Yuri Manga Review: What Does The Fox Say? by Team Gaji

Spoiler Warning!

Title: What Does The Fox Say?
Author: Team Gaji
Year: 2014
Genre: Drama, Romance, Yuri, Adult
Status: Ongoing

Just as more or less promised in the last “Don’t Know What To Read Next” post, here’s the hopefully long-awaited review of this Manhwa~

Story: 8/10 and Characters: 6.5/10

Despite the weird sounding title that might lead your mind to some very specific places and one very specific song, this manga—or manhwa—deals with nothing more and nothing less than sex, romance, and sexy office ladies. Quite promising, I know.

The story starts off with newcomer Ju Sungji getting introduced to her coworkers in her new workplace, a game development company. Her beauty and cold initial appearance leave her standing out quite a lot on her first day alone. However, as we’re slowly getting to know her better, we’ll see that that’s not all there is to her. Especially whenever their stern and quite beautiful team manager Sung Sumin shows up, we get to see her act drastically different.

First of all, I seriously need some nicknames for the 3 main characters. Their names are just far too hard for me to keep in mind, and it’s already driving me crazy, so here we go:

Ju Sungji will be Blondi
Sung Sumin will be Foxy
Baek Seju will be Pinky

Now that we have that settled, let’s get right into my review.

As just mentioned, we only have 3 more or less important characters that regularly appear in each and every chapter. In order to not have to explain it all in great detail, I drew some type of character relation chart that should tell you exactly what is going on between the three women [current status: Chapter 21].

So now that we have cleared up their relations, it’s easy to say where this story is heading. Well, to be quite honest, we already knew from the very first chapter that Blondi and Foxy would get together eventually, but their path is quite rough and sometimes really hard to watch. It often felt like watching Yuzu and Mei interacting, especially since Foxy has such a cold and aloof way of treating Blondi, and probably everyone else. Sometimes, it was almost painful to watch her treat the people she should care about in such a “hard-to-get” manner, as she calls it herself. For me, she just acts like bitch who doesn’t give a damn about anything, but that may be just me….

I often felt like slapping her in the face, simply because I don’t see how it’s appropriate to treat your crush the way she did; constantly putting unnecessary space between them, only rarely really considering their feelings, and even pushing them into doing things they are probably not ready for. No matter how much she’s been through in her life, she should definitely know better than acting like a bitch towards Blondi. Then again, it kind of works, so I guess this really shows that the common saying of “nice guys finish last” might actually be true in some cases.

Well, this kind of relationship is what actually makes this manga as intriguing as it is, and if we now add in Foxy’s ex/girlfriend/sex friend Pinky, it adds just the right kind of spice to make this story go from fairly intriguing to freaking exciting.

Yes, you heard that right, Pinky is simply the perfect addition to this type of story, bringing out some of Foxy’s other character traits, rather than only coldness and aloofness, which shows us that there is actually much more to her. In various flashbacks, we witness her actually acting needy, kind, and even cute; which is definitely something she doesn’t show very often.

It’s a very important part to the story, because without the flashbacks, she would come off as too much of an emotionless jerk. This is actually a big issue I have with this manga. The two main characters, Blondi and Foxy, almost always wear the same kind of expression. You only rarely see them laugh, get angry, or anything else. This alone makes it really hard to see the love that might or might not exist between them, which is – yet again – a big problem for me. Everyone else just seems so full of emotions compared to them. Especially their co-workers and supervisor Pinky come off as way more likable thanks to not looking as stoic as the other two.

This also makes it really hard for me to root them on. I’m actually still not sure if I should really go with that pairing or hope for Pinky x Foxy instead. Hell, I even think that the brown-haired guy that confessed to Blondi (forgot his name) might be a better match for her than Foxy, but I think I should just wait and see how things develop between them.

