Who’s The Best Yuri Pairing? – Yuri Tournament: Round 2

yuri tournament pairings

Another week, another round. This time, we’re already at Round 2, leaving us with half of the initial pool of pairings, which means that there are 48 pairings for you to choose from.

In this round alone, we almost received twice as many votes as we did in the first round of our last tournament, which is awesome! Keep it up guys! The more people that vote, the more accurate the results will be.

I have to agree though, the first round alone has already been pretty interesting, but I have a feeling as if things are only gonna get more exciting with each and every passing round.

As always, here’s the updated Tournament Bracket.


31 thoughts on “Who’s The Best Yuri Pairing? – Yuri Tournament: Round 2

  1. Maybe I'm too tired to read, but I think you forgot a competition:

    korraxasami vs. kaonxhimeko is nowhere to be found in the bracket


  2. this broke my heart i cried a little when angehil didnt make it to the second round and then i got hit with hard choices why must this happen again but nonetheless great second round


  3. I'm sad that Ruby x Weiss didn't get to make it, though it would have been a tough road for them anyway.

    Great round nonetheless; I actually had to ponder for a couple minutes on a few choices this round.


  4. I want MeixYuzu and SumixKazama to get to the next round, but if that were to happen it would only mean they would be againstneach other, and I can not handle that much pressure *sight*

    I L-O-V-E Sasameki koto with all my heart, but I'm also a die hard Citrus fan (YES, I am).
    So voting for one or another would feel like absolute betrayal *cries in a corner all alone*


  5. Kumirei vs Korrasami…
    Wow, you just split a certain social platform fanbase there…

    Also, Yay for RikkaxMana! And my mainship still floating…
    I'll be really glad if my mainship fight against RikkaxMana in final as they won't fight each other before then…
    Although it kinda sad that one of my top 10 ship won't reach the “quarterfinal” and I think only 5-6 will reach said “quarterfinal”…

    Go my ships! Let's win this tournament!


  6. Thought the exact same thing 😛
    Well, I think since this Blog is directed at anime fans, I'd assume that Kumirei is at an advantage here, but I haven't checked the recent state of this specific poll, so I can't be sure.


  7. Well, it's not a yuri anime, but the subtext is quite something. Also, just like Shiznat, Nanofate managed to earn a whole lot of fans, and it's still a famous pairing to this day.
    So yeah, you should probably check it out 😛


  8. Habe soeben deinen Blog entdeckt und da musste ich einfach mitmachen !
    Bei manchen Pärchen habe ich mich echt schwer getan weil ich nicht wollte das einer rausfliegt haha
    Ich mag deinen Blog schon sehr der ist echt gut gelungen weiter so !��


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