Who’s The Best Yuri Pairing? – Yuri Tournament: The Winners

best yuri pairing

Yet again, after months of voting, our tournament has come to an end. As expected by many of you, MeixYuzu managed to make it to the very top, once again. I guess this really proves that 2015 is yet again the year of Citrus, which has probably become the most popular Yuri Manga of all-time.

To show you how much the two of them beat the other pairs by, here’s the final Tournament Bracket, as well as a little diagram to show you the total amount of votes your favorite pairing got:

Just like last time, we’d like to celebrate their great victory, so we decided to yet again implement another header on the blog:

We’ll keep this one until the end of the year~

With that said, I can only repeat what I mentioned so many times already: The popularity of Citrus is still a mystery to me. I understand why it’s popular, but the popularity of this manga reaches an extent that has been almost impossible to reach for any of the past yuri manga.

I’m not complaining about this in the slightest. As many of you know, I’m a die-hard Citrus fan myself, and thanks this development, we’re closer to a Citrus anime then we’ve ever been.

So, yeah. Keep it up, guys. Chances are good we’ll actually get what we want very soon~

Yet again, congratulations to the winning pairing. You deserve it!

citrus yuri manga

Colored by MariNightmare.


49 thoughts on “Who’s The Best Yuri Pairing? – Yuri Tournament: The Winners

  1. Congrats to all you Citrus fans out there, winning both tournaments is pretty impressive!

    Guess it's time for me to re-read Citrus, need to figure out what all this hype is about.


  2. Even though I read and like Citrus I didn't vote for them. Since the story is still on going and compare to other pairings, I feel that their relationship still lacking to be vote as the best yuri pairing. Hmm I just hope Mei will be deredere to Yuzu soon… I don't know how long I can hold before I flip my cat every time I read a new chapter and I found their relationship only going to south… But I can't stop reading it… And why I feel like I'm turning to ドM…

    Anyway congrats to Yuzu and Mei! Killing sempai, yuri legend and even godoka and reached the top. (I still sad my otp didn't make it thou… Sobschikanehimekosobs)


  3. Yes!!! I spent all day giving F5 to see who won.
    I'm happy for Citrus. Mei and Yuzu are a couple, very uneven.
    They are opposite each other. and truth as newly couple are starting, but still think they make a good couple
    Although needed to see where they arrived.


  4. Actually yes, it was quite annoying that I spent all Saturday stay around waiting.
    If you already have it ready, it would be good not published so late.
    I'm just saying. XD


  5. Maaaan, I knew this was gonna happen. Doesn't stop me from being disappointed though. I really don't get the hype behind this pairing and I'm usually a fan of dysfunctional ships. Like, it's not even the best pairing if you only look at Citrus.
    Ohhhhh weeeeell, I guess make out sessions in every chapter win tournaments.


  6. I agree! while i love all these yuri pairings a ton i cant help but love Chimeko the most! they are just too special…too amazing! also Kaon and Himiko is epic as well! 🙂 none the less i love Mei and Yuzu and Citrus is a blast to read. congrats to the two love birds!


  7. Aww, I was hoping Akko x Mari would somehow pull it off. Just like a lot of people, I'm still perplexed about Citrus' popularity, but oh well, it's not a bad manga by any means. Girl Friends will always remain the true Yuri masterpiece…in my opinion.

    I am excited about Citrus potentially becoming an anime though. We can finally have a “serious” Yuri anime that focuses on the developing relationship between 2 women without the need of mechs, supernatural abilities, gender-bender situations, etc. Here's hoping they break the mainstream, and that it's a success so more will follow suit; maybe even a Girl Friends anime finally…probably not…


  8. *Scratches head* well I am officially surprised, didn't expect Citrus to even win this and yet, it managed to scrape through with another win, but credit where credit is deserved, Citrus has done extremely well in the last year. From cameo in Yuru Yuri and a potential anime on the cards, it could very well mean that Citrus will continue to grow.

    well done to Citrus, they have dominated 2015 against all the odds.