Finally, I’d like to point out that there is one thing that this manga does better than most, if not all, manga of this kind; it keeps you interested. It’s not just the story and the way it pulls you in, this mangaka seriously mastered the art of putting the porn where it needs to be. If you get slightly bored during one part, there will be a flashback or another type of chance where sex is going to happen, and it’s going to make things intense and keep you interested. Oooor, I’m just a pervert who’s easily
pleased with nice sex scenes. Actually, I think I must be just that….

Yeah, what can I say? I’m a hopeless pervert….
Art: 6/10

Well, I have to admit, I was a little put off by the art at first. It doesn’t really look like your typical manga, which might be a good thing even. However, I’m so used to this typical manga style that the way this one has been put together, and especially the way this one has been drawn, just puts you off at first.

I have to give the artist credit for the really well-drawn and beautiful faces, especially of the female characters. And I also have to point out that it’s freaking amazing that this work is fully colored, yet it still doesn’t sit well with me. Maybe it’s the fact that most characters look like Korean pop stars. Yeah, maybe that’s it….

Yuri: 10/10

Have I already pointed out that this is a manga fully concentrating on yuri sex, sex, sex, and relationships? It seriously never drifts too far apart from the few themes I just named and always throws in the sex when needed.

Well, the sex scenes are not really on the explicit side, but they definitely show more than one would expect. I still remember when I read the first chapter, completely oblivious to the fact that there would be sex. The last scene really surprised me, but in a good way ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

However, if you’re only looking for a heartwarming love story between two women (like I was thinking it would be at first), this one might not be the right kind of story for you.

Total Enjoyment: 7.5/10

First of all, I love the fact that this is not your typical underage school girl meets school girl type of story. This is about office ladies in their thirties, sexy office ladies, that is.

You see, I’ve realized that I’m not 16 anymore (yeah, took me long enough, since I’m now 23), and my interests seem to shift from this typical innocent yuri high school love story to more mature stories, showing how adult characters get together. So this one is quite satisfying in this department.

However, it lacks in others. For instance, you will probably have some difficulties actually liking the two main characters. The biggest problem, however, is the fact that in some points in the story, you pretty much can’t comprehend what is going on anymore, especially whenever there are new flashbacks popping up from out of nowhere.  Well, it’s still an awesome read that you might just need to read an additional time to be able to fully understand.


55 thoughts on “Yuri Manga Review: What Does The Fox Say? by Team Gaji

  1. I like how I can get comments ready weeks in advance. 😛

    If TaeNy is in it, I may have to actually read this one. Noona would be so proud~

    But for the nicknames, why didn't you just use Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Jessica? It's not like you haven't heard them a million times by now. 😛


    • I’ve been reading on imgur up to chap 49. I’ve understand everything now. Pinky likes Sumin and they’ve been in a relationship before but they broke up because of pinky accidentally slept with a man & Pinky still loves sumin. After Sumin and Blonde get together in a relationship I don’t know now who am I going to ship. I think its best if they’re going to have harem.

      I do pity Pinky. She cried over Sumin. my OTP is so messed up rn. I feel like they’re going to have 3 some


  2. i really like WDTFS for beeing diffrent from the most yuri manga who take place in a school or ar about schoollife. i like this grown up characters and that the story feels more adult like. i wonder where this story will lead us :3


  3. I love this story! I'm up to date, after buying the chapters, and I have to say that the story keeps drawing you in! There's more character development now and you can really see how complex each and every character is, and how the relationships between each other are even more complicated haha. I love it. It really draws out a nice love story between the two main characters, with a touch of drama and confusing feelings with 'Pinky' haha. I really recommend reading this one out. The story gets better afterwards, I promise!


  4. I remember someone promote this on scanlation site. But her/his promotion words were actually different from your reviews. He/she said something a long with pretty art, so many sex scenes, no drama shit like citrus, just pure fanservice, and told us to purchase it immediately in know-it-all way… I guess that's the reason why i never bother this manga, or manhwa, or whatever.

    But, if it's already ch 21 and still a lot of drama going on, i guess i'll skip it afterall.. Well, considering how frustrating citrus is so far (and there's still no new update for good sake!) and to add that taenysic analogy, I'm done lol (maybe since i don't really like three of them).

