Who’s The Best Yuri Pairing? – Yuri Tournament: Finale

After 5 grueling rounds, it’s all come down to this. Your final three choices for Best Yuri Character were a mix of expected and surprising.

First off, not having MadoHomu in the finals is really shocking, but Akko x Mari are legends themselves, so maybe I shouldn’t be so shocked at that result. There weren’t many manga pairings in the tournament, just because it seems like pairings from anime are far more popular than those from manga, but kudos to these two for proving that that’s not always true.

Mei x Yuzu aren’t much of a surprise, considering how Yuzu won Best Yuri Character in the last tournament and how well Citrus posts do here on YR. Haruka x Yuu are a tough out, but Mei and Yuzu are on fire right now.

The other two pairings’ success isn’t incredibly surprising, but I don’t think anyone would disagree that Himawari x Sakurako is the story of the entire tournament. I doubt anyone would’ve guessed that they’d make it this far, so it’s especially nice to see.

As always, here’s the updated tournament bracket. So make one last choice, and help us crown The Best Yuri Pairing~


32 thoughts on “Who’s The Best Yuri Pairing? – Yuri Tournament: Finale

  1. Yay! Everything I chose in the previous round got through… Now… Oh… Oooooh… Anyone got a knife, I'd like to stab myself…


  2. YES!!! Jajajajaja
    They won the couples I vote.
    Although it hurts my decision is between Mei x Yuzu VS Himawari x Sakurako
    My heart will be with Himawari x Sakurako
    But my soul will always be Mei x Yuzu


  3. If MadoHomu made it then it would have been the sign you were looking for to write that essay you brought up last week. As for who will win it's a no-brainer.


  4. I'm actually happy I don't have to write that essay 😛
    Though, I'm waiting for that marathon that I'll surely need to run whenever the Citrus anime gets announced 😛


  5. Well, hmm…

    I'll just put MariAkko on the other side of the flag and HimaSaku on the other 😛

    Watched San Hais first six episodes. Really loved Ayano and Kyokos time together 😀
    This season also made me root for HimaSaku more than the earlier two…


  6. Interesting. Now do I feel good that Mari/Akko got some legit respect, or do I feel bad that we can basically go home before the third period ends?

    Feel good I suppose, since the game was over before it started. Nothing personal Citrus, and you're a decent manga, but the popularity outweighs a decent quality manga here.


  7. wow thats really unexpected that homuramadoka didnt mad it to the final. but my 2 favorits made it to the final thats really interesting. but once more i see myself confronted with a pretty pretty hard choice. but i guess yuzumei or mariakko will win for sure ^^


  8. Even if Citrus doesn't win, to which I will be shocked if it does win, Yuzu X Mei in this tournament has shown that there is enough love for the series, even if people say they hate the series there is simply more people out there who love the series as well.

    but then again the outcome here isn't all that predictable. the top 3 are worthy contenders after all.


  9. I've heard of this one called YuriReviews that people say is the best yuri site on the web. That is what you meant, right? 😛

    If you were talking about streaming/watching/downloading, you can't go wrong with Anime Tosho. That's if you're the type of person to download. If you're the streaming type, KissAnime or GoGoAnime are good. You could also go the more legal route and choose Crunchyroll.

    ^ None of those (other than YR) are solely for yuri anime, of course, but just anime in general~


  10. I will choose AkkoXMari because they are the very first Yuri pairing that I ever encounter… even tho… I too love the other two pairing… this decision is really hard to mke.


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