  9. S-senpai? Is it you? xD
    but I agree, my fav pairing #1 was eliminated right away from the beginning, and Akaga didn't last long too.

    Congrats to MeiYuzu though, I knew it would happen! Someone told me there's rumor about an anime 😡


  10. Don't call me Senpai, Senpai! Um, I mean, yep 😛 even if my name doesn't give it away, I suppose even my writing style would, right x3! Aw yep, I saw that YukaRei didn't make it past round 1 either D: I even voted for them too, but maybe I shouldn't… It was almost like a curse, everyone I was rooting for lost really early ^^'
    Citrus is crazy popular, so this was a foreseeable outcome though, must agree! I also heard about that, we can only hope that the rumors are true!


  11. wow im happy that yuzu and mei won, i still really sad that nanoha and fate didnt make it to finals, but nonetheless im happy!!!!!!! now hopefully we will be getting a citrus anime very soon since its currently in talks!!!!!


  12. well they are the hottest yuri manga girls ever I must say. and yes I do believe it deserves that cause Sabu is putting all of her talent in this one~the art is one of the best!


  13. No~~~~
    But Yes~~~~

    I mean I like Mei-Yuzu because the art is good (I simply tolerate the story) but I really wish Akko-Mari to win…
    But I guess as Mei-Yuzu design kinda inspired by Akko-Mari (the black hair girl is the model student, the blonde hair girl is the fashionable one, blonde hair girls realize she is gay because the black hair girl kissed her, etc.) I don't mind Akko-Mari lose this time around…

    Better Shiznats win next time though!
    Or I'll come to your house voters and aggressively convince you to enjoyably watch Mai-HiME!


  14. I know the first pair only.
    I'm honestly not the biggest fan of channels like this. The only lesbian channel I really like is Rose and Rosies channel. Those two are seriously hilarious and fun as well.


  15. Gott ist tot gott ist tot gott ist tot!!!

    *Maniacal laugh* God is dead!!! Citrus killed him!!!

    *Does ritualistic dance*

    Barring my insanity…really? Mei…and Yuzu….as a pairing…ehhhh, I see why people like it. However….what I cannot understand…is how it lost to Akko and Mari. So well-devoloped…instead the endless cycle of “I love her…but i'm not going to say it, and extended the plot for another five thousand years win”? Meh…ehhhhhh….


  16. That is the problem with Citrus, as much as I like the manga, I also accept that there are faults with the story, maybe the anime can portray the series a little better if it comes to that, but then again, there are some things Uta can improve upon in her story.

    the only other one I liked was Kannazuki No Miko, but that wasn't for the Yuri, the only other one I really liked was Strawberry Panic, the artwork was amazing and the presentation of the series was beautiful, on the flipside, I despise Valkyrie Drive Mermaid, it looks really nice in terms of artwork, some of the action sequences are really cool, but the anime is dominated by one thing and to me it really eats away at the quality the artwork and action sequences.

    I for one hope that Citrus can improve, in terms of story and fix up some of the weaknesses in the artwork, other than that, it isn't a bad series, but one that can be improved upon.


  17. True, we don't have the luxury of being picky with our yuri.
    Though, there are limits, and for me Kuttsukiboshi crossed that line I set for myself.

    In case of Valkyrie and Citrus, I definitely see the many, many flaws they have, but at the same time they just have something about them that I can enjoy and that I can hype myself for.
    Be it artwork, be it romance, sexy characters, or simply put the right kind of yuri.


  18. I didn't say it would get one, I just expressed my desire for it to get an anime adaptation, but I will keep you updated if there is any news considering this matter~


  19. It is not a surprise that Citrus won, also with the anime maybe peoples take more attention in the Yuri that we all love!!( Not to mention that after every chapter of Citrus I just want More)


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