    But, i don't really think age is a factor how you like your “yuri”. It probably you're just sick or bored of some redundant yuri theme. I mean I'm older than you, but I'd rather enjoy school girls relationship rather than grown ups relationship. Probably i've had enough grown ups shit in real life to deal with..lol

    Anyway, thanks for the review. It really helps me on saving money, time, and future misplaced anger..lmao


  5. Hm, I think you can't really compare the drama in this one with the drama in Citrus. It's a high level of drama, but a very different kind.
    It makes you wanna punch the characters, but for different reasons. Foxy is definitely a similar kind of “bitch character” like Mei, but she rather then leading Yuzu on, Foxy is a little more open and visibly confused by all of this.

    Well, I hope this actually makes sense. I'm not trying to make you buy it, I'm just saying that it's not Citrus.
    Also, I disagree with whatever that promotion person said this manga would be 😛


  6. I found this review trying to find out if anyone read the updated chapter. Though this was older (written in October) I gave it a go to see what ideas this site may had about the series.

    Thus far, I agree…I do think Foxy (I always forget their names too!) is cold. But unlike you, I cannot stand Pinky!!! As I have completed chapter 30 of the series I see Foxy's reasons why she is that way and honestly, it has made me absolutely HATE the Pink haired woman. All I can say is (so as not to spoil any readers) that Pink one is a straight up b!tch, the smile in your face while stabbing you in the stomach kind.

    As for Blondi, I find it really hard to get into her character. It’s like she is not quite human? I mean she is interesting but at the same time its like she’s not quite there, like her existence is not even realistic?I dunno how to explain it. The more the chapters progress you learn more about her history and from that it makes me A) uncomfortable with the idea of her trying to be with Foxy because Pinky is SC-AR-Y! B) already see her and Foxy as being short-term because Foxy is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too experienced. C) what planet did Blondi and her entire family come from?????

    When the series actually gets to them “seriously” dating, I wonder if the series will end with Blondi and Foxy possibly amicably breaking up. Perhaps Blondi will leave going being with Foxy was a serious learning curve and Foxy will leave it going she feels as if being with Blondi “fixed” her.

    Over all, I am looking forward to new chapters and I will visit your site more often!

    p.s. Did you ever read Fluttering Feelings? Its very slow burn but its getting there (chapter 52 is out now!)

    p.s. google translate is super duper helpful….


  7. I think I'm still stuck at chapter 21, so I have to get some reading done really soon.
    I still can't really see how Pinky is going to turn out to be the scary bitch that you told us she is, but it sounds freaking entertaining already 😀

    I also read Fluttering Feelings, but I'm even further behind on this than I am with WDTFS, so yeah… 😛


  8. Or try searching “WDTFS” with the number of whatever chapter you want at the end. It might come up cause that works for me – so far.


  9. I returned to give you the heads up; I was reading it in Spanish (and I'm not all that good at it xD) and realized that Foxy has a thing for Pink Haired women and that there was a second un-named (?) pink haired girl that she was with. So to not be a send off, I am going to re-read a few of the chapters to make sure I didn't mix them up and accuse Pinky of crimes that she did not commit. I still think that Pinky is a b!tch though. xD

    If you do ever continue with the series- especially searching WDTFS- I am curious what your views on it will be.
    Thanks for sharing your views and for reading/responding to the comments!


  10. Since it's been a few more months, here's what I'm thinking of it right now (I'm at chapter 43):

    The story is as confusing as ever. I should probably just re-read some chapters, but even if I did, it would probably still be hard to tell what's going on in some parts. Though, that's probably not just the authors fault, since the translation often bothers me as well.

    Though, after chapter 43, I'm at least quite pleased with Foxy and Blondi's relationship. It somehow all came together and I think they clicked, at least more than they did when I wrote the review up there.


  11. Yeah, I understand what you mean, though, she's not that bad.
    I'm at chapter 43 now, and I feel like she's going to mess some more things up, though I also started pitying her.


