My Top 10 Favorite Adult Manga and Doujinshi [Updated]

Do not read this if you are under 18.

After more than two years, this little list definitely needs an update! When it comes to manga and doujinshi, two years can be quite a huge span of time, which is why a lot of things can happen.

It couldn’t be any more true in my case, which is why a whole lot of things changed from my initial list that I shared with you in 2013. Most of the works I listed back then either changed places or were completely replaced with other works.

However, I will apologize to you in advance. Compared to manga, the amount of doujinshi you’ll find here is going to be quite overwhelming. But, as stated many times already, it’s especially easy for me to get hooked on something when I already know the featured characters. This couldn’t be any more accurate when it comes to stories including sex. I mean, come on, if you ship characters from a show, book or anime, you often can’t help but want to see them take things to the next level.

Well, as I’m saying that, I yet again notice that I might come off as a huge pervert. But oh well, there’s nothing I can do about it, since it’s pretty much the truth anyway.

Enjoy the list and feel free to tell me about your picks as well~


Title : I Love You So Much
Author : Tama II (Fukuya)
Pairing : Madoka x Homura (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica)
Genre: Comedy, Supernatural, Romance, Adult
Description: Homura’s love for Madoka is so vast, it can even make miracles happen. So just for one day, Madoka returns back to Homura, and the two of them spend some lovely hours together.

This is like the ultimate doujin for all MadoHomu fans. It’s funny at first, becomes absolutely cute, and then ends in a totally sexy way. What else can we ask for?! Oh yes, that’s right, more of it!


Title: Sweet Guilty Love Bites
Author: Amano Shuninta
Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy, Adult
Description: The series follows the life of 4 hostesses at Club Rose and shows how they struggle while searching and finally finding love.

When it comes to adult manga, Amano Shuninta is one of the few artists you can be sure to always come up with new, interesting, and unique settings that still have the story as the most important theme, and not the sex. So in this case, what you’ll find in Sweet Guilty Love Bites is not just one nice romance, you’ll get three different stories, and each and every one of them is enjoyable in its own way. My personal favorite has to be Part C, with Claire and Kokoro.

Haaaa~ they are super cute together~


Title: Embrace Me In The Dark
Author: Kanbayashi Makoto
Pairing: Eri x Nozomi [Love Live]
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Adult
Description: Despite being afraid of the dark, Eri needs to use the toilet and is thus forced to walk there in the dark all by herself. Fortunately, Nozomi finds her frightened girlfriend and helps her back to bed, comforting her shortly after to assure that she can fall asleep without having to fear the darkness surrounding them.

What would this list be without a good NozoEri doujin? Exactly, it would be incomplete! Well, there are actually a lot of very nice doujinshi about the two of them available right now, but this one is definitely the best when it comes to NSFW ones.

In my eyes, it’s only natural that thanks to their personalities, Nozomi would be the leading one, teasing Eri wherever she can, and that’s exactly the kind of theme this one includes. But it’s not only that, this doujin features a yet again super gentle and adorable sex scene in which Nozomi teaches her girlfriend how to overcome her fear of the darkness by experiencing how good some things can actually feel when you can’t see. Nice!


Title: I Want To Lock You Up
Author: Rokuroichi
Genre: Angst, Romance, Adult
Description: Chika contained her feelings for classmate Mitsuki for quite a while, which lead to some pretty explicit dreams she started having about her secret crush each and every night. In these dreams, she can finally let loose her feelings. But in the end, they can’t ease her loneliness. But what if Mitsuki happens to have dreams about Chika as well?

I wasn’t really the biggest Rokuroichi fan at first, but after reading some more of his/her works, I started to like this unique art style more and more. And in my opinion, I Want To Lock You Up is Rokuroichi’s best work so far, and for a one-shot, this kind of story really pulled me in. I actually wouldn’t mind a sequel, or at least another one that has the same themes as this one.


Title: 2 Become 1
Author: 434 Not Found (Isya)
(Pairing): Hibiki x Kanade (Suite Precure)
Genre: Romance, Comedy, School Life, Adult
Description: Since Kanade feels like sex is the only thing the two of them do together lately, she bans any kind of sexual activity for one whole month. And while Hibiki is desperately trying to go along with it, she’s still getting quite desperate over the course of time.

