Who’s The Best Yuri Pairing? – Yuri Tournament: Semifinal

yuri tournament pairings

We’ve already arrived at the the semifinal, leaving us with only 6 competing pairings.

Just like the last round, I’m almost shocked to see some of the results. YuuxHaruka beat ChikanexHimeko? Interesting….

I guess this result alone might be enough to write a 10-page essay on the development of our favorite genre within the past few years. Ah well.

I’m also quite surprised to see NicoxMaki lose against HimawarixSakurako. Now, I sure hope that we’ll witness some more surprises in this round. Well, I have a feeling as if we can already tell who’s going to move on to the final round, so I really hope that I’m actually wrong and that things will stay interesting!

Have fun voting! Here’s the updated Tournament Bracket.


43 thoughts on “Who’s The Best Yuri Pairing? – Yuri Tournament: Semifinal

  1. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the loss and celebrate the run of the classic yuri age. It brought two good teams (and also Shizuma/Nagisa cause **** it Tamao's better) and they did very well. They were great teams, and made it all the way to the quarter finals, but in the end, the plebs have spoken. May they live strong next tourney and we hope to see them again. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Rip in pepperoni.

    Alright ****it I'm done boys and girls. Good game.


  2. This will be my first time skipping the voting. I just can't choose between GodokaHomura and AkkoMaki… This is hard…

    ChikaneHimeko hmm really hope this pairing will represent old timer in the final but looks like new faces are much more popular.


  3. Chimeko is my favorite yuri couple of all time! and thats despite all the other utterly outstanding yuri couples we have now! the fact Chimeko didnt make it…….can i even go on? whats the point?! :'(


  4. WHAT himeko and chikane D: No way… how are the legends not here… Seriously. I mean chimeko and shizuma and nagisa should have faced off it would have been such a great spectacle! Oh well… please homura and madoka dont let me down *-*


  5. So happy for Himawari x Sakurako Himawari x Sakurako never thought it would come this far, this third season is being felt in the results and I am very happy about that.
    But my heart will always support Mei x Yuzu


  6. I'm betting millions of euro (If I lived in a European country) that the top three will be the same as the final two from last time. If it's the ones I voted for then I will eat my shorts.


  7. don't blame me, I voted for them, I will grab the torch, and we can riot all we want, everyone grab your torch and pitchfork, lol


  8. I think the biggest problem here, is, if we had like 10 times as many voters, Chikane and Himiko would have been in the finals as well as Strawberry Panic's yuri pairing (sorry forgot the names) with Yuzu and Mei not being even close to the finals.

    might I suggest a 3 way vote in the grand final?


  9. Well Mei X Yuzu have done very well in recent times, what I lie about Citrus is the fact that it get's people talking whether they love it or hate it I seriously hope Mei and Yuzu win this one, would be pretty cool if this pair won.


  10. I really like the fact that we have some Citrus supporters around who actually don't mind defending the pair in the comments.
    If they actually win, I can already feel the hate comments coming, so you better stick around and help me out when it comes to that 😛


  11. 3 way vote? Could you elaborate?

    I thought about this already and came to a few different possible conclusions. So here are my answers to why Citrus gets so many votes:
    A) I'm a blogger supporting Citrus, so many Citrus fans know YuriReviews and regularly visit
    B) Someone manipulated the Polls so far (very unlikely though)
    C) Citrus is simply as popular as it seems

    We get around 500 votes each round, which is definitely not enough to really get a clear answer. Though, despite option B, I think the diversity of yuri fans visiting this blog is quite big.


  12. I've tried all this time to come up with a witty answer. But couldn't figure out any 😐
    So I'm just gonna say thanks and good luck on this round 🙂

    And now I'll go back to reading yuri, will probably be re-reading some Akiko



  13. well a 3 way vote is to simplify it instead of having 3 separate rounds where we all vote for each of the pairings, that would take too long in my opinion, so putting in a winner take all 3 way is a simple way to vote for those three at once.

    as for Citrus, well considering that the facebook pages of Citrus, has upwards to around 20,000 supporters between the two I do know of and the Yuri, Yuri every FB page has over 26,000 supporters, I wouldn't say 500 is a lot.

    I think B is rather unlikely, because the polling would feel quite tainted if that were the case, C is the likely of the 3 in my opinion since I think Citrus is rather popular considering the sales of the manga and it is looking likely that it will get a manga as well. on a side note, there was a cameo of the Citrus manga on Yuru Yuri (don't really like that anime) but I thought I should point that little treat out.


  14. The last round is going to feature 3 pairings.
    I think you meant that, right?

    So there will only be one more round where you can vote between the 3 winners of this round.


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