  12. When I read the manga once before I honestly don't know whats the real deal between Seju (pinky) and Foxy, but when I read it again (i already read it 3x) it seems like they're both in a relationship back in highschool and they really love each other until Seju (pinky) cheated on Foxy. It is When Foxy's parents died and shes really depressed so she pushed Seju (pinky) away and she got depressed and lonely too so, Seju (pinky) got caught sleeping with a man and that's where they broke up I guess. I think Seju is still hoping for Foxy to really love her back again but I somewhat pity her because Foxy already have Blondi. I'm still waiting for the next chapters tho. So exciting


  13. Even though most flashbacks are kind of hard to distinguish from the rest and sometimes even hard to fully get, I really liked their story.
    They were a great couple in the very beginning, though it didn't quite end that well.

    Despite hating Pinky a little, I think the story would have been just fine as some kind of really bumpy love story between these two.


  14. The thing I've been talking about Pinky (Seju) and Foxy (Sumin), The time where they argue and the reason why they broke up is in CHAPTER 10. You can start rereading from there. You can also see in CHAPTER 11 that Pinky (Seju) cheated on Foxy (Sumin) by sleeping with another guy.

    I actually get you. It's so frustrating before because I don't know what does the flashbacks have to do with that chapter and it does not relate at all so its kinda confusing too, but if you try rereading it at least once you'll understand for sure. I reread it because of boredom and I've found out that some flashbacks with Foxy (Sumin), being with every another girl we don't even know has something to do with her break up with Pinky (Seju).

    I don't really know why I'm sharing you these things now. I just don't have any other person to talk to about these.
    The thing that gets me excited is that “What will Pinky's reaction would be?” if she founds out that Foxy is really serious about Blondi, because there's some chapters that really shows Pinky does not believes that Foxy is serious with Blondi and shes willing to wait.

    Anyway thanks for reading my long comment. I just really love the story. Its actually one of my top 3 most favorite. Citrus, Exciting Feelings/Fluttering Feelings and What does the fox say?


  15. You can reread it in Mangapark.me

    It's also easier there because you can read the whole chapter with all images. It's kinda frustrating for me to click next every chapter so I always read it there. It does not need you to pay too.


  16. I actually do search in Mangafox.me for new updated yuri mangas and then go switch with another website called Mangapark.me

    All English Translations and They're updated too just like mangafox but for me its much easier because you can read each chapter with all images.


  17. Stuck in Chapter 43. still waiting for more. I recommend for you guys to reread it starting for Chapter 10. Its all where the excitement come from. I can't really see the end of it. I can't picture Blondi and Foxy together at the same time Foxy and Pinky, But the thing I'm sure is Pinky (seju) will mess things up with Blondi and Foxy because I know for sure that Pinky still loves Foxy even tho she cheated accidentally. I've read a chapter with Pinky tryna say that she'll wait for foxy to comeback to her.


  18. Theres so many sites where you can go read it without paying a single cent and google translating. Kinda frustrating but you just really need to wait for the chapters in some free sites. chap 43 is the latest now


  19. The excitement of the story is really good especially the latest chapter now. Can't you change the total enjoyment and characters? It seems that you're enjoying it now more than before.


  20. This is a review based on my total enjoyment up to like chapter 21. There will probably be another review once this manga ends, so I'll probably end up with other numbers then~


  21. Well, I sure hope it stays as nice as is is right now.
    Okay, my judgement might be clouded after these 2 chapters of sexy time between Blondi and Foxy, but I really hope it will stay the way it is right now between them.

    Of course Pinky will show up and try to mess things up, but that should hopefully lead to their relationship getting even stronger.


  22. I’ve been reading on imgur up to chap 49. I’ve understand everything now. Pinky likes Sumin and they’ve been in a relationship before but they broke up because of pinky accidentally slept with a man & Pinky still loves sumin. After Sumin and Blonde get together in a relationship I don’t know now who am I going to ship. I think its best if they’re going to have harem.