This is one of the more explicit works in this list, but it still doesn’t feel like the only purpose of this doujin was to deliver some yuri sex scenes. This one, just like most of isya’s works, features quite a nice story with some hilarious scenes cleverly mixed into it. I have to admit, seeing this kind of “sex is banned for x days-theme” was quite enjoyable, especially the way Hibiki got so frustrated towards the end. It’s especially nice how isya then wrapped the whole thing up, making their final sex scene even more intense!


Title: Putting A Bell On The Bear
Author: Ooshima Tomo
Pairing: Kumano x Suzuya [Kantai Collection]
Genre: Adult, Comedy, Romance
Description: Kumano is quite eager to find out who managed to make Suzuya fall for them. As a result, Kumano finds out something even more exciting than just the mere name of the person Suzuya fell in love with….

Ah well, I had to replace my favorite Nao x Reika doujin Love Bite Syrup with this one, made by the same awesome smut artist, Ooshima Tomo. She is actually one of my all-time favorite artists, always scoring with funny, cute, and beautifully drawn adult works. This doujin combines all of the above themes, which is exactly why it scores as one of my favorites. Well, it could have been longer by 300 pages, but I can’t do anything about that….


Title: Soiree
Author: Hiiragi Yutaka
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Adult
Description: Sato and Hinako are spending time together trying to get some studying done. However, they end up not being able to get much done at all, since they find more enjoyable ways to spend their day….

I fell in love at first sight with these two, as well as Hiiragi Yutaka’s continuous stories of their lovemaking. These short works mostly focus on sex, while still telling the story of how the two girls met. It’s one of those works that was clearly meant to score for the included sex, but it’s yet again such a different and gentle way of dealing with the sex and portraying the whole act that it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, instead of hot(?). The majority of hentai artists usually focus on specific themes that make the porn stand out in one way or another. In this case however, it feels like the artists drew the sex in order to underlay how perfect the characters’ chemistry works, which is simply awesome.


Title: Sweetest Love
Author: Tokoharu
Pairing: Nanoha x Fate [Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha]
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Adult
Description: This one doesn’t really have a story, it’s just the night of Fate’s birthday, so Nanoha goes along with any of Fate’s weird, yet very cute, habits.

Everything that happens in this doujin is a lot of sweet talk, Fate acting a little spoiled, and the two of them celebrating Fate’s birthday in the most intimate way possible. This doujin as well doesn’t really feel all that perverted, since this is not very explicit and the two of them are just waaaay too cute together. I’ve always loved the SFW, and especially the NSFW doujinshi by this artist, which makes it very sad to see that he/she didn’t release anything new in a few years. Well, my hopes are still up that Tokoharu will return one day with even more great NanoFate doujinshi!


Title: I Love The One Who Eats A Lot
Author: Nekomura [Sleeper]
Pairing: Akagi x Kaga [Kantai Collection]
Genre: First Time, Adult, Romance
Description: After her sudden love confession, Akagi is still oblivious about Kaga’s feelings for her. However, she soon realizes that there must be something wrong with her, since whenever she sees her partner, she just can’t help but feel strange and excited.

This is seriously one of my favorite themes! Both characters are obviously in love with each other, but can’t really get their feelings across the right way for the other to understand it. Well, the sex happens quite suddenly in this one, and it was definitely meant to be “more porn than plot”, but the whole display of their lovemaking, as well as the adorable way of dealing with their feelings, makes this one one of the most enjoyable works I’ve ever read. Go Akaga!


Title: Gentle Pulse
Author: Vivit Gray (Shinoasa)
Pairing: Mokou x Keine [Touhou]
Genre: Romance, Adult, First time
Description: You can see this work as a continuation of all the doujinshi that have been collected in Vivit Gray’s doujinshi collection called Flower Bouquet and Prism. It’s like the peak of the author’s MokouxKeine story and shows their first time having sex together and what kind of instances lead to this.

Out of all the doujinshi and manga I’ve ever read—adult ones or not—this is my absolute favorite work. And that is not because I’m a pervert who only likes 18+ stuff, it’s rather because beyond everything, this doujin doesn’t feel like your typical NSFW doujin. It’s explicit and the sex scene is quite long if you ask me, but still I think there’s nothing really perverted about it. It’s for once a mutual and really beautiful display of sex and furthermore, the fact that Vivit Gray, an artist with such a beautiful and cute art style drew this, makes this doujin the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever read. However, I would not recommend you to read this without having read Vivit Gray’s previous MokouxKeine works and if you still haven’t done that, you should really do so now.


