Who’s The Best Yuri Pairing? – Yuri Tournament: Round 4

yuri tournament pairings

There goes my favorite pairings… Oh well, it can’t be helped, we still have some awesome pairings left, don’t you think?

I already have a feeling as if the last match of the list will yet again make some of you really sad. Stay strong everyone, just a few more rounds and we’ll have our winning pair!

For now, have fun voting~

As always, here’s the updated tournament bracket.


51 thoughts on “Who’s The Best Yuri Pairing? – Yuri Tournament: Round 4

  1. All Sono Hanabira couples sinked (´;ω;`)

    Well, at least choosing was easier in this round, except for NicoMaki vs HimaSaku.


  2. The results are unsurprising so far. I'm betting it'll once again be down to the final two from last time together with their respective partners.


  3. Is it a left-right final or a top-down final? Since a left-fight final is probably the only way it won't be a repeat of Homura/Yuzu…


  4. i cry no more sono hanabira couples also some of my other favorites are out, also again so heartbreaking especially since i love all of these couples but i do hope the ones i voted for can move on


  5. it would kinda really bother me if they win… The manga is really just sort of annoying me by now. Yuzu being all cute and stuff and Mei just going all hmpf i like you, but actually 99% of the time i dont and im just gonna make ur life miserable. What kind of couple is that '-'


  6. I've done my duty and voted. I find this more of a bit of fun than anything serious as I tend to root foor most pairing (except what I see as unhealthy ones). So it's more about inserting my tastes as which I pick as my favourite.

    Mei x Yuzu still makes me moist.


  7. seriously thats a mean choice again….kumikoreina vs maikakko -_- somehow i got the feeling int will in the end be again yuzu and mei against homura and the other girl…


  8. Ah Vote Fah Za Tsuu Nameless Muffler Kyarakutars in Da Winter Pikuchuabove!

    SHES DEAD! WHAT?! SO YOUNG DAMMIT. R.I.P. But you probably knew that already/unconcerned.


    Well at least she didn't voice anyone significant huh?
    Hmm…… -goes over list- StraPani's Hikari who no one cares about cuz it's the overused yuri prince coupling no one gives a rat's arse about now (VD ep4hint wink nudge)…
    Pokemon's Cattleya….you won't know who that is but she wasn't important in the anime 😀
    Nanoha's Shinobu Tsukimura and Lieze Lotte? Forgot about those minor characters long time ago….
    A Yami to Boushi chara? well that series is screwed up in direction so who cares…
    And then Prisma Illya's Sapphire and Akai Ito's main chara Kei hato…..
    huh o(*゚▽゚*)o



  9. I really hope so too!
    I'm pretty hyped already, but I also have a very bad feeling about it…. Shuichi….I think he might steal that precious place of Reina… please no!


  10. I got off my lazy arse to type some short yuri news posts (two) for the first in a long time. 😛
    News about the upcoming Koukaku no Pandora Animation Movie & new project in planning “Valkyrie Impulse” (not related at all to valkyrie drive series). spammed you on twitter also. because that's spam 😮
    Koukaku no Pandora
    Valkyrie Impulse
    I do list some reasons how Koukaku no Pandora is yuri, since I sense you still have doubt :p



  11. I mailed you some more solid evidence btw, since my summary post & tweet spam are unconvincing.

    The series has minimal yuri, actually only yuri I've seen is in vol 0, black hair Aoi liking main chara friend Ami (she likes small things, no not lolicon i think). but yuri nonetheless I guess.well I'll be watching it when it comes out anyway~ maybe get some much needed exercise?


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