    I do pity Pinky. She cried over Sumin. my OTP is so messed up rn. I feel like they’re going to have 3 some

    Liked by 1 person

    • A harem, huh? I haven’t continued reading, since I want the chapters to pile up before I go on, though that’s something I can’t really see, yet something that might at least happen in form of them all having sex together 😛


  23. I enjoy the comic and I think it’s by far the best written love triangle presented more on the realism side. I dig the characters and their personalities. I could go on and on about how good this manhwa is but the bottom line: I love every single moment of it. If you want to support this manhwa like I do, then read it on lezhin.


  24. I read this review for 30 secs and the moment when you typed “yuzu and mei interacting” im like oh shit here we go again. Although I’m not quite sure how you are able to make that connection (and I still don’t know), I still need to give you credits for nailing the personalities of each character… somewhat. “For me, she just acts like bitch who doesn’t give a damn about anything, but that may be just me….” I don’t know about you kid but at age 34 and after numerous amounts of “not working out” relationships, you kinda start to see life pretty boringly. Sure she doesn’t give a damn, I mean her life is basically dependent on Pinky, after all but I’m sure you don’t know what I’m talking about because you haven’t read the whole comic yet (ouch). Oh btw, this isn’t just some sex manhwa about sexy office ladies (gratz on nailing the romance part correct), a lot of fans pay attention to this comic and actually pull out a lot of theories and deep thinking just by analyzing the three characters closely. Don’t trust me? Try clicking fb and type What Does The Fox Say (WDTFS), this is a place you should go and talk to people who have shoved this manhwa to their face day and night and you tell them if it’s a worthy reading or not. Suggestion to the people who are reading this review, this is a great manhwa to read and in many ways, it pulls you out from the typical generic yuri scenes and puts you in scenario where you will find scenes that are quite relatable to real life. If you read the manhwa illegally (which I’m sure you do you pleb), then help and support the manhwa by reading it on lezhin, then the layout will make a whole lots better sense before you’re complaining about “omg there is so much space in between pictures and it hurts my eyes nooooooo . . .” . . . . shut up.

    Peace out.



  25. “Art 6/10 – it doesn’t look like your typical manga.. ” to hell it isn’t, it’s a manhwa. You might want to do some research kiddo


  26. hi Lena
    i started reading WDTFS couple mnths ago and came across this review of urs. i totally agree with ur view on this one being not the typical high school yuri and shows how the adult characters interact, and that its a bit confusing to keep track on past flashbacks.
    also, the diagram u created is really useful in explaining the story to my friends 😄
    as now the story has progressed fat and there are 2 more characters involved (Nami & Dawoon) i hope u can update ur diagram and also ur view on the current status of the story.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi there 🙂

      I haven’t read this one in a while, so I’m quite behind, though I’m definitely planning on doing a full review at some point, so I’m pretty sure my scores and also my view on many things will change.

      Though, I first need to find the time to catch up 😛


  27. Although the main idea of this manga is SEX, that doesnt seem it is only bout sex. On the Other hand, we can notice the cute scene between Foxy and Blondi. This love is different from Pinky and foxy that is mostly about sexual relationship. However, I love this manga and hope to see a different end such as 3P

    I love ur review 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Hi there!
    I am currently reading Ch. 36, I am about to drop it… First, I don’t get how “Blondie” is so naive, I don’t like that.. for me she seems kind of an airhead, kind of childish, and non-human, her expressions are so… I don’t know how to express it… it’s like looking at an android or something, like Ava from Ex Machina, and I don’t get why “Foxy” is with “Blondie” if all the time she keeps spacing out, thinking about “Pink”.. anywho.. it seems forced to me. Even Yuzu x Mei have more chemistry, they appeared to genuinely like each other, not just for their “looks” and at least Yuzu seem to have a soul, not like “Blondie”…

    So my question is… Do things change later? Should I continue reading it?

    PS: Manga/Manwha that I’ve enjoyed: Kase-san, Pulse, This Love That Won’t Reach, Yagate Kimi Ni Naru, The Third Party, Tamen De Gushi.


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