28 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Adult Manga and Doujinshi [Updated]

  1. More into fluffy stuff myself, but I do like I Love The One Who Eats A Lot and Sweet Guilty Love Bites 😐

    As for the pairings I kinda like all of them, but I ship EriUmi and MokouKaguya
    Though for the latter one I have my own head-canon, where Mokou and Keine are together for a life time and then Mokou hits up with Kaguya 😀

    Even, though I don't know much about Touhou other than the stuff from doujins, I've gathered that Keine is mortal, right?


  2. great list lena k. ive read some of these before and you have given me some to read too. but my favorite would have to be sweetest love by tokoharu, tokoharu's is one of my favorite doujin artists she does such an amazing job with her stories and the art is amazing plus her nanofate doujins are the best ❤


  3. Keine is a half beast, which means she has a longer life span than humans, but she's a mortal nonetheless. Ah, this makes the romance between them so bittersweet.


  4. Tokoharu is really an amazing artist. All of his/her NanoFate doujinshi are literally stuffed with love and I just can't help loving all of these.
    It's such a shame that there probably won't be more…


  5. Of course vivit gray's at the top again. How can you stay so loyal even with the plethora of mangaka out there? :O

    “Harmony” Anime film released on the 13th novem btw. Oh It's yuri. I mean why would I spam anything other than that?
    Manga is yuri too.

    Wait maybe I spammed this already ? wahtever. Anime and manga are based off light novel.
    Anime film released 13th November 2015.
    You can spot the yuri already in the trailer btw :3 if you keep an eye out.


  6. Oh almost forgot official site stuff: (twitter account, yuri pic from the Harmony film banner)

    Gotta love how all the promo posters are screaming yuri.
    and how all the posters are all the same:

    Yuri in manga starts ch2 !! at the near end! No those are not birth control pills. No het here.

    Oh and I haven't forgotten about next year's yuri subtext film:


  7. Great new list. I've always thought Rokuroichi was slightly underrated, wish more of his/her works were translated or available. Absolutely love all the Sato and Hinako stories, I'd like to see one where.Hinako takes the lead for once, if possible. Got mixed feelings for Amano Shuninta ever since Philosophia and Feelings We Must Endure (I absolutely loathe the latter); she has a lot of great one-shots though, so I guess it balances out. My personal favorite Original Adult Manga will always be Hanjuku Joshi.

    As for Adult Doujinshi, Gentle Pulse will always be a masterpiece, but my personal favorite would probably be all the Mio x Ritsu stories from Fukutarou and Okeya, love their art styles and the interactions between both characters, though the stories themselves are pretty perverted.


  8. What did I tell you about spamming? Correct, you should collect it in one post, only adding the most important links (instead of Japanese ones that most of us can't read anyway)
    You really still have to learn a lot Ibara 😛

    You also spammed this already. I think I already received emails, tiwtter messages and blog comments about it, but thanks for mentioning it another time 😛

    As I said before, I need even more prove. I'm afraid that this might only scratch the yuri subtext border and move on without anyone noticing.

    Yeah, that's pretty much how this looks to me right now. It looks a little yuri-ish, but I think that that might be it.


  9. Oh, I think she really is. I've already read comments saying that people don't like her for that very distinctive art style. Then again, I also think that this artist in general is mostly known for her worst works. Her most famous work might be “Kuchibiru ni Suketa Orange”, which is unfortunately just not good.

    We even have a German version of it, and I really can't see why they chose this one, instead of… well, any of her other works really.
    So yeah, I think she is really underrated because people just don't know that she can do much better.


  10. Tokoharu hasn't released any NanoFate work in years unfortunately…
    If you want a recommendation, just give me a few more themes, pairings, etc. to work with 😛


  11. Japanese ones are for source purposes 😛 I can't count the many times there havent' been sources for claims. You really still have to learn a lot about sourcing Lena xP

    ._. but spam is spam….
    anyway main point below:
    unless youve already heard it's 100% finished now but I dont have time to check other spam…
    currently going thru this and checking stuff o-o


  12. ah i see, man i wish she continued to make more nanofate doujins. now lets see anything with nanofate, madohomu, akaga, akari x chinatsu, kyoko x ayano, any sono hanabira couple, any touhou couple and any strawberry panic couple would be amazing


  13. The art is good, I started to like his/her style a while ago.
    But the story and the characters are simply unbearable to follow. I had to force myself to read the final chapters and I still haven't touched it a second time yet.


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