Who’s The Best Yuri Pairing? – Yuri Tournament: Round 3

yuri tournament pairings

After another week of hard choices, we arrive at Round 3, with even harder choices to make. I am seriously not capable of deciding between pairings such as NozoEri vs KumiRei.

It really breaks my heart to actually make a decision here, but it can’t be helped. The road to find the best Yuri Pairing sure is rough, but we’ll pull through nonetheless.

As always, here’s the updated Tournament Bracket.

So despite the hard decisions, have fun and let the Yuri Games continue~


48 thoughts on “Who’s The Best Yuri Pairing? – Yuri Tournament: Round 3

  1. Im really not looking forward to a citrus vs madoka face off… Cause well for the moment im not a great fan of the citrus manga with their constant “yuzu has to go through endless hardships for nada” It really bugs me alot =/ So as hyped as that couple is i cant say im on their side currently.. and what D: nagisa x shizuma is out!? *nuuuuuhhh*


  2. Holy ****, the oldies are in tough. Shizuma/Nagisa lost to a minor YY pairing? ShizNat lost to something I had to google?? And ChiMeko are going to need a miracle to get by Haruka/Yuu. Man I'm old.


  3. In other news, congratulations to SumiBanba, who wins the newcomer vote-in of the tournament. And who are unfortunately going to be buried by Himeko and Chikane.


  4. Wow I really didn't expect Shiznat and ShizumaxNagisa didn't make it into this stage. Hmm judging from previous tournament also, I'm wondering if fans are prefer newers anime compared the old one? Or are they from new generations? (I feel so old) Am I the only one who still didn't bored with the old couples? And I just wanna know if anyone else ship setsunaxkonoka?


  5. too bad Shizuka and Erisu arent there anymore but obviously they didnt had a chance against the Nico x Maki Ship. For this round i really hate to choose between Eri x Nozomi and Reina x Kumiko >.<


  6. Save that for later. I'm actually a little afraid that it might end this way again, but I have high hopes for some other pairings in there.
    Well, I know my favorite pairing will not make it that far anyway, but go Akaga!!


  7. I already had a feeling as if Nagisa x Shizuma would loose against the probably most popular Yuru Yuri Pairing. It's a pity though…
    In case of ShizNat loosing to Eruna x Seisa… yeah that threw me off too.


  8. I never really liked Sailor Moon, so I'm okay with that, but back to the more exciting topic; You've been to Japan? I sure hope you bought some nice doujinshi 😛


  9. I knew Aya x Yoko was doomed as soon as they went up against Madoka x Homura. 😦

    Choices are getting Harder now. I just hope to see Sakurako x Himawari get up higher.


  10. Lol i havent even googled it yet ! I just squinted my eyes in disbelief… I really like all the old couples. Cant help it, im not too familiar with all the love live, touhou etc couples to be honest. i mean to me shizumaxnagisa and himekoxchikane will always be the legends o.o And well homura and madoka. but i wouldnt mind it either if they were just best friends instead of lovers.


  11. How cruel, Akaga against NicoMaki ;w;

    Also, Eri x Nozomi vs Kumiko x Reina… I really hope for KumiRei!

    Still seeing my first yuri pairing there (which led to Touhou, Yuri and all this stuff) makes me glad though (NanoFate) 😛


  12. I'll quote myself saying that it might be good for the yuri scene for it to work this way. It means that yuri is more prevalent in 2015 than in 2003, and that soccer analogy of Messi or Ronaldo not being better than Pele or Maradona. Of course Pele is better, but ask some guy on the street who their favourite is and it'll be Messi.


  13. Friends instead of lovers, huh? Nahh… Well, of course I would disagree with that 😛
    In case of Touhou and KanColle, I have to admit that we probably added in too many of them. On the other hand, they are quite popular, but only among people who enjoy reading doujinshi.


  14. That's true, but then again, I think that only goes for people that are more or less new to the genre. If you're a fan, there is simply not that much for you to choose from. One way or another you will come across KnM and Strawberry Panic. There is simply no way around it if you're a fan long enough.


  15. I know right?!?! How the hell could Akaga possible stand strong against this pairing… I'm already crying… this is too cruel to watch 😦

    Also, why are you betting for KumiRei? I remember that you liked motherly, busty, teasing characters. Nozomi is simply the perfect choice for you. It's like I don't even know you anymore!!! 😀


  16. Even if Akaga loses this tournament, they'll always live on in my heart <3 º﹃º º﹃º god, how I ship them when I send out a fleet with both of them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Because KumiRei is life? 😛
    To be honest, I'm quite fed up of Love Live! (bet I'll get hate mail if people read it lol). It's just…everywhere? and like every second release on the dynasty reader is LL…(btw, Idolmaster is far more better than LL imo :P) I don't even bother reading the new releases anymore *sigh*…I haven't read LL for half a year, I think 😡

    “It's like I don't even know you anymore!!!” – I'm harder to understand than you think, okaasan (wow, how many aliases do you have now?) 😛
    (ah right, I told you that I wanted to go to sleep earlier, but reading (yuri)…is really addictive…)


  17. Damnit, the pair that gave me the most trouble was (Mei x Yuzu) vs (Sumi x Kazama)

    Sumi and Kazuma are just eh cutest couple and I totally wish I could have a relationship like that one day, but Mei and Yuzu makes me so moist…

    … the moistness won. I'm sorry my dream relationship… I'm bad at decisions.


  18. Waaaaait MAI!! You can't abandon ErixNozomi! YOU CAN'T DO THAT! It's one of the best ships around! Well, of course Akaga is way better and no one can reach them (other than Shinoasa's MokoKeine, but we all know how that ended…).

    And what? Okaa-san? First I was your sister, now I'm your mother? When will I be your obaaaaaa-chan? 😛


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