifying scene, a cavity search and rape to show Ange who's boss in the prison. It made you feel sorry for Ange who continued to be naive. Just a shame how the series ended after such a strong start.


  13. I must say… I'm quite disappointed… I was really hoping for the two purple haired twins to be featured instead of the Loli and the busty blonde 😦 rip yuri twincest dreams…You think the whole series will be about the Loli or do u think the twins might get some screen time later on?


  14. O_O I don't see how anything in here was an “Awwwww” triggering reaction….. xP
    All I remember were big boobs, weapons everywhere, lack of plot explanation of the virus infection thingy that forces the girls to be isolated, and the much awaited yuri kissing O_X

    I don't like how oversized boobs are the thing here… >_> is no love for flat in Japan……?


  15. It's just this guy Takaki, the producer of the series. He also did produced Senran Kagura and loves big boobs and asses.

    As a flat lover myself, I want to believe this guy and his series are just aberrations…


  16. Yep. Of course i like the fanservice *cough*. Who don't? Sakura trick has so many fanservices in one episode, and i (excitedly) watched it. But I need plot, why don't they adapt a story which has an actual plot? Idk, Girlfriends maybe? (Yes i still can't move on from this dream)

    Oh and, other than plot, i need better breasts


  17. Ever since I saw Seikon no Qwaser years ago I knew then that when an anime dares to go all out, THEY WILL GO ALL OUT! So VD being as delicious as it is was surprising but not “I've never seen something this close to being a hentai aired on Japanese late night TV in my life”.

    Anyway Mirei X Mamori has won me over. Here's hoping their relationship becomes romantic at some point. Ecchi yuri's very nice but love confirmations are just as nice, if not nicer.


  18. Well i didnt expect much of the anime since the trailer already did show that it might be about girls and it might have a high amount of ecchiness. In the end the ecchiLv was higher then expected and theirfor less story and less characterdevelopment. but i will continue watching it maybe the plot will get better but i hardly cant believe it. I do question myself for who they made this anime? for some 14year old boys? and wtf is wrong with these oversized boobs -.-


  19. when i started this i wasnt expecting it to be super ecchi to borderline h i was so shocked and the story itself is just wait what is going on here this is really confusing and it left me with a bitter taste in my mouth when it came to the story, yuri wise i was like um okay a little too borderline h dont you think i mean how did they get away with showing this on tv its fully uncensored no mysterious white light nothing jut pure skin and all. like you im mixed about this one but ill press on and continue to see how it goes


  20. Hmmm my reaction was a bit the same as yours (super embarrassed god I hope no one knows I watch this). This series kinda reminds me of like soul eater, liberater and ectsa (meister and weapon). Seems like more of a extreme ecchi for guys but I'll probably watch it (cause I'm a sad sad person) despite it not really targeted towards me.


  21. Lol but no one knows who I am here XD! I sorta meant I hope no one in person finds out. Guiltycrown hmm mabye except that in guilty crown the weapon is more or less extracted rather than the person actually being the weapon.


  22. Yeah I was wondering about that too, like seriously, who would make the characters look as ridiculous as this?? No grown man or woman could come up with this, but seeing this makes me think I'm the one in the wrong